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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WhAtCha WorKinG On WeDnEsDaY....

Good Morning everyone!!!..well I am progressively picking away at that side yard...I am hoping to finish up with it today..this is where it started a week ago...

This was Saturday....
This was last night..I only have that little bit to put in a wheelbarrow and haul out of here..then tomorrow if all goes right with the world..I will be barking..I am heading out today to get the black mess stuff to lay down when Hubby gets home tonight..and then tomorrow I bark..and then best of all decorate..I can't wait to get this done..that little back portion behind the fence is next..just to hard to it is coming out as well..pretty soon..I will take after photos to share..:)
Monday after my blood draw, it was we decided to do some shopping..we went to our new Trader Joes..and we LOVE THAT STORE!!!..I picked up these 2 lavender plants for 7.99 each..and the rudebeka ones for 6.99 each..I love them..betcha can't guess where they will be the new area that I am tearing out..I have so many ideas swirling around in my head as to how I want to decorate...
and I also picked up these 2 huge basil plants there for 2.99 each..I would have paid alot more money at the local nursery or even walmart for that the middle you can see our little puny ones we have been nursing for 3 months now..they are small..we got some mozzerella Di Buffala and tomatoes there and made caprese salads when we got home..oh it was sooo good..even their tomatoes tasted could smell them a mile was like living in Italy all over if you have a Trader Joes in your must go...we are sold on it..
Yesterday amongst the cleaning and mopping..I did a bit of tweaking..I put the penny rug here on the counter..
and washed up my 2.00 table cloth and put it on the table..;)
I got these 3 cute stacking baskets from Tammy in a swap I did with her..I still need to get hers out to her..hopefully the first of next week..I thought they were little tiny ones for putting on dolls..I was so surprised to see how big they I put them by the wood stove..
Had to share Tucker and Lucy playing with each other..he just loves his little sissy..they play so well together..our Sillie Millie is having major issues with her and is peeing any where and everywhere..not sure why she is so she plays with her...any suggestions..we have never had this problem before and we are at our wits end with the peeing thing..I am tired of cleaning it up and don't want my home smelling like any help would be greatly appreciated...
I was at my computer on monday and Lucy decided to hop behind me and rest her front legs on my back..she was puuurrrfeeecccttlly content there the little stinker..
On to other things..does anyone have Comcast? if can get your bill lowered for 1 year, then it goes up a bit the second year and so little sister told me to call our bill for one month with internet is 165.00..that is just too much in my opinion..we were thinking of going with direct TV as they have a smokin deal right I called comcast to let them know if they couldn't lower my bill I was moving on..they lowered it by 65.00 a month and we are getting showtime free for 6 months..we may still go with Direct TV down the road..(but we hate being locked into a 2 yr contract)..but they worked with if you are wanting to lower your bill give this a shot..they don't want to lose you as a customer..
Well that is it for me today..gotta get my butt in gear to go shopping..
Our weather is a bit over cast today..which is great for working..take care and I hope your day is a beautiful one where ever you are.:)


  1. Love the pennyrug on your looks great there!! Love the tablecloth in your dining room too! And those baskets are way cute!!
    Not sure what to tell you about the peeing problem. I've heard that can happen, but I've never had it happen with my cats before.
    We have a Trader's Joes about an hour away and we've heard that it is awesome...guess we need to make a trip there.
    Have fun shopping!!

  2. Pioneer days looks like an awesome day. Love the scenery and all that green! You looked beautiful!
    Great tweaking and the baskets are very nice. I think I prefer them to be this larger size.
    Sara is always raving about Trader Joes and says she is taking me there.
    Did you change litter? Is this cat getting old? Male or female? Incontinence is a problem for older cats, sometimes. It does play with Lucy? Or just torments her? Is she showing spite for your new addition? For the lost affection? Not sure how to handle this but I would make sure the litter boxes are clean and maybe add another one that Lucy doesn't use. I don't know. It has been ages since we had a cat. Good luck! Linda

  3. Hi there thought I'd stop by and say Hi we are in each others circle in our Etsy shoppes!! Oh I love your home it is so prim pretty!! Tweaking is so much fun isn't it? Hope your having a great Prim kinda day and enjoying what ever you are doing. Take care, XO Fran.

