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Saturday, July 23, 2011

SaTuRdaY SmiLeS..;)

Hello everyone..I was out working on that side portion of the yard today...getting rid of that lawn and dumping it around the back in a piece of raw property next to ours and there was this beautiful feverfew plant that I must have tossed out last I dug it up and transplanted it..but i also cut some of the blooms to bring indoors...I love these little white daisy like flowers..they make me smile..hope they do for you too..
some were too small for the jar..but they fit just right in a little strawberry vase that I got from my friend Debbie..;)
and Lucy's newest thing is playing in a box..I got a package from Tammy and she loves playing in this thing..
chewing it up..
she is getting so big..and then she sits in my lap and she lets a know the kind SBD's..Silent but deadly..she does this all the time..I am going to rename her "smelly Cat"..oh what are they feeding I am off to get ready and make my dessert for your pioneer day bash..will have camera in hand.;) hope you are having a great saturday so far.;)


  1. Smelly cat, that is so funny, luv it. :-}

  2. LOL, so Lucy is not just a stinker, she's a "stinkery stinker" Love the feverfew and it did make me smile:) have fun today, can't wait for pics!

  3. Lovely flowers. :) My daughter and I picked some from our yard yesterday. We have some yellow, purple and white flowers growing wild. But our yard is more like a field, and you can't mow it, weed whacker only.

    Lucy is too cute. Cats sure do love boxes, just like children! hehe. We're getting our kitten soon and I think it's the same kind of coloring as Lucy. I only saw the kittens in a pic when they were tiny things. But the momma cat looked like your Lucy cat. :)

    Happy weekend!
    Blessings, Jessica

  4. You are so funny, Gina!

    Love your flowers in the windowsill like that! Looks cheerful! :)


  5. Smelly cat...... I love the memory....

    And I love feverfew! It is a great little filler flower. And it does make me smile.
    Hope the bash is fun!

  6. So your Lucy really is a little stinker!! LOL...
    Pretty flowers and they did make me smile.
    You asked what I was judging at the Fair...this year it was the kids Arts & Crafts, but some years I judge the adults.
    Hope you had a great time at Pioneer Days!! Can't wait to see the pics that you take.

  7. Love your humor! Men are Gods' gag gift to women! LOL! Sorry, I noticed that on the side there!
    Well~ yeah they like to let the silent ones don't they? My Zipper does that too! Takes the breath away!
    Enjoy your Sunday, love the feverfew.

  8. Little Lucy is a cutie. Canb't wait for the pics of Pioneer Days!!!! And isn't it a coincidence that today on the Hallmark channel was a Little House marathon...

  9. Poor stinky Lucy!! I loves those flowers!