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Friday, July 22, 2011

WhaT I haVE BeeN Up To..BeForE and AfTeR PhoToS...

Good morning my fellow bloggers and welcome to my newest friends that are taking the time to read up on me..;) I have been a busy bee this past month..ripping out the front yard for a more simple and easy to care for look..well this past week..I have dumped 3 loads of bark on the yard..still have about 3 more truck loads (that will have to wait till payday)..and see that patch of grass in the background..that will also be barked in..ripping out that moss/grass/clover and anything else that is in there..I want to put in shady potted plants and a bench or a chair with plants..and then the rest of the bark will go in the back yard..hoping by fall that I will only have to kick out the leaves that fall and I am done..maybe some light deadheading..but it will be super this is a BEFORE photo..
also a before photo..boring..
before...okay are you ready for the afters?....
believe it or not only 1/2 of this side is the upper portion done just past that tiller..still need to do the lower portion..but it looks like its all done..
I love the way the bark looks and wish the color would last forever..its amazing how the color pops all the plants...
so simple and can see where we are ripping out that portion of grass..will be doing some more today.;)

I just noticed the reflection of the gate in the it..
see only the front portion got done..looks great from the front..not to bad from the back..

still my favorite spot..:)
Hubby started ripping out more of that grassy portion...I did that huge patch the other will try and get rid of some more today..and I am going to mow the lawn...the other side of the house will also be ripped out..not sure if we will bark it in or put that red rock down in place of it..for something has been a long week..but I enjoy doing the bark and seeing the yard come to life..and it is great exercise too..getting those flabby arms in shape..goodness knows they need it..Lucy is asleep on my lap as usual..she is getting so big...our weather is getting nicer by the day..the first day of barking (tuesday)..It was over cast and great..did get caught on the second load in a rainy drizzle..but it felt good as I was working up a sweat..yesterday was also over cast a slight breeze and 67..puurrffecct for doing this job as I was going to put it off till today..glad I didn't because it is nice and sunny out..but great for mowing..
I have also lost more weight...yippee skippy..down 41.5 more pound and I am in the next round of numbers...oh you don't know how happy I am and how great I feel..better then I have in years...
Thank you all for your kind words and cheering me all are the best...
Tomorrow is our "Pioneer days"..we celebrate the 24th of July as when the pioneers came over..but since its on a sunday we are celebrating at our friends (from church) farm and having a big BBQ and getting to ride on the horse/buggy down to the beach..I will be taking my camera to share with you all..I am making a quick and easy dessert..(that I probably won't have)..hoping they have some light and healthy food there..or just be very selective about what I have..maybe a bit of everything...even my dessert..:) have a wonderful weekend in what ever you are doing..and I hope you are staying cool..;)
Love you all:)


  1. You are really melting that weight off, so awesome!!! 67 and a breeze??? OH how I would love that right about now, sounds so refreshing, does it ever get HOT where you are, like 90's? The yard is looking beautiful, I love the look of fresh mulch, if our grass here gets any browner it may start resembling mulch:/ Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing:):)

  2. WOW! Your garden is looking so beautiful! I love the look of the bark, too.
    Congratulations on your continued weight loss. I admire your stick-to-it-iveness. :)

  3. Lookin' great Gina! (And speaking of looking great... let's see some pics of YOU!)

  4. Honey, you are really working your 'bu**' off! And getting spectacular results!
    67!? It was 104 here Tuesday! This heat is debilitating! they say 102 people have died from the excessive heat. crazy stuff---hottest summer in 26 years.
    we need rain here---and soon.

  5. Gina,

    Congrats on the continued weight loss. Eating healthy can be difficult at events as there are always tempting things to eat that are bad for you but taste oh so good! Hope you have a great time. And 67 with a's 105 here with no breeze. We've broken records that have stood for 75 years today!


  6. Oh my, Gina! That looks wonderful! Wanna come over here? We have mulching on our list too!

    Congratulations on the weight loss!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss. Your gardens look wonderful. It is 98 here today with a heat index of 105!! It has gotten all cloudy and dark outside. Hopefully it will rain. Take care and have a great weekend.

  8. Gina your gardens look beautiful ! Congrats on the continued weight loss! Have a great weekend!Jen

  9. I love the saying at the top of your blog. Wow! It makes you think. Yard looks good!
    wish mine did.

  10. Gina I really love the simpler look on your gardens. It makes every plant more visible and I agree the bark does make the gardens "pop"! Congratulations on the weight loss. I can't wait to see pictures of the Pioneer Days! That sounds so cool! Hugs to you.

  11. It turned out so nice!! I wish I could come over and walk thru it.
    The mulch does make it pop. You worked your butt off! It looks great opened up now.
    Have fun this weekend.

  12. You gardens are looking beautiful!! Oh how I wish we had
    67 degrees for our weather here. It was 97 with a heat index of 105 today.
    Congrats on more weight lost!! You're doing great!!

  13. Love your gardens! Love the before and after pics. Congrats on the weight loss...I hope to do the same one of these days.

  14. Wow...wish I had your energy and your landscaping talent ! Wanna come do my yard next ??? Honestly it looks great Gina..Good Job !!!

  15. Great pics of your yard. I love those coffee pot birdhouses. What a great idea!

    Congrats on the weight loss also!


  16. hi, Gina
    Oh, it looks wonderful!!! makes everything stand out so pretty~
    enjoy your day~

  17. Your gardens are beautiful! I love the mulch! Your treasures all over are so pretty! Great job!!! Super job on the weight loss!!!! :)