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Saturday, June 11, 2011

It'S thE WeeKenD..:)

Good Morning everyone.
I forgot to mention the last gift that Linda gave me..its the sconce below the plates..I hung this on my wall in our bedroom..;)
Well I got nothing accomplished yesterday..napped on the couch for 2 hours..apparently I needed it..but Hubby took me for a that was nice..getting out today to walk and mow the lawn...hoping it gets sunny here...but at least we have no rain..:)..
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.:)


  1. Gina, you have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Enjoy your day! Sometimes, it's like that! I am sure you will make up for it another day!

  3. Well, you must have needed the rest! I think maybe you push yourself too hard. You take it easy for a while.
    Hey, that candle sconce looks good there. I always put a little potpourri around the candle for extra good smelly!. I had 6 of them things! Glad you like it!
    Have a quiet and peaceful Sunday!
    Love you,

  4. Gina,
    Glad you are back with us. I missed your postings. Get some rest.
    Country at heart

  5. Oh boy, are you suffering from jet lag Gina from your trip? Your body will have to readjust to your schedule:) I finally talked hubby into getting me a treadmill! Yep, no excuses now... uh oh... LOL.
    Thanks for putting my giveaway on your sidebar babe:) Best of luck to ya!