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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I ThiNk SaNTa CaMe EarLy..;)

Good Morning everyone!!!hope you all had a great monday...I went to the doctors and my creatinine level is doing great..The doctor also gave some hopeful news..he is a part of a study out that about only 70 hospitals do..and he is one of them..they have a drug out that helps shrink tumors for cancer patients..and they are finding that they help shrink the cysts in polycystic kidneys too..maybe even to where you will never need a kidney transplant..How awesome is that? I am put on a list..they will call me to see if I qualify..and even if I don't right now..I might some where down the road..or if it gets approved by the FDA I can just take this pill..otherwise..I become part of this study and I get one initial pill and then it might be the pill or a placebo pill..but technology is advancing so quickly that it might become approved (if the FDA approves it)..which I hope they do..there is HOPE now!!! great news to hear..he said my weight loss was a good on I go..
So onto some goodies and pics to share..I got a clothing package in the mail of some stuff I ordered and Little Lucy Lou decided to inspect it..;) here she is looking at me like "I'm not doing anything"..I love that innocent look on her little mischievous face of hers..;) who does she think she is
here she is sleeping in the package...what a nut..
I received a package from Tamera of country at heart.. I won her giveaway and she gave a bunch of us gals some wonderful and thoughtful goodies..I love this vintage looking kitty 3some..I need to cut them out and sew them..and then place them someplace..tweaking some more I love it..
I also got this huge kitty hanger pattern that I need to cut out and hang up...probably outside on the front porch..too cute..
and this wonderful cats welcome sign..that is hanging on my front porch..;) sorry for the blurry photo...
and last but not least this wondeful has a heart stitched on the lower right corner in green..look how well it matches the other 2 pillows I have here..I love this envelope pillow and i love!!! the fabric..;) Thank you Tamera for taking the time to make and put together this box taylored just for me.;)

okay I am not done other good blogging buddy Karen of "the barely there primitive bear" and I are doing a swap of sorts..she will be as surprised at what she gets when I get off my duff and send hers..still gotta stuff it with more stuff..cause she spoiled me..and I LOVE it all!!!
I put the little americana pinkeep with my other one from my good blogging buddy can never have too many pinkeeps with pins at the ready when you are sewing..:)
I love this rug..she has one too and knew I would love one..I have strawberrys in my kitchen and this is all making it more complete..:) I love the rich colors...puurrfffeecctt for me.,)
see the little strawberry cup next to the white bowl? she sent that as well and right behind it, is a black strawberry bowl that she painted for me about a year or so ago...
I now have a wonderful vase/pitcher to put my cut flowers in..oh I love this...just the right size too.;)
and this cute little strawberry wheelbarrow..might have to put those little pumpkins in it come fall..I had it here first..with my seasonings..
and now it currently resides on the stove.. Thank you Karen for totally making my hit the nail on the head as always...yours will be coming soon..:)

I did some more tweaking in the garden..I flipped their hats so you could see their faces and glasses better..put wire through the broom and the hat so they don't fly off when it gets windy..and I added that little sign hanging on the was in the front fit with this theme says" welcome girlfriends"...
Hubby says they startle him every morning when he comes downstairs to start his day..hes not expecting these lively gals to be out in the

yesterday after my appt..I stopped at good will and got a shirt for the scarecrow in front..I took off the hat and put it on a pitchfork right next to this was "red tag" day and I got this for 1.29..not bad..
I picked up some little plates to add to the the flowers on these and the colors too..
I also got 3 of these americana plates..I was going to hang them on the fence as well..cause we are a proud patriotic family (hubby did 26 years in the service)...but the plate holder thing-a-ma-jigs wouldn't hold these as they are sligthly rounded I am washing them up to use as our dinner plates...I needed some more like I needed a hole in the still might end up out in the just never know here..

I also went to petsmart and got the kids a new "cat tree" in hopes it works off some energy for Lucy..she is just so busy and the big sissies need a break..she seems to like it..
they are precious when they sleep...
and here she is playing with big sis Pody there are more sleeping spots and there is no fights..also got some "feliway" in hopes it calms Millies "bladder"..oh and the test results came back $200.00 later that she is just "pissed off"...nothing hoping the feliway works..or we can put her on anti-depressants...but at least there is no that is my news for today..Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and colored..I am over due on the color by about 9 days over due..but the roots are showing big time..will take photos when its done..going to a new gal..we hit it off on the phone and they have a website with their photos and a write up for each of them..and I liked what it said..and I have a 50% off coupon to use towards excited...
I am going to try and get some sewing done today and things packed up to mail off tomorrow..I am looonnnnnggg over due for getting stuff done in the sewing room..and a couple of gals have been more then patient with they will be getting some extra's because they have waited soooo long.I hope you all have a great tuesday..:) thanks for stopping by..I'm at 904 posts with this one..I need to have a giveaway soon..and I am up to 397 the numbers..but only about 15 seem to comment regularly...would love to hear from more of you..that is how I find new blogs to visit..;)
Enjoy your day..;)


  1. hi, Gina
    Great news!!!! keep us posted!!!
    Kitty looks so cute~ love all your goodies from the girls~ and your newest creation in the bed is awesome!

