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Thursday, August 18, 2011

FaBriC ShOpPinG, PiZZa NiGhT..BeFore & AfTer PhoTos Of YouRs TruLy.;)

Well Good Evening everyone!!! I was going to post this, this morning..but needed to take the my car into the shop as it has been running poorly for about 2 weeks I had to hurry and get a work out on the treadmill in and then shower and get down to the shop..I went and did some errands yesterday and one was going to Joanns..I had no intentions of looking at fabric..but you know me I can't resist just pulled me in..and I just had to get some..This one above is my favorite..I am going to make some pillows with this in the background..will probably sew tomorrow..oh at least I hope so..;) I love these old post card looking images..just love them..;)
picked up this cute thanksgiving vintage looking one too..more pillows..
love this retro looking one too..
another thanksgiving one..I made towels out of these as you will see in the last post.;) so I picked up more of of it..
This one is for my brothers cabin..I will embroider some designs for him and make pillows to put on the the beds at his cabin..they will go puurrfeectlly with his bedding too..;)
oh I love this one so much that I got 2 yards of it..I want to make aprons with this one..
with this one being the ruffle around the apron..too cute...

I love the pumpkin faces on this one..ohhh soo spooky.;)
love the colors of this one with that old crow..these would make great pumpkins or a great doll dress.;)
love the witches flying around on their broom sticks.:)
and this one is just too neat..been seeing alot of pillows with this type of am having Cindy make me some designs so I can embroider and then sew them onto this fabric for some great would really appeal to the folks around here more then my prim I gotta hit all avenues for my show this December..;)
last night we made homemade pizza and cooked it on the grill using our pampered chef stone..Guy Fieri said if we didn't have one of those outdoor ovens that a stone would work as well..we need to get one of those "pills" what that big paddle is called to slide it on and that is why the pizza looks so free form..we made 2 of these with real mozzerella and fresh basil...oh yum..I had 1/2 a pizza and then ate just the good stuff on the other one..;)
I had enough to make cinnamon rolls for hubby to take to work too..;) did I eat way...
okay I thought I would share some before and afters of me in my process of losing weight..This photo above was taken last year sometime...
This was taken at christmas last year...Tammy recognize that stitchery?..I love it..old glasses too..and no makeup..ooohhh are you scared yet?
This was taken this morning..I was having a great hair day and wanted to get a photo..only you can't see my hair.I am wearing a tank top by the neked photos here...with glasses..
without glasses..wish I didn't have to wear them..can't wear contacts..tried..I don't tear enough and my eyes dry that is me at 46 pounds lost..(lost another pound..been on a plateau for 2 weeks now)..have 36 left to lose..yippee little sister sent me my birthday present..(she's only 3 months)..but better late then never..and she purchased me some nice black denim an 18 and a 16...and guess what..they are both too big..but it also depends on who makes them..cause I can still wear a 16 and a 14...but its getting down..and I feel great both mentally and physically..just wish I had done it years ago..didn't realize how badly I felt till I started losing the weight..and can you dig that farmers tan..:) my arms don't get out much..they are my sore spot..but in due time..due time..well that is it for me..I hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening and a great friday..oh and there are two new bloggers in blog land you must check out and say hey and become a follower..;)
one is Amish Stories.. and the other is Primitive Keepings..;) Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by and saying hey;)


  1. now I just KNOW you have been outside. and who cares about a farmers tan when you're so skinny, YOU GO GIRL.. and still love your hair! red streaks and all!

  2. You look great and congrats on your weight loss.
    That pizza looks so good! We are having pizza tonight.
    Hugs and have a good weekend.

  3. Now, I am going to have to go to Joanns this weekend. I love that fabric. You look great!

  4. Great job with the weight loss! Don't get down about the 36 more you want to lose - just keep celebrating that you've lost 46 in such a short time. I admire your determination. WOW did you score some great fabric. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite - I guess the orange with the crow or the white with the numbers on it. Have a great weekend. ~Ann

  5. You look absolutely FABULOUS Gina!!!!! What an amazing difference, SO proud of you my friend!!! I've been watching what I eat and have lost 7 lbs, not much but a start;)That pizza looks delicious and the buns too!!! Love all the fabric, the first one is my favorite too, and yes we can do the soap swap, I would love to make you up some soaps:D have a wonderful day sweet one;)

  6. First, congrats on the weight loss, that is so so hard to do and you're doing it. Hooray for you!

    My son makes pizza similar to yours and his family loves it.

    Have fun sewing with all that new fabric!

