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Monday, August 8, 2011

SaTuRdAy FuN, ThInGs OrDeReD.& GiVeaWay WiN

Good Afternoon everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend...the weather here was puurrffect..and it still is..mid 60's to just hitting 70...and today there is a slight breeze..I did that cleaning that you do once a month or pulling out the fridge..Lucy keeps losing her toys under it..then I cleaned under the kitchen stove...then I organized the shoe rid of some shoes as I can't wear them due to my bad feet..then I cleaned out more shoes in my upstairs clothes closet..will take them to church on sunday and let my friends pick and choose then the rest will go to Goodwill..Saturday we went for our 2 mile walk..then hubby took off to work on his boat and I spent an 1-1/2 working in the yard..burning weeds...with my trusty weed burner. This isn't where I got mine..but I wanted to show you what they look like..I have had mine for about 15 years...and I tell you if you have a bad back or little crevices, nooks or crannys..and you don't want to be on your hands and knees..this is the tool for you..just have a hose or water handy so you don't burn the place down..I usually stomp on it with my foot..but they work awesome...I love doing my driveway as it is all gravel...go out about once a month and walk the yard perimeter and I am done..then I picked up my date Betty Fagan and we headed to a wonderful park called "Buck Lake"..great fishing up I took photos of the group..the gals above are 2 sisters..Betsy and Sundae Lee..Sundae Lee just had a baby boy 2 months ago..he is a little chubby thing and oh so cute..thats her hubby sitting next to her..Brian..cute couple..and don't you love those braids..
and here is all the food..I tell you we Mormons know how to put on a spread..beans, pasta salads galore..watermelon that was so sweet..I couldn't stop eating it..

the food was so yummy..I sampled everything..little one spooners so I could have them all..I had the best bbq chicken on the grill was soo moist and tender..whats the secret to moist tender chicken? seriously..I don't do chicken on the grill..because it always turns out dry..

Theres' my date Miss Betty Fagan..she lives about a mile from my house..she is the best gal ever..we usually sit together in church..she is just the best..she also gave me 2 hydranga starts..I am going to plant them today..:)
This is Hap..(short for Happy)..that is his real name I believe..but I loved what his shirt said..I make dirt look good..look at that grin..just says "mischief" all over it..thats his dad sitting next to him..they are the ones that hosted the 24th of july parade that I went to 2 weeks ago with the big horses etc..they are a wonderful family and just so real and down to kind of folk..:)
Saturday 2 packages came that I was waiting for..I ordered these wonderful black was pineapples to use on dolls that I make etc..oh and they smell yummy.;) I got these from Amy over at Bumblebee Lane..I can't hyperlink it as none of my blogs are showing up..I get all the html stuff right anyone else having problems..:(its fixed now)..:)
and I got my giveaway win that I won from Pam over at basketsnprims..She makes these baskets and I have been wanting one for forever..I love how she had them all wrapped so primly with her signature yarrow from her garden I am sure...its in my flower stash for when I need it.:)
I got a blackened wax angel..she is hanging in my kitchen next to my measuring spoons where my "baking section" is..
I hung her sweet cross stitch pillow in the living room..she also does wonderful cross stitch work too...:)looks great with all of my other prim stuff doesn't it?
and little basket with 3 prim kittys in it..oh it just looks like it was meant for that spot..with all my other kitty stuff..
Pam you did a fantastic Job on all my goodies and I am was so fortunate to win..thanks to Hubby Simon for drawing my name..:)Thanks again for a wonderful giveaway.;)
oh and she sent me little blackened wax corn on the cob..they are on my kitchen table in a little terracotta pot..they smell good..;)
and lastly..hubby bought a little bottle of cucumber fizzy water..and I loved the bottle so much..although you can't really see the design on it..I put my daisys in it..great little vase and I love the green bottle.;)
Well that is it for me today..going down to get something to eat and fold laundry and put another load in the dryer and start yet another load..then I am going to exercise and do some sewing..:) I pulled out a pair of pants that I haven't seen in 12 they are like brand new..they fit..and I am seeing everyone cuffing them (or rolling them up)..they are "summer" pants..then roll them down for their winter pants..they look really good..also pulled out 2 pairs of sweats that were like brand new..they fit now..I love this new wardrobe..and I am so happy..honestly happy with how good I feel and how I look now..apparently I was a frump and didn't know it..Betty let me know..and I appreciated her honesty...I was in pain with my hips, I am sleeping better at night..not tossing and turning..and I will tell you..that it has been 6 long years without a good nights wears on you after a while..Hubby has lost 20 pounds and he is looking better too..getting rid of that rootbeer I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day..thanks for sharing mine with me..I love getting your comments and love stopping by for my visits each day and seeing what you all are up too.:)


  1. Looks like some great summer memories! Glad you are feeling better - thanks for sharing! ~*~Lisa

  2. Looks like a fun time and that food is making me hungry, LOL! love all the goodies you got, have a wondeful day!!!!

  3. Glad the pineapples arrived safely.You are sooo lucky having temps in the 60's and 70's.The gathering looks like it was lots of fun.Love the goodies you won from Pam everything was prim you have a great week.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. so jealous of all you do in your ward. Ours is... just plain OLD.. and nothing ever happens, so frankly I have no friends. There are only 5 of us in Primary and that's about all I associate with. J.e.a.l.o.u.s

  5. You really are a social butterfly, aren't you? Looks like such a fun time. It has been so unbearably hot here, you can't do anything for long. So looking forward to fall.....

  6. Another great day you are having! I'm so glad you are enjoying your Summer and your "new" wardrobe. I need to lose the weight as well and stop being a frump. I think I need to start!

  7. Looks like everyone had a great time!! And the food sure looks yummy!!
    Great goodies that you got!! Love the basket with the little kitties in perfect for you!!

  8. hi, Gina
    Yummy food & good times!!!
    Wonderful goodies!!!!
    have a nice day~

  9. Love all your goodies! You are so lucky to have those cool temps, it is still hot, was 108 today...It said on FNC that Oklahoma has had the hottest average temperate on record, for July!I think they said it was the hottest state in the nation! I am so ready for cooler weather!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  10. Don't you just love picnics and potlucks? What a good crowd and so much food! What a fun time. You got some awesome gifites. LOVE those little black kitties in a basket. Can't wait until I get all moved in and can start making prim stuff for my new old house. Love all the pics. I am SO envious of your cooler temps. We had a small break (right, temp in the high 80's) but we're to be back in the 90's the rest of this week. Whew!

  11. Hi, Gina ~ such ymmy food, makin' me hungry. I'm so glad your giveaway arrived safely. I was starting to get concerned. Enjoy.
    hugs, sista ~