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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My DaY At ThE ChRiStmAs HouSe...PiCTurE HeAvY..;)

Good Saturday Morning...and I do mean early..its 1:13am here and I had my 2 hour nap on the decided to blog my day (yesterday)..I went to the christmas house for her annual July sale.(I have done this show for 2 years)..but not this year..too much happening in the last couple of months..but I do love Carolee's and Bob's sales..they have one in May, July and their regular season on black friday till the week before christmas..they scour the united states for wonderful things to sell..they also handcraft alot of their items too..I love their sense of whimsy..and I love!!! her gardens..NOTE: this is a picture heavy sit back and enjoy.;)

love this bench..;)
almost got one of those crocks down below for my rolling pins..but truly I just don't have room for one..

don't you just love these little sail boats made out of fabric and driftwood?

Rae Jean Managing the money table...she always comes over to help Carolee and Bob set up..and she puts some of her things up for sale..I purchased one of her items today.;) you will see further down..

that blue cabinet sold on the was awesome..if only I had gotten there sooner..
oh I wanted this was only 50 bucks..but again no room...
so here is what I got today..the table cloth came from was only 2 bucks...and it has strawberries on it..go figure..the two little dolls were 4 and 5 dollars..the sailboat..yeah I had to have one for hubbys was 8 dollars..the little whisk looking things were a $1.50..I am going to attach a stick and call them witch brooms for hopefully some witch dolls I will be making in the near future..gotta get back to sewing dolls again..
I love this simple little boat..and it looks great in hubbys room.;)
I also got this cute little scooter for 10 bucks and the peach basket for 8.00..I am going to stuff it with paper and then put moss on top and put my gourds in it for halloween/fall.;)
I also picked up another sunflower..only it has a shovel on the end of it and it has spoons and wooden measuring tapes on was 15.00 and the 3 vintage brooms were 3.00 each..I see 3 scarecrows in my future..they will be put in the front yard..will have hubby attach a piece of wood for the arms..then scour his closets for clothes and put some funky glasses on them with other goodies.;)
so here is my rock wall that I have some of my garden art on..pretty boring anymore..but boring is nice right now..I moved all of it to the upper portion of the now ripped out and simplified front..I will put container plants here instead..probably next year..
these are the before photos..I did plant my hydranga..I love it here..
just some pictures of the garden in the lambs ear and the purple in the right of the photo..have no idea what they are..they are all over.
okay the afters now..put the garden art all over the front..(click to enlarge to see these all better)
the little sunflower is by the hydranga now..along with some other goodies..
the little ladder and gas can..look to the can see a bench..
one of my favorite little spots now..

the hopps are still growing..soon there will be hopps on these..I love how they look on the it a real cottage feel..
up our street..
right now the brooms are in the bucket in a that wheelbarrow also at the christmas 8 bucks I ever spent..I use this all the time..
put the little table cloth on the table and you see where the peach bucket is..
I put my little raggedy here for the time being..
little prim dollie on the vanity by the front door..
This is my new blogging buddy..this is tonight as I type this..she started out like this on my arm...(sorry for the wonderful shirt..sometimes I craft in my pjs..and this is what I end up with)..painted and anyone else have the same look?
then she ended up like this...
and then like this..this one makes me giggle..
and last but not least..I got this cute little beach necklace today at the show..and here is a self portrait..well that is it for me..its 1:37am and I am off to bed to read for a my new country sampler that I am currently is raining here and will be all day..we took a walk the other night and got felt so good though..haven't been out playing/walking in the rain since I was a kid...I finished all of the yard work on its time to bark..will hopefully do some of it on monday..
have a wonderful weekend...think I am going to sit inside and a few projects to get done and I am missing it..Hope I didn't bore you too much..take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hi!!!:>)


  1. Good Morning! Such amazing things they sell at that sale! I would have a field day! The yard looks so nice and I love your new header pictures. You look wonderful!I think the simpler yard is even prettier. Everything stands out nicely. Have a great day, my friend.

