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Friday, June 10, 2011

A WonDerFul SurPriSe PaCkaGe, YaRd wORk, & MiSc...

Good Morning everyone!!! hope your friday is off to a great start..I have the house cleaning under my belt the day is mine..I wanted to share a suprise package that came on wednesday...just because..This sweet package came from Linda of Parkers Paradise and it was a welcome home package..She also sent a wonderful note to go along with it..This touched my heart and I love the goodies that went along with it. see the stacking boxes above..I love these.. and Cindy see where I put your little made a move right inbetween my looks so good there..
see the cute little red box above the doll..that too came from Linda..might have to store some candles in it..right now it just looks prim dandy...:)
she also sent me the place mats for summer..;0)
the little kitty is right at home on my baking shelf in the kitchen..thank you so much Linda for this wonderful surprise are one of the most thoughtful gals I know and you bring lots of smiles to those that receive your gifts..;)
well hubby got the treadmill back in I can get back in shape..he had to clean 10 years worth of dirt out of yesterday I gave it a test drive for 20 minutes....purrs like a I can walk rain or shine..:)
The Rhodies are in bloom...after my work out I worked in the yard for 2 hours..editing alot of plants that are taking over..felt good after the work out cause I was limber..
took care of this area on monday...
trimmed these gold dust bushes by about 3 feet..amazing at how much light comes up on the porch now..I do this twice a year...they grow so fast..

I worke here on monday and yesterday..I think this area is finished for the time being..amazing what you find when you get right into the thick of it..lots to take happy its done..still have about 2 hours left in the front and then I can sit back and enjoy it..I ate my first strawberry the other was from the newest plants that I put in that little mailbox in the was yummy..:)
I forgot to show you the necklaces I picked up in Utah at that really neat village I went too..they also came with earrings..I love these..which is your favorite?...

I love this photo..found on the net..a mama hugging her baby...Well how many of you have started your 4th of July decorating? I am thinking of putting mine up this week or next..we have the flag up from memorial day and it usually stays up till after veterans day..
Well today I am taking a walk on the treadmill and then mowing the is a bit overcast right now..supposed to be partly cloudy and 60 degrees..might sit outside if it warms up and catch up on some of my prim reading..almost have my halloween stitchery done..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..:)
Its offical..I am down 30-1/2 pounds...waaahhhooo!!!
I am going to be doing a giveaway soon..2 prizes will be given away....editing my passing them onto you..:) so stay tuned..;)


  1. Gina,
    Linda sure sent you some nice goodies. She sent some goodies my way too. What a sweet lady.
    Hope your day goes well.
    Country at heart

  2. Thanks for posting pics of your home and yard, I was starting to have bad withdrawals, LOL!! Your yard looks GREAT and congrats on the wt. loss, I SO wish I could get motivated but I have a sugar addiction! Maybe I need to get a treadmill, not sure where I'd put it though. Love the goodies from Linda, how sweet of her:) Enjoy your day girlfriend!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Looks lovely! Congrats on your continued weight loss too! You go girl!

  4. Gina~ I love the cat & kitty pic~ Kind~ wonderful goodies from the girls!!!
    The garden looks wonderfu~ pretty Rhodes!!!

  5. Gina,
    Linda is so sweet always thinking of others. I love your surprise goodies. And welcome home, love your necklace. Your yard looks awesome. I really commend you for your weight loss, I sure need to follow in your foot steps, I just can't get motivated. I am so proud of you. Have a great weekend. Hugs,

  6. Hi Gina,
    How sweet of Linda!
    Your yard looks wonderful!

  7. Hey Gina,

    Haven't "talked" to you in awhile! I'm back in the bloggin' world! I just stopped by to say hi! You are right....Linda is one of the nicest gals I know! She has sent me a package too!

    Hope you are having a great summer so far! I haven't thought about my 4th of July decorating yet...but I might do that real soon! It's one of my favorite holidays right behind Christmas for decorating!


  8. That kitty pic is really, really sweet! I wish my dogs would let me have a kitty.....
    You are a go-getter! Your yard looks fantastic and hooray for you and the exercise. You go girl! I was just telling Brenda about all my aging problems. Wish I'd been smarter when I was younger!
    Love you bunches! ★Linda★

  9. What great gifts you got! Your yard looks really nice. I planted some flowers this week but it was so hot here they all look a bit dead. :( lol hopefully they will come back. Have a great weekend!

  10. Gina,
    What great goodies you got from Linda.
    Love where you put the little looks great there.
    I love both necklaces...they look alot like the ones I get here from one of my favorite little shops. Congrats on the weight loss. I hope to lose more now that my doctor has giving me the ok to workout more since my back is doing better.
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  11. What great gifts you received! I love where you displayed the stacking boxes. Your yard looks great! Hugs to U !

  12. Hi Gina, love your gifts from Linda, she is so sweet and thoughtful!! Your yard looks great, I'm trying to keep mine alive but it just isn't the same as rain.
    Have a great week-end!!