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Saturday, August 20, 2011

MeEt OuR nEweSt AddiTioN, and I aM BeCoMinG a CLoThes I mEaN

Happy Saturday to you all!!! I was out shopping yesterday..returning some items and I had to stop at petsmart to get Tucky some dog food..and it was after hours in the pet adoption area..but there was the cutest little kitten there in his kennel all by his lonesome..just playing with his little mouse toy..and I fell in love..We have been thinking that our adult kittys just don't want to play with Lucy..and she needed a I came home and told Hubby about this cute little one..he said get I drove like the wind this morning to go and see if he was still available..they gave him the name "bowser" not keeping that one..he has a little tuxedo going on..and he needs a real name..(a persons name) if anyone has any he is with his sister Lucy..I am told he is 3 months he is 1 month younger then Lucy...he is a little thing....
but so full of energy..doesn't he have the cutest little pink nose....
and he is a "stumpy"..and has the longest back legs ever..I think he is a manx..but the gal said that his other siblings had long tails..well mama's have multiple daddies sometimes..sooo...that is what I think..

we played peek-a-boo behind my thread box on the couch..he has not taken a nap yet since I got home at noon..maybe a cat nap..but he has not zonked out yet..he seems to like his new big sissy...he has nicknames already..Rumplestillskin, bisquit, know Lucy and Ricky..and he is a good little eater..infact he is eating right now..the older ones..Millie and Gracie and Sunny aren't sure about him yet..but Millie is peeing everywhere..and I am finding it and cleaning it..she is fast becoming an outdoor cat..we just can't seem to shake her of this..very frustrating to say the least..just not sure why she is doing this when she plays with Lucy..never had this before..but hoping with a new kitten the focus is on can't get any worse..its already happening.:(...but will see what time brings)..I know that I am a smitten kitten with this we little one..he was just sitting on my lap and snuggled into my neck, I think to nurse..our little sunny is a neck nurser.. I just put him up to my ear just now..and he started nursing it...and it tickles..and he is purring up a storm..I am In LOVE!! shouting from the roof tops..I am smitten!!!
here is Lucy chillaxion...what a little goofball..
I ordered these from JCPenneys and the came yesterday..I love em too.. love all the buckles..
I stopped at Target yesterday to return pants that my sister got me..they were too I went looking for replacements or some shirts..I had been wanting those "layered" look shirts where the tank underneath is a big longer and the top outside is a bit shorter...and you can see the underneath on the bottom and in the chest area..oh I hit the I got 4 of the outer shirts..
and 3 of the tanks for now I can mix and match these..looking for some cooler weather so I can wear them comfortably..;)
and I came across this really cute cardigan..and they were only $15.00 dollars..
so I got one in red..;).it is so nice to be able to go to any store and know that something is going to fit...I love clothes..but I think I am done for the time being..:)
I think this kitty pile has found me..(not sure why this is blue and underlined..oh well..
I am having a sale in my ETSy shoppe..gotta pay for these't put the sale up on my etsy site yet..but everything is 15% if you see something you love..just let me know along with your zip code so I can give you the right shipping and I will reserve it for you and fix the price so it shows the 15% off price..I am off to feed the kittys..and get my own dinner going..leftover ribs tonight..Hubby is not home tonight..;) so just me and the kittys and one stinky puppy..have a great rest of your weekend..I am going to watch Steel Magnolia's tonight.its one of my favorites..:)


  1. Love your new baby!! Looks like my cat don't you think. She is a tuxedo cat and is 14, Her name is Emma.
    What a fun post to read.
    My new thing is I am requesting a dog for Christmas this year. Or my birthday. I want a rat terrier like my daughters. I just love that dog! She is the sweetest little thing...had her picture on my blog.
    Well have a good night!

