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Sunday, July 31, 2011

ArE YoU ReAdY FoR ThE BiG ReVeaL?....PiCtuRe HeAvY..BuT WorTh It..;)

Good SunDay Morning!!!!! I have been itching to show you what I have been up to this week..and let me tell you I have been busy!!!..but it was sooo worth it..As you will recall this is how the yard looked above on wednesday..I still had this portion left to pull out..had hubby help me with this last little bit..(he came home from I let him help)...
and this is where we left off on wednesday night..weed cover in place...tomorrow we/I bark...
and Bark I did..on Thursday I barked in 3 yards in 5-1/2 hours load only took 1 hour..I was on a roll..I finished this portion..and then did the back yard..on friday I got another 2 loads of bark and finished up the front yard and some more of the back..still have 1/2 a load left in the truck..this week I pull out the grass behind that picket fence and then lay down the rest...or we are putting pavers down..we have to hash that out I suppose...but either way the grass is gone..then we lay down thick black plastic on the grass behind the garage and kill it and then put gravel this is after I barked all day on thursday..I started moving in the items to decorate..I was so wanting to finish it up..but was totally toast by the time I got done..
I was out shopping on wednesday and picked up some plates to decorate up the fence....that little one with the kids is my favorite..;)
more floral plates..:) love them..
my mom's old cat eye glasses and some earrings I picked up years ago at a TS for a costume...
The Big Reveal: the view from my kitchen window...
Meet the girls..yesterday I went to the TS and found their clothes and also to the Dollar Tree for their shorts and hats, gloves and scarves..I even got a grab bag of stray plastic flowers to glue on their hats.;) A View from the dining room window when we are eating at next door neighbor said its "like another room" we are dining with these 3 giddy gals..:)
be sure to click on the photos to enlarge so you can see the details on all of these gals..they each have on boxer shorts..(hey they are modest scarecrows) pinned them onto their shirts..the middle one is my favorite..she has on a house dress..
I love how the fence looks now..I moved a lot of stuff from around the yard to decorate this area was fun moving the stuff you see the chickens out there? they look like they are out pecking and looking for bugs..
here is the backyard garden all freshly barked..see that little patch of grass in the lower right of the will be gone this week..
I barked this area by the "catsintration camp"...oh it looks so much better...
and this area needed it as well..I still have a bit to do back there...
do you see Silly Millie? she is just beside the door there...
a view from the back yard...those 3 gals get along well..they love to TS and go to lunch...(they told me this)..
another view to the front...don'tcha just love that house dress? it has cherries on it..
the front yard all finished..

I love this one..a little bit of everything now..
my original scarecrow..have had him for 11 years now and the shirt done rotted off of this last night I put on a hat and glued flowers around the brim and put on a scarf..might have to find another shirt..will put that on my list..

views from the road..hubby is going to finish a little cobblestone walk way leading into the new area so it all looks cohesive...right now it looks like the walkway just ended...
from the road..
do you see the glasses and earrings..;)
This is me and the middle gal..(I am one satisfied customer)...:)
a view from my craftroom window this morning..we got rained on last night..(wasn't in the forecast)..but it settles down all the lumps and bumps in the bark..and it all looks so good after it rains...
that is our pathetic garden this year Carmen..not much there..still trying to get the tomatoes to put out some tomatoes..we have beautiful plants with flowers.but no tomatoes..we do have potatoes though..
well that is what I have been up to this week..I hope you all enjoyed a walk through my garden..I have certainly enjoyed getting it done..but I am also glad it is done..I can check that off my list..
I got a wonderful package in the mail on friday from Karen of Barely there primitive bear..oh she hit the nail on the head..I will be sharing hers and Tamera's goodies that both of these great gals gave me...Tomorrow I go to the kidney doctor to get my blood results of see how my kidneys are doing..keep me in your prayers that my kidneys are doing well..I have to go in every 6 months for this test...(due to the polycystic kidney disease I have)..and hopefully he will notice my weight loss.after that I have some errands and I am hitting our Goodwill for anything I can find to add to the yard..including a shirt for the naked scarecrow...Tuesday I am going to try and mow the lawn and work on that portion in the yard..and wednesday..this kid is getting her roots done..I am 4 weeks over due for a cut and color..can't wait..will share if she does a good job..this will be her first time doing my color..keep your fingers
This just in..( I just weighed in)..I have lost 43.5 pounds..only 38.5 to go...I am down to the next set of numbers now..I feel the best I have ever felt..the aches and pains are diminishing..which is so no longer hurts to go up and down the hips aren't hurting as much in bed it is all good/great..I hope you all enjoyed your tour..and I hope you all have a great sunday..;) thanks for stopping by and always saying hi..I LOVE getting your comments and reading them..:)


  1. Gina, it is amazing! So beautiful! You have really worked hard. Your energy seems to be boundless.
    My birdhouse gourd grew all over my scarecrow post. My scarecrow has gourds hanging all over him! lol
    I am so pleased and proud that you have completed your project. You attacked it with the same fervor as you do your craft projects and it turned out just as beautiful!

