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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ThE ReAsOn I WeNt HoMe..;)UTah TriP PaRt 1

This is my mom a couple of days before I left to come back home..she was looking so good..She is back at the rehab center as of that is great news..she doesn't have any needles coming out of her and no more can see her right arm is all bruised from the poking and prodding they had to do..they had to use an ultrasound machine at one point to find her veins to give her an IV..amazing technology cause they found it no problem..I fixed her hair for her and she loved it..she got her hair done again at the center..and the gal does a great job..
this is Costantine, myself, mom and my sister in law Tanya..(thats her dad) he is visiting from the Ukraine..what a great and genuine guy..I had so much fun getting to know felt like italy all over again..he was a zoo vet where he lives..and my mom lit up when she saw him in the photo... Tanya cooked some tasty food that night and was feeding mom dinner..lightly fried tilapia, dill mashed potaoes..dried mango..(I ate dinner earlier there and that is what I had)..she is a wonderful cook..I also had Rabbit stew and borshe..oh my goodness..I told her I wanted the recipes..and then I will share them with you die for..
I made this for my mother in law years ago..and was down in her workout room using her treadmill and thought I would share this with you..its a vacuum cover mammy..
This sweet bunny came from my great blogging buddy Cindy of Cynthia Lee's Designs..this was one of my wonderful birthday gifts from her..she embroidered a cute little bunny set on the to see a larger photo..she looks so cute in my shabby chic bedroom don'tcha think?
she also gave me this wonderful tin pie pan..Love it and it hides the light switch..
in the terracotta pot next to the bunny she made some cinnamon sticks and covered them in fabric..nice little prim touch..she also made me some prim tags for my dolls and crafts..and she sent me a wonderful card that meant so much.Thank you Cindy for sending me these wonderful goodies and making my day special.;)
these are my latest sizzix..I think I am set for a while..I can't wait to use them and that big gingerbread house will make nice treat bags come christmas time....
well if you can believe it..we lit a fire last night in the was chilly and it is chilly today as least here in my craft room..
I went through my closet yesterday and pulled out a huge (contractors black plastic bag) filled with clothes that don't fit or I am just not going to wear ever..It needed to be done for some now I have to get hubby to do his closet..feels so much better now..I can actually get in my drawers and see whats on the hanger now..I am down 29-1/2 pounds now..trying to get to that 30 mark..Hubby is going to get my treadmill up and running..(hopefully soon) as it really gives you the work out..I used my MIL's and it was awesome..I highly recommend one..I loved hers...its a proform..great was like going to the gym..
well I am off to get ready to go grocery shopping..the fridge is bare..and I need so stock it up with fresh produce more then anything..I hope you all have a wonderful day..take care and thanks for the comments in the previous post..they really mean guys er gals are the best!!!!


  1. I'm so happy you had a good time. Your Mom looks delighted to be surrounded by people she loves! I'm also glad you're home cause I've missed your posts so much! Finally getting caught up around here and things will be back to normal again! You brighten my day with your beautiful smile!

  2. Glad you got to go see your Mom, you will never regret that! Blessings!

  3. Congrats on 29.5 lbs lost! That's great. It's great that you got to take a trip home to see your mom and family. Looks like your mom really enjoyed seeing you.

  4. Hi Gina,

    Glad to hear your Mother is improving .

    Sweet birthday gifts ! Lucky girl !

    come on over here.. we are having a heat wave at the moment ! It is 80 degrees in my house and climbing..

    I made myself an instant cold latte.. added water instead of the milk ! But it isn't bad actually !

    Have a fun day !

  5. WOW, you are almost to 30 lbs. that is amazing!!!! Your mom does look good but that poor arm looks so sore:( Glad you had a good trip with some quality family time:)

  6. Gina, I'm so happy your Mom is doing better. I've been dealing with the Parent's health issues too.
    Way to go on the weight loss. I'm so proud of you. You even exercised while being away from home!

  7. Honey, she looks great--so happy and perky! Such a relief for you! And content to be in the nursing home! I'm glad you are no longer compelled to move! :)
    Looking forward to many, many happy posts.....
    Love you,

  8. so glad I can finally comment! Glad you are back, glad you had a good trip, all the way around good news. and YOU GO GIRL you look great, (which is not to say you didn't look great before, ha) you are the energizer bunny!

  9. Happy you could visit with your mom! She looks great!

  10. Aww...God bless your Momma! She looks great!
    I need to get me one of those Mammy's for my vacuume. How cute.

    We are having temps in the 90's. I hate AC. It's just so COLD!

  11. Gina,
    So glad that you had a wonderful time on your trip. Your mom looks very happy...I'm sure that she loved having you there visiting her.
    Oh...I'm so happy that the bunny looks good in your room. The colors are perfect and here I was worried.
    You are doing so great on the weight loss. I finally have lost 10 lbs. Sure I have that kind of treadmill and I love it.

  12. Congratulations on your weight loss. Awesome! Your mother looks like a lovely lady. I love borshe.

  13. Well now that's an excellent reason to go home. I hope your mom is comfortable and feeling better.
    Good deal on shedding that weight young lady:) I'm working on getting a treadmill myself. We can do it!