  2. Very cute friend for Miss Lucy, adorable! LOVE those boots, I loved your last ones Gina, but I really, REALLY LOVE these!!!! You are inspiring me to lose some weight, I'm only up to 7 lbs, will prob. gain it all back in Hawaii, LOL, we are going to eat at Hard Rock cafe and who knows where else! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. OMG your new baby is so cute!! Let's see...he looks like a Lowel to me. That was the first name that popped into my head when I saw him. He could be Jack, too. Any name you give him will be a great one!

  4. Awww, your new baby is just precious! He looks like an E.T. maybe... or a Demetrie. I am sure you will come up with a great name as you know his personality.

  5. Hi Gina,
    Love your new kitty!! So cute!! I think Lucy would love it if she had her Ricky!! That would a be cute name for him.
    I love your boots!! Thinking I need to check out JC Penneys. I just found a pair of leather shoes that my insoles will go in. Made my day...I get so tired of wearing tennis shoes all the time.
    Did you get the design that I sent to you?
    Have a great Sunday.

  6. Love the new pic. You do look great and younger, too.
    Love the fabrics and I know you will create some awesome things with them.
    Another darling kitty! I would call home Mr. Lucky. It's a sophisticated name for a sophisticated looking cat. Mr. Lucky was on an old TV show and he wore a tuxedo. To me, it just seems the best choice.
    Big hugs,

  7. I just love the new one, I would have to bring him home, too! He looks like a Chester, to me....I can really tell that you have lost a lot of weight! I think it is finding a great weekend.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  8. Hi Gina.
    I love your new kitty. He is so cute.
    He will sure be loved at your house.

  9. I love your little kitties, they have such a wonderful home with you. I am glad you are having fun shopping, girls just want to have fun! He He Hugs, Lecia

  10. Your new kitty is so cute. Glad he has a loving home now. I love cats but found out I am allergic and can't have any in the house. I still have one outside though. She is about 11 years old. Glad you found him.
    Country at heart

  11. I have a weird question for you know anyone that makes felt pumpkins in green, white and orange and uses real pumpkin stems that she saves from year before? It also looks like she puts a "silky" illusion over the felt to make it sort of glisten. I have tried to find on internet but no luck and thought with you knowing so many folks you might be able to steer me toward them:)
    Thanks and I hope this makes some sense.

    You are looking so GREAT!

  12. Wonderful little Kitty!! I like Ricky... But I always think of Fred Astaire, when I see a tux. You know Lucille Ball was a dancer, too. Maybe they can dance around your house creating fun and a little mischief together! ;)

  13. Oh my, another adorable kitty face. I hope Lucy is just as smitten with her new friend as you are. My son volunteers at the humane society in the cat room. They just got a tuxedo cat in (not sure if it's a she or he). They are such striking looking cats.
    Enjoy your newest addition. He's lucky to have found a home with you all.
    Have a great day!

  14. Congratulations New Mama! What a cutie! My sister had a cat just like him named Sylvester! Lucy willlove her playmate! My sister just had to do the same thing---her cat BEtty wasn't as friendly to her new one Squeaky so now she got another little guy named Finster. Love the boots! and love you too!

  15. Oh my whiskers!! I am soooo in love with that little face!! How could anyone not love that face! I am so happy for you!!!!! Lucy is so lucky to have a wonderfully happy sibling :) And the purring.....Did I mention I'm in love with your new family member?!?

    I'm sorry to hear about the peeing....went through that here too. It is so difficult when this starts and for what seems to be no real reason. If only they could talk....

    Glad to hear that you are having a good weekend! Of course how could you not with such good company :)

    Purrs and hugs,

    Romeo and "her"

  16. P.S. Did we mention that we love cats? LOL

    Romeo and "her"

  17. Oh my goodness, he is adorable! I LOVE tuxedo kitties. My best friend has a big one, and I swear he was a person in another life. He will pull your hand to him with his paws and push his face into you. Oh, I love that kitty... So I can understand your excitement! Haha. Kitties make the world a better place. <3