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Thursday, July 21, 2011

SurPriSe!!! PacKaGe iN ThE MaiL..& ShoEs..

Good Morning everyone!!! hope your week has been a good one..on tuesday I spent the day unloading bark..did 2 truck loads myself..felt good too..the yard is looking good..still have about 3 more truck loads to go and was going to do one today..but it is will do it tomorrow..rumor has it the weather will be nice..but it changes at the drop of a hat will wait to see what tomorrow brings..I did one load on tuesday in a light drizzle..actually felt good cause this gal was working up a bit of a sweat...yesterday my friend and I walked 3 miles..and she is tall so for every 2 steps I took she took one..needless to say I was really "glowing" by the time I got home..but it was great..I got a surprise package last week from a wonderful blogging all probably know this wonderful kind giving generous gal..her name is Linda of Parkers paradise...what a sweet thing to get you name stitched on a pillow..I love the writing did a wonderful is in my craft room..I love it..and I love you too..speaking of packages..I am expecting 6 more packages 4 from fellow bloggers, one from my little sister..(late birthday) and some clothes I ordered..ordering clothes is super fun again..;)
the shoe place that I shop at..(they are great for my bad feet) was having a sale last week..and it was a doozie...I got 5 pairs of shoes..(one of which is hubby)..the other 4 for me..I got 2 pairs of sandels one in brown (shown) and the other in black..a pair of matching walking shoes like hubbys...
and this cute pair of shoes..they make you feet look so small and since I am in a size 10 now because of my flat footedness..I love this..everything was over 50-60% I got some great deals..and my feet look and feel wonderful..Well today is going to be spent sewing up some penny rugs for orders I am trying to finish..getting hard as I want to be outside..but this gives me a nice break..I even got an order for another penny rug which is nice..Her name is Lynn and she found me via Linda,...she saw her dachound penny rug and she has 4 precious ones she asked me to make her one...geez I do better with my blog then on etsy or ebay..go figure..and its cheaper
tonights menu...Steak fajitas from left over steak on leftovers..tomorrow chicken salad..;)
well that is it for me today...going to go and do some embroidering..I hope you all have a wonderful thursday and for those of you in the sweltering heat..I hope you are able to stay nice and cool..Thank you as always for stopping in and saying hi..I love hearing from you and welcome to my newest friends that are "following" me..;) drop me a line too..I would love to hear from you..
Oh and Lucy says hi..she is on my lap (as always) purring away and taking her morning siesta...:)


  1. Glad to see you got it! Super glad you like it! I have been blessed by your friendship and always happy to share my joy with you. Glad that gal contacted you. You should put a slide of your pennies at the top of your sidebar and say you'll make to order. Everybody seems to love them. I know I do!!!!!!

  2. What a cute pillow with your name, love it!!! Great shoes too, and great deals are hard to pass up;) Give miss Lucy a snuggle from me, she is just so adorable, and have a great day!!!

  3. Love the pillow and the shoes. If ya don't mind me asking, where did ya get those baby doll shoes (they look like denim maybe). Love anything that makes my feet look smaller. Have a great day!! Cathy

  4. That was so nice of Linda to make such a cute pillow for you.. She is a sweetie!! Sounds like you are awaiting a bunch of goodies.. How fun.. Have a great day! Tina

  5. Hi Gina give that precious Lucy a hug for me . Love your cute little pillow from Linda.She is such a sweetheart! Cute shoes too and at a great deal. Have fun today,Jen

  6. hi, Gina
    Bet the mulch is looking good~ wonderful pillow from Linda~ cute little shoes~
    enjoy your day

  7. Send some that rain our way. It is
    98 degrees here in the shade. Heat index of 115 degrees. Too hot to go out much, only when necessary. I am hoping for a break in the weather soon. I can't take much more of this.
    My poor animals are so hot, I may have fried chicken instead of eggs.
    Love your pillow, I got one too.
    Linda is so sweet in sending everybody one.
    Hope you get your yard done, my flowers are starting to die from the heat. I have been watering them every evening but it isn't doing any good.
    Country at heart

  8. What a cute pillow!! Love your new shoes!!
    It is almost too hot here to go outside. Got up to 98 degrees and the heat index was 117...we are having some record setting days with all this heat.
    So happy for you that you got an order for a pennyrug. Your work is so wonderful...I know that she will love it. I just love the little one that you made for me!!

    Sending hugs to you and little miss Lucy...and the other kitties and Tucker too!!

  9. Can't wait to see pictures of your yard!
    Like the shoes too!
    The pillow is sweet!

  10. Love the adorable pillow Gina! SHOES are just my downfall..........a girl can just never have enough!

  11. I am a new follower found you through dear sweet Linda, it is nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you! Enjoy your day and happy stitching! hugs lil raggedy angie