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Thursday, June 9, 2011

FaMiLy & FuN PaRt 2

Good Morning my good blogging buddies!!! Today is shaping up to be a great day!!! the sun is shining the babies are out doors (in their kennel of course)..This is the 2 part of my trip to Utah..but first..this was in the bathroom I was using at my MIL's house and I thought this was real at first..but no manufacturer would post a cartoon bare bum on their least I don't think they here is your "funny" for the day...
pretty stinking funny huh? pun on to enlarge to read all about it...
This is my brother in law Jimmy (he is the baby of 3 boys) my hubby being the middle kid..this is his son Jett that they adopted from Romania at the age of 2..I haven't seen Jimmy or his wife Julie for 15 years..and they came up just to see me..we had fun..and I have never met Jett..but we became instant buds...I showed Jimmy the world of "the people of walmart"..he got the hugest kick out of the photos did my MIL..
This is what Julie does when she is bored..she was great seeing them all and visiting with them...
this was taken on memorial day..folks come around and stick a flag on your lawn for $30.00 and then by nightfall they are was neat driving through all the neighborhoods to see all the flags that were on the lawns..
This is my big brother Mike the goofball..He has gone to Russia several times and married a wonderful gal named you love that hat? he looks very russian..he is holding a beer made in Utah..and I just had to have a photo...
and I of course brought one home for hubby..I love the label on this..of course we don't practice this any longer..but it is funny to see..
This is Tanya preparing borshe..oh my gosh the house smelled out of this could smell it out doors..our (my sister and me) mouths were watering..and of course we had to stay for was so was like a chicken soup only red because she put a beet in it..and as soon as she was done making that..she started on the rabbit stew..I had that one the next day for lunch...pure heaven...
This is Tanya posing with a cake she picked up at the russian store where she lives..apparently this is rare so she snatched it up quickly..they had 2 of them there..and they are not cheap..$25.00 and in russia they are like $4.00..she said it was nostalgic for her..and of course we had to have some of it as well..we were good only small pieces..but I did indulge the next day as well..and its not like our cakes..moist and all..its like a crunchy type of cake..only it melted in your mouth..
that's it before we cut into it..
This is on wednesday of our big sister Peggy (whom I never took a photo of) and not sure why we headed up to ogden using my brothers gps unit as its been a long time since I had been there..Oh I love that got us there no problem..and I love mine..and now my big sis wants one..This is my baby sister Melanie..or as I love to call her "Melba toast" or just Melba..that is baby Jack she is holding..he was a bit shy...he turned 1 in March and this was my first time meeting him..
he did smile for me..
This is Ryan he is 7 turning 8 in November..he was coloring and making army type stuff..
and here is the big brother Scottie..he got bored and went to play his X-box..but we and Ryan went out and played a rousing game of badmitton..neither of us play well..but i got some great quality time with my nephews and we had fun..
This is their back yard..
I was taking a pic of the mountains that are pretty much behind them..but can you see the wind..its windy all over the valley..apparently its windy in May.I don't recall this..they have to tie down the trees and their trampoline..because one day it took
this is their next door neighbors house..what do you see?
it patches a pygmy fainting goat..his name is patches..he was just adorable..but they don't take very good care of him in our opinion..they said he is only a month old and they leave him out at night..he bbaaaa's all day and night..they just let him eat the grass..tooo cute but sad too..
more pictures of their beautiful view..
love the snowcapped mountains..and rumor has it that one of the ski resorts is staying open till after the 4th of July..unheard of..but because of the strange weather we have all experienced...we know why...
I love what they did with the front I had to have a photo of it..
Well that is it for my utah trip..Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise package in the mail from Linda of Parkers paradise..I will share all of that tomorrow.. Hubby got my treadmill all cleaned will be using it today and taking Tucky later for a walk..I pulled more weeds last night taking photos of the yard..once I get started I can't stop..even pulled more in the neighbors yard..apparently the guy doing their yard is to lazy to get inbetween the plants and pull out the weeds..or he just doesn't care..but that yard is finally looking like a yard and rumor has it the renter likes doing yard hopefully when its all done..she will take great care of it..goodness knows it needs it..
I hope you all have a wonderful thursday and enjoy your day..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love your comments...Toodles :>)


  1. FANNY floss???? Oh my LORD what is this world coming to?!!! I love the lil' goat, so cute and those snow capped mountains are so pretty too!!! Looks like you had a nice visit with relatives and on the rabbit stew.....NO COMMENT;)

  2. Oh I need to get me some of that floss!!

  3. wow what a yummy time you had... and here I am reading this at work and a guy walks by, I quickly close it and he says: "mmmmm Polygamy beer!" hahaha guess everyone has heard if it but me! I'll take some of that cake!

  4. fanny floss what a hoot!

    Sounds like you had fun with family! Nice pictures of everyone.

  5. Fanny floss...too funny!! Love the photos of the snow capped mountains...very pretty!! Sound like you had a wonderful time with your family.

  6. Hi there. I haven't been by to visit in way too long!! It looks like you've had lots going on!! The fanny floss is hysterical and it really does look real. I'm glad that you got to spend time with family that you haven't seen in a while. Family is so important. I think even more so as you get older. Glad to see that your mom is doing better, too. Have a wonderful weekend!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. Gina I'm rolling on the floor over the fanny floss thaqt is more then funny!!

    Sounds like you had an awesome trip and a great time with your family..that's so wonderful.

    You soun likeme pullin weeds every chance you get to keep up with them..

    Take care and have a great weekend!!