  2. That is wonderful news you got from the Dr. just awesome!!!! Your always in my prayers so this just made my day:) Love your tweaking and so funny that the gals startle your hubby, LOL!!!!You got some great goodies, love that pitcher and the rug too, fits right in!!! I got my mulch project done, so glad it's over, never worked so hard in my life, LOL!!!!!

  3. Hi Gina, Great news from the dr. I hope you get approved for the new treatment. I love your new goodies and the kitties are all so sweet.
    Have a great day.

  4. I am so happy for that great news. I have added you to my prayers since we first met here and I will always do so. You have inspired me more than I can say. Your projects have prompted me to stop procrastinating and stop just buying supplies and actually get back to using them and creating! My stuff was packed up for two years as we built our house and I longed to have my craft stuff available and now that I do, I was just sitting and thinking and waiting and blah blah blah. Your projects, your yard work, all of it has got me rolling once again!!Love & Hugs to you and the kitties and I have great respect for hubby serving 26 years in the military.

  5. Great news from the doctor, Gina! So glad to hear about the advances that could help you in the near future. :)
    I just love your garden gals. And I thought it was so funny that your husband said they startle him in the morning - I can totally see that happening.
    As always you are an expert bargain finder at GW.
    And all that loot from Karen - what a sweetie! Everything she sent fits right in like she just knew. :) Thanks for sharing it all.

  6. Glad you got some good news from the Dr. I just love your garden girls, so creative. Your yard looks so inviting. Glad you liked your goodies I sent.
    Have a nice evening.
    Country at heart

  7. Gina, Great news!!! I will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out!!! OLM

  8. Hi Gina,
    Great goodies that you got!! Wonderful news from the doctor...will keep you in my prayers that you will get approved for this new treatment.
    I know I already told you, but I love your yard cute!! Oh...little Lucy Lou sure is a sweety!!
    I'm off to start painting the 18 burlap candy corn that I got sewed up and stuffed earlier today. Only 2 months to my first show of the season.

  9. Great news Gina, I will keep you in my prayers. I love your kitties and love all your goodies and lovely garden. Hugs, Lecia

  10. You got some great goodies. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get in the new study. I love those scarecrows gals, they are soo cute! And those cats too!

  11. I am so glad to hear the news!!!!
    Also, I am glad you liked your goodies, but I don't have that rug, I got you the last one! Sniff, am doing
    sunflowers now, anyway...You can clean
    the spots on your carpet with white vinegar, too....

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  12. Great news! I will keep you in my prayers! Love the kitty pictures!

  13. Got a big smile out of your girlfriend display. Just so cute & creative. Great news from the doctor. Blessings!

  14. Seriously, great news! I will keep praying and add this study to the list!
    Lucy is a doll baby. Don't rush away her kittenhood. She will be just another fat old cat all too soon.
    Great goodies from great friends.
    Have a great day, Sweetie.
    You are important to me.

  15. Well Gina,
    That is great news for you!I hope it works out! Keep us posted on what happens. All your goodies are cute, and I love the people out in the yard! LOL! They are so cute!

  16. Great news from the DR Gina! My neighbor's sister had Poly cystic kidney disease...he donated his kidney to her.Love your goodies from Karen! Your broom scarecrows are darling!

  17. WOW! Christmas and then some!!! What great news about the drug! I so hope that you can get on this - whether as a research candidate or getting the actual drug.

    And all that great mail love - wow! AND a new kitty tree for the kids?!! And Mr.Naked Scarecrow got a shirt - good thing, I think the Society for the Humane Treatment of Scarecrows had you on their list ;) Of course I'm sure the girls in the backyard were disappointed...they kind of enjoyed seeing a naked man every day ;)

    Will be looking forward to seeing your new haircut and color.....

    "Her" and Romeo

  18. I am praying about your kidney condition. So you have polycystic kidneys. It runs in my family .I have quadruple renal pelvis' so when I get stones its a little hairy getting them out. Your kitty tree is nice. Mine would like one like that too. I love how you decorate. Especially outside. I bet it is nice to not have to mow in those areas. You are such a gifted person to come up with the ideas you do. I always enjoy reading your blog. I am fairly new to it. God Bless.

  19. Okay Gina, I'm here:) We can't be having you sick or out of commission so you listen to the doctor and I hope this new med will take care of your medical woes. We need you well and blogging with us:)
    That's a nice kitty tree. We need to get ours a new one too, for they have beat the dickens out of the one they have.
    What a lot of goodies you received from Tamera. I've got some of those stuffed cats. They're cute:)
    I get my hair colored tomorrow(Thursday) by my favorite hairdresser, hubby:) He's good at it surprisingly. I always feel better after a good color to cover up the silvers... lol.
    Take care now:)

  20. Gina that is wonderful news from the doctor. Will be praying that everything works out.Great new goodies and the kitty is to sweet.Hugs,Jen