  4. I just love your gardens! I don't know how you do it. I would love to walk and explore all the little nooks and crannies. I'm trying to add some uniqueness to our yard, but I'm burnt out just battling the weeds!!

    As for the peeing, is the litter box in a high traffic or noisy area? We had a cat once that hated any noise or commotion in her litter box area. And sometimes cats will pee in other areas because they have crystals or an infection, may be a minor one, but it will still make them pee all over. Good luck and I hope you are able to fix the problem.

  5. If it is just spitefulness with the peeing I'm not sure what to tell you but maybe make sure she doesn't have a UTI as that can cause it too. I Love all that barking, giving me ideas, of course its not possible to bark over 2 acres, lol, but maybe something around the new deck where Kiah has killed all the grass;) We don't have Trader Joe's around here, love those lavender plants you got!!! Hope you enjoy the day sweet one, OH...we have direct tv through Verizon, ours is a bundle of tv, internet and phone in one, I think we pay around $129. a month;)

  6. Looks like your yard is coming along nicely. Love the flowers you bought.
    I like the penny rug on the counter.
    The baskets are really cute hanging on the peg rack. You can never have too many baskets. Never heard of Trader Joes. We have a trader's world that is about and hour and a half from here and I have found some prim things there. Just a long drive though.
    Have a nice evening.
    Country at heart

  7. Gina,

    Oh my, Trader Joes is one of our favorite stores. We go at least once every 10 days! I get their thai lime cashews, their lemon and pepper almonds, their Australian macadamian nuts...hubby says that almonds and the macs are 2 nuts you should eat daily due to certain oils and properties they have in them...he has me sold! LOL! I also get their applewood smoked bacon...oh my is it good! The almond butter my hubby loves...Oh my, I could go on. If you blog readers are ever near one, they should stop in and see what they have to offer. And from what my Jersey girlfriends say, they have the best 2 buck chuck wine out there....not sure if a bottle is $2 anymore, but it's cheaper and has been rated pretty high on one of the morning shows too!

    Your your yard is looking great. The lavender plants will be lovely. Just remember to leave them some room to spread. I have one in my backyard bed. It doesn't do as well there as it isn't direct sun, but it does ok.

    As for the kitty, I would say as the others have suggested to get it checked for a UTI.

    Don't overwork yourself there!


  8. Hi Gina,

    Looks like you have been and will be a busy gal! Love the penny rug on the counter, looks wonderful...

    not sure what to do for the peeing cat, LOL.. I think a trip to the vet is in order...


  9. Your yard is looking the new plants...lavender smells so heavenly! Love the little baskets from your swap friend! Very cute!

  10. Wow, that's a lot of grass to be digging out. I love the look of the bark, but with our high winds it ends up all over the place. I only have a small amount in a front flower bed right against the house but it doesn't stay put. Most likely because we don't have any trees to block the winds so it becomes airborne.
    Looking forwards to seeing what you do with the newly cleared out space.

    Re: the kitty. If she's doing it because she's mad, then I'm not sure what to do. I would have her checked for a UTI as others mentioned. It can get very serious, very quickly. I lost one of my cats to a bladder infection almost two years ago.
    A trip to the vet may be a good place to start.

  11. Gina,

    You are one busy girl! As usual, your home and gardens look so pretty!


  12. Gina, you are a busy gal too! LOL!
    Your yard is looking good! We do have Trader Joes' here, I haven't been, it's a little ways off from here, but I have heard good things!
    Neat baskets you got there, I like baskets too!
    I hope you have a good night.

  13. OMG, I love your penny rugs that you have displayed! I love the pics that you shared of your kitchen and the sweet kitty is just tooo cute. Sorry about the one peeing. I have no ideal on how to get that to stop. We had that problem once and it was spite from being jealous of the new kitty. Good luck on that.
    Your yard is looking beautiful. I can't wait to see how you decorate the new area getting done now.

    Hugs and stay cool!