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Sunday, August 21, 2011

ReListeD SoMe FaLL/ChrisTmAs IteMs

Hello there everyone..hope you are having a beautiful sunday!!! I just relisted some halloween/thanksgiving/christmas items in my shoppe..
The little man is fitting in nicely..slept with me all night long..snuggled by my side..he is playing well with his sissy Lucy..I love him..last night he suckled on my ear..and the purrs..OMG..they are music to my ears..;)
have a wonderful Sunday..I am grabbing some breakfast and taking Tucky for a walk then going to church..;)


  1. There is nothing like baby kitties!!
    Now I'm off to check out what you listed in your shop.

  2. Hi, I made the french dip recipe that you recently posted tonight. My husband loved it and even though I'm not much of a red meat eater, I ate one sandwich too. The dipping sauce really makes these sandwiches special. So, thank you and the DH is pleased as punch to see some red meat in the weekly lineup lol
    It's definitely a keeper.