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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LeT's Go FoR A WaLk..:)

Good Morning