  2. OH MY!!!!! Just stunning Gina, I love, LOVE it!!!! Love your giddy gals in boxer shorts, LOL, and your decor, it's just gorgeous! I was in the middle of reading your post and hubby called me outside..ARGH!!! here one of our apple trees was so heavy it just crashed to the ground:( I'm sure I'll be back many times to drool over these pics though! Prayers that all is OK with your tests and I'm SURE the Dr. will notice your wt. loss, CONGRATS!!!!!!

  3. That looks amazing, Gina! Love the girls - that house dress is divine. :)
    I'll be thinking good thoughts for you as you get the results of your blood tests. I would hope your doctor would notice that kind of weight loss! That is terrific! So glad that it's making you feel so good. :)

  4. What an amazing job! I don't know where to begin! I love the girls! Love the pecking chickens, the whole idea of the "outside room" so pretty. AND YOU LOOK TERRIFIC!

  5. Gina, I love your landscaping, you always have everything looking so lovely. I love your scarecrows too, you really have your home looking awesome. Hugs, Lecia

  6. Gina, You have done a wonderful job transforming your yard. Love the scarecrow gals~too funny! Boxers~ had a great giggle. Congrats on the weightloss so far~wish I had the energy you have had. I'll keep you in my prayers for your test.

  7. Hi Gina,

    Lots of work involved with that project ! It looks wonderful ! And no mowing involved !

    Hey, I have four acres you can bark ! LOL


  8. Gina, you have been working hard and it sure shows. Everything looks great.

  9. Wow Gina!!
    Not sure what words to use... Amazing~Beautiful~Adorable~
    Pretty~Cute~Amesome~Stunning~!! I could go on and on. I love, love, love it!! Your hard look shows...the yard is wonderful!! Your girls are so silly them!!
    Congrats on losing more weight!! Keeping you in my prayers for good test results.

  10. Gina, everything looks awesome! And as for the weight loss... keep it up Girl! You rock!!

  11. Loving those funky gals! I just caught the saying on the top of your blog about being thankful really good,makes you stop and think.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Looks like your yard is coming together quite nice. Love the ladies in the garden. I can hear their conversations now. I love how everything looks so natural in your yard. Good luck at the goodwill tomorrow. Hope you find some good things.
    Have a nice evening
    Country at heart

  13. Gina it is amazing!You have been working hard and it shows! Your gals are so fun and I can't wait to see what you find to add to the garden decor.

    Will be praying that your tests are all good.Congrats on the weight loss.You are inspirational,my friend.Hugs.Jen

  14. Your yard looks like a fun place to be! I love what you did with it. Good luck at the Drs. and congrats on your weight loss.

  15. So after all that you were "toast" - you better have been or I would have just sat down and cried. You should sell your boundless energy, you could make a fortune!!! And now with all that weight you lost, and your energy level up even more....well, I have no doubt that you have some you could share right ;)

    Congratulations on your weight loss, that is FANTASTIC!!!!!! You go girl!!!

    Now about the girls....I have to agree with you that the one with the cherries on the housedress wins the prize!!! Not that we would play favorites or anything would we ;)

    Hoping that Monday you find the naked one a shirt - poor thing, he's going to think the girls are talking about him and give him a complex.....

    And as if this wasn't enough, I was laughing so hard, I accidently clicked off your site and had to come back..... over what you ask?

    "Here lies cold and hard, the last damn dog that pooped in my yard" LMAO

    You have a great week - you've certainly started mine with a smile!

    "Her" and Romeo (who DID notice a certain someone trying to dig under the fence at the catcintration camp.....

  16. Your yard is wonderful and I just love the gals! You sure can come up with some good ideas! I hope you liked everything I sent! Congrats on losing more weight, too.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  17. Looks great Gina. You have worked so hard and now you can enjoy all of your hard work.
    I really like it.

  18. WOW! Keeping up with your magnificent transformation made me feel a wee bit tired! I don't know how you did it all! I love the girls and the plates, so cute. Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing great, keep it up. And best wishes re the kidneys, so sorry about the disease. Take good care of yourself!!!

  19. hi, Gina
    It is beautiful~ love your gals~ so much worth~ but so worth it~ wonderful job!
    hugs to you~

  20. Awesome job you have done,congrats
    on the WT and praying all your test
    are all OK !!!
    Relax and enjoy the view front your
    craftroom window :-)

  21. Congratulations on your weight loss, Gina! That's awesome!

    And Wow on your landscaping! What a beautiful view you have! You have so much energy and it has definitely paid off! Way to go!


  22. Very beautiful!! Looks so peaceful and quiet. Makes me want to grab a book and sit out there and read!!

  23. Oh my goodness, Gina!!! I don't know where to start with my feelings about this post!!!! You have done an absolutely stunning job with your garden!!!! How did you ever come up with those ideas?!!!? The plates are absolutely adorable and the girls are divine!!!!!! I could look at your pictures all day. I also want to tell you how wonderful you look. What a huge accomplishment!! I've recently lost about 16 lbs. but have been at a stand still for the last couple of weeks. I need to get motivated again. I feel so much better with just that amount of weightloss but I have so much more to lose. Seeing you and how happy you are gives me great incentive to get going again!! Take care and feel good. : )

    ~ Wendy

  24. Congratulations Gina on your weight loss...great job and well done! Your yard looks FANTASTIC! Love the "giddy girls"! Prayers for you and your kidneys...hope all goes well with the test!