  2. Oh what fun you had! I love all the things you got and how you have them displayed! Your cat is so cute :)

  3. Hi Gina.
    Looks like a great show you went to.
    I love how your gardens look. Your kitty seems to love helping you blog.
    Actually I also have a look like yours when I am working around my house and gardens.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Gina,
    I love that shop you went to. I could stay there all day and see something different each time I looked. I love taking items and turning them into yard ornaments. I love all your goodies you purchased. Your yard is coming along nicely. Won't be long you'll be decorating it for fall.
    Have a nice day.
    Country at heart

  5. Hi Gina,

    Or is it Miss Nightowl ? LOL

    Wow..that sale would have been worth driving across the country for ! Hmm.. oh wait a minute.. for a second I forgot about the gas prces ! LOL

    I absolutely love that white cupboard and would have loved to have had it and that neat little whisk broom between those dollies and the framed print of the ship next to the driftwood boats , etc..etc..

    What a great sale !

    Cute necklace ! You look great for that time in the morning !


  6. Good Morning Sunshine! I was dreaming away when you were posting.
    I love the sale that you went to. I saw alot of stuff that I would have snatched up. The sunflowers are adorable.

  7. Oh my what goodies you came home with. Looks really good :))

  8. Good morning! That was an amazing sale that you went too! Hubby would have had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming! Treasures galore!Love the goodies you got and how you displayed them.Have a great weekend!Jen

  9. Fun pics Gina! I seen many things I would have wanted to buy! I love your garden and garden art goodies. Your home looks so cozy and love the hopps growing on your house, just beautiful!

  10. You are SO cute and skinny-minnie in that pic Gina, I just love it!!! Miss Lucy is growing so fast and so adorable:) You got some awesome things, I LOVE that lil' scooter and the peach basket and the pot with the brooms in and...and...LOL!!! Thank you for the long, wonderful post, they just make my day;) Have a wonderful weekend sweetpea!

  11. Wow - you found all kinds of goodies - looks like it was a great day! I love your kitty - so cute!

  12. Thanks for all the photos. I loved it!
    Where was the sale? I'd love to attend.

  13. WOOSZERS!! GINA!!!! the eye candy so many wonderful goodies there. and your yard!!! it looks wonderful, mine is so negelected this year! SIGH!!! I did get out and pull weeds for about a 1 hour...paying for it today... UGH! have a great weekend! OLM

  14. If you ever want to get rid of the Primmy Doll Please let me know, enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for letting me dream of this stuff!

  15. Wow cool stuff!
    How can you show so many pictures cause on my blog I can only do five. what do I need to do to change it. I haven't been able to figure it out.
    Thanks Gina

  16. Hon, that whisk broom looking thing is what the Amish use to scrub pans here. I have one just because it looks neat with the other whisk brooms. I love how you are simplifying your yard. Some days, I wish ours was just grass.
    What an awesome sale to go to! It looks like I could have found some things there, but like you, I am running out of room. But......some things you just have to have!
    Big hugs, ★Linda★

  17. Gina,
    I want to go shopping there with you...looks like a great show! You got some great goodies.
    All I can say is...your yard is awesome. Love it!!
    Your little baby kitty is so cute! And so is that picture of look great!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  18. Oh my goodness, what a shop! I found myself trying to look at every single object. So many great ideas! I love, love, love them all. Your yard looks great and so welcoming. Blessings and thanks for the "eye candy".

  19. That was fun! Thanks for taking me along and letting me look!!

  20. Love those little dolls you got. Your porch is so pretty. Blessings!

  21. Oh my goodness...I have picture envy. Wish so much someone would have a fantastic sale like that around here. I might have had to buy ALL those crocks. I just love your yellow house and your gardens. And boy did you get some goodies. Glad you had fun.

  22. Meant to also say your kitty girl is precious. What a sweet helper.