  7. Your before and after pictures are amazing! You are doing great!! I'm so glad you are feeling so good now. :)
    Love that vintage postcard fabric from Joanns. Makes me want to drive there right now, but I vowed to do battle with the sewing room today. Really can't justify bringing more fabric in right now. :O

  8. You're doing great with your weight loss! Losing weight is not easy...I can vouch for that! I really need to get serious about my weight loss program. Love all the fabrics that you purchased. Rich and I are going into Medford tomorrow and I'm planning a trip to Joann' my sale paper and my list ready. Like you I love Halloween and Autumn fabrics. I'm planning on making my youngest sister and her 3 year old grandaughter matching aprons. Claire loves to make cookies and brownies with my sister on the days that she gets to spend with my nephew and sister. Your pizza looks yummy! I love making pizza and have been wanting to make calzones. Have a great weekend.

  9. Look at the hottie!! Gina you look wonderful~ I say congrats!!! Just love your smile!!!
    Hugs to you!!

  10. Gina, I love your posts! It's always great catching up with you! You're looking so fabulous my dear! Love all the fabrics you bought... i almost got the first one you showed, but settled on another with a cream background. One of these days I'll have to make something out of it! Have a great day... it's gorgeous here, hope you've got good weather too!

  11. Girl~ I couldn't have resisted the cinnamon bun,especially smelling them bake.You look fantastic and I think you look prettier with the glasses draws attention to your eyes.I bet your hubby thinks he's got a brand new it up you'll be off the platue soon enough.Big hug for you!~Amy

  12. Great job on the weight loss. You look so good! I can't believe how much your face has thinned out!

  13. Love all the fabric you purchased. So many ideas to be used or these. Our local walmart put a small fabric section back in with basic items. So glad they did. The nearest Joanns for me is an hour away.
    I love your new hair, wish I could go with that color. I have a farmers tan too from mowing, so you are not alone.
    I have to stay out of the sun totally because of my skin condition. I tend to get sun poisoning. No fun to be itchy.
    Can't wait to see what you do with all that nice fall fabric.
    Have a nice evening.
    Country at heart

  14. Hi Skinny look great!! Congrats on the weight loss!! It's ok that you are having a plateau. When I lost my weight and that happened...the doctor told me it was normal to have a plateau and it would help me to keep the weight off in the long run. After about a month or two...I started dropping the rest of the weight that I needed to lose.
    I'm getting ready to work on your designs. Will be emailing some samples to you soon.
    I went to our JoAnn's today and they didn't have the number fabric. I really love that orange fabric with the crows and black cats that you got. I looked at Halloween fabric today...and I didn't see any of that one at our store either.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. I really like the vintage Halloween fabric! I agree you should make them pillows (and take pictures).
    Congrats. on the weight loss, you look great :) annnddd I LOVE your hair!

  16. Gina, WOW !!! YOu look great, congrats on the wonderful weight loss!!!! OLM

  17. I love so many things about your post! First and foremost, you look ten yers younger from the CHristmas pic to now! Wow! You are so inspiring. All those fabrics are so cool. I would not be able to pass them up! And of course I always am nosy to see what you're cooking! My kids say hi and Caitlin loves your hair!!!

  18. Gina-Gina-Gina..When you said that you dodn't go to JoAnns to get fabric I think your mind had other found some awesome fabrics so cute..Your gona be having fun stitchin...
    that Pizza looks so yummy I want a bite. And those cinnamon rolls god bless your pee pickin self control I would have not been able to pass at least one up.. For that you get a big PAT on the back..
    You have given yourself the greatest gift by losing all this you have discovered in feeling so much better and finding that inner peace that goes with feeling good about ones self. Stand up and yell YeeHaa..look at me!!I'm with Amy I personaly think you look fantastic in Glasses..and love the hair do totally...You look 10 years younger today and you have probably added 10 years to your life too.
    I know what you mean about wearing different sizes...don't ya just hate Jean sizes well any pants with a waist band. I personally hate jeans.. My body is not built for jeans to short from the waist down to the legs so hip huggers fit me like normal jeans fit others. I say pay NO attention to jean sizes.. I wear little girl Scorts shorts,leggins size 16 or pettite above sz 8-9 or medium fit perfectly.but try to find waisted jeans I wear pettite sz 14 & the butt hangs to my knees pettite hip hugger sz 9-10-12 depending.. What sz do I wear have no clue. The real clue that you have reached your goal is to put on one of the Tops you wore before weight loss. the truth will show..and wow does it make ya feel good to see how baggie it is.
    Smile my dear Friend you have done fantastic...and it shows in your pics, your smile & and the sparkle in your eyes...

    Have a great weekend!!


  19. Congratulations on the weight loss. You look great and wishing you continued success on the fitness plan.
    Love all the fabrics you chose especially the vintage looking ones.

  20. You look fantastic Gina! Congrats on the weight loss! :)