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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A HoArDer NoT Me...

Good Tuesday morning everyone.I will get to the title of this post shortly...Guess who is currently on my lap?
she knows when it is blog time apparently as she always takes a nap on my lap..she got me up this morning..clawing at my door wanting in..wouldn't leave it I got up..tired too..
this is her favorite thing to do now that she can jump in the sink...
she is getting bigger by the day..hates it when we are all outside..she just meowwwwwsss at us..she is a little stinker..and starting to play with everyone now..she gets bapped on the head..but still wants to play..I wonder if she gets headaches...she gets bapped so much by her sissies.:>)
Okay for the title of my post..I was watching Hoarders, Buried alive on sunday night and holy some people live and just don't think anything of it..A-maz-ing!!!the one I watched was a gal that had mice in her home and she thought she had like 5 in her kitchen (which is 5 too many in my opinion) which in reality she had 100's maybe was disgusting..poo that got me thinking..I need to downsize and SIMPLIFY MY LIFE!!! I am getting rid of stuff that is not handmade or I just simply don't want it any longer..I just don't need stuff...and if I do..then something needs to go to replace the new stuff..getting tired of dusting it..or if it doesn't do double duty..I cleaned out my hutch in my dining room and got rid of some stuff..took stuff from the living room..still need to work on the craft room big rid of stuff in my bedroom..and it got tossed in a bin for either a garage sale or a TS run in the future..going to go through my christmas stuff too..we gotta clean out that upper portion of the I just don't want to be in the Hoarder mom was a bit of a hoarder..NOT like on the show..but she just kept stuff that should have been tossed..our home is just to small for all the clutter..I love the simple look..I just want prim and uncluttered..and it will make it easier when I do my fall/winter decorating...need to get rid of cook books..just don't use them..thats another the above is too copper kettles that I had on my stairs..I had candle votives in them..I would like to get $5.00 for the big one and $4.oo for the smaller one..+ shipping..
Frog held a little african violet in it for the longest time till I finally killed it..$2.00 + shipping...
this little gal/chef holds a chalkboard in her hands...
without chalkboard..her hand has been repaired..she stands about 6 inches tall..these are approx. as everything is outside..(couldn't get it out there fast enough)...$3.00+ shipping..
a vintage Humidifier with black handle..the little wooden spout on top is has a cloth works..I used it as a room stands about 9 inches tall without handle..
$10.00 + shipping

a wooden has thorn like things down the stem..very unusual..$2.00 + shipping
4 kitty coasters..we don't use these..I use my cloth ones that Kimberely of my brown bag studio made me..$2.00 + shipping..
salt and pepper shakers..I got the blue ones living in italy..can't remeber the maker..they are $2.00 for each set + shipping...
I love these pillows and both are handmade..just not by me..and I don't do chickens any longer..the bigger one is $7.00 and the smaller one is $5.00 + shipping.
I got this ivory cream colored tray from Factory measures approx. 18 inches wide...had it on my kitchen table with candles and fixins in it.. $7.00 + shipping.
bees wax candles.. $2.00 + shipping..
Pie plate that I purchased at Joanns..I don't do pies..Okay yes I do..I just eat them..I don't make them... $4.00 + shipping.

misc fabric..on the left is the faux fur..about a yard in each..$2.00 each and on the right is about 1 yard on the fabric on top.. and about 2 yards..(all are approx. I did not measure) if you are interested let me know and I will get you the exact..$3.00 each + shipping..
Now if anyone wants to swap or trade for any of these items just let me know..first come first served..;)
This is what we started yesterday...see all the grass missing..I am yanking it up..
we removed the brick boarder as you can see in the upper portion of the photo and repurposed it where the grass is missing for the walk way..we are taking out the grass to put down bark..this is mostly moss and clover and crap all mixed in..tired of mowing this will become bark..maybe put some potted shade loving plants..or a seating area..not sure..but it is gone...
need to bark all of this daisies are finally blooming..I love them...
and here is what I will be doing today..gotta truck load of bark to spread around the yard...we will need 2 or 3 more of these..but this is a more grass to kill on this side..but we are laying down gravel on this side..maybe that red rock stuff..need something decorative..our weather has been is overcast today..which is great for working outside in..
I have been working on some projects in the evening again..I finished up one little penny rug and making a bigger one for Tamera..she ordered 3..and that is the one I am currently working on..
Well that is it for me folks..I hope your tuesday is off to a great start...

Are you sitting down..I just hit the big 40 (no not my age..I wish)..I just weighed in and I have officially lost 40 pounds..I am soooo doing the happy dance right now..only 42 more to go...I am halfway there...;) yippee skippy!!!..:>) I tell you working out in the yard right now is what is doing I must run and do some more yard a wonderful day gals.;)


  1. Gina,
    You should list the pyrex in your Etsy shop. That stuff is in demand. LOL.. I have a blue dish like yours. It was a wedding shower present 35 years ago.

  2. Oh Gina, sometimes I watch hoarders and thing.. Hmmp... I am close but you can walk through my house on the actual floor, not on top of stuff piled on the floor..LOL!!! so for now I guess I am safe. love your copper kettles, those are great.
    CONGRATS on the 40 LBS.. that is so awsome for you. Yard work is definately a good exercise. lots of muscles being used. Keep up the great work.

  3. Just watching those shows about hoarders makes me want to throw out half my stuff! But wait, I've already got rid of the excess and everything I have is stuff I love. I just don't enjoy dusting it but love having it.
    Congrats on the weight loss, that's great. I lost weight last summer and this summer just trying to maintain it. ;D

  4. Hi, Gina
    Yippee Skippy for you on the weight loss~ way to go!!!
    I can't watch hoarders I get so grossed out~LOL~ like Big time~I started watching one episode at my neices home, could not tolerate it~ YUK~Sorry to the hoarders but mold on the food~ and so on makes me ill! LOL~
    Love your kitty~ adorable!!!
    enjoy your gardening~

  5. you go girl.. I can't seem to get past 27!!! and that show is so funny! Hoarders... but you know it's bad when you have mice, come on!!!

  6. I have been organizing my craft/computer room, again! I need more room to work. Congrats on 40lbs, that is awesome!!! You go girl and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  7. Hi Gina, congrats on your weight loss!! You are doing great. Sounds like all that yard work is giving you good results!!8-)

  8. CONGRATS on hitting the big 4-0!!! That Lucy is such a hoot, she's a blogger just like her mama:) I watch hoarder's and it has the same effect on me, it is the show that got me deciding to de-clutter as well, some of those houses are just awful:(

  9. your kitty is soooo cute, makes me wish I had one again, we have a work cat who sits on your lap at every opportunity. I, too, am cleaning out, too much stuff. Congrats on hitting the 40 lbs. and counting.

  10. Gina,
    Congrats on losing 40 lbs...way to go!!!
    I've seen the commericals for the hoarders show, but I can't watch it. Just seeing the commericals get to me.
    As you know, I've decluttered alot of things in my home. I find that the older I get...that I really like the less is more look. Much easier to take care of, since I'm having back problems.
    Love your little Lucy...she is so cute!! Love the pics of her in the sink...adorable!!

  11. Gina your fur baby is growing like a weed. Oh the memories of Tasha at that age and all cuddlyin my lap or on my neck... I love the sink pics way to cute...
    Way to go on the weight.. you are going it right losing slow but steady..
    I'm a hoarder when it comes to craft at least it looks like I am when I look at all my shelves filled with supplies but when it comes time to create I have what I need so not sure if that is Stock or hoarder..
    When I moved into the trailer i got rid of tons of things and I love not having a cluttered house..

    Have fun working in the yard..


  12. I have purged repeatedly and still have more to go--in the process as I write. I just want less.......
    I want specific things these days!
    Lucy is too cute. Kittens are such fun!
    Congrats on 40#. That is super!
    Keep up whatever you are doing!

  13. Congratulations on the 40! What an accomplishment! I love that lil baby of yours all curled up in the sink! What a cutie. The yard looks terrific. You are busy, busy, busy!! Send some of your energy this way! It's been so hot I can't stand it!

  14. Hi Gina. I just love your kitty. So cute.
    That is great for you to loose 40 lbs. Email me and let me know your secret. I could stand to loose 40 too.
    Yes, I have been tweaking my blog header. I added a couple more gourds.
    Have a great day.

  15. Hi Gina,
    Congratulatins on the 40lbs of lost weight. I am at 60 and holding. I have been dieting since Jan. I am at a stand still, not gaining and not losing. Oh well, maybe this time it will stay off since I have lost it a little at a time. I am interested in the chicken pillows and the chicken salt and pepper shakers. You can email me at to let me know all the details.

  16. LOL Hoaders... I LOVE that show!!! I saw that episode you are talking about. Seriously that was gross with the mice!

    I too have simplified quite a bit, but need to do some more.

    Congrats on 40lbs!!!! You go girl!!!!

  17. Sure is one happy kitty. Your yard just keeps getting more & more amazing. Congrats on you weight loss! This is wonderful. I only watched hoarders once & I was shocked. I have one room that seems to be the catch all room. I would love to just call someone to clean it out & not look at what went out. Oh I have no mice or creatures living in there I am sure. It is not that bad. Dreaming for now. Maybe when the weather gets cooler I will work on cleaning it out. Good luck on your sale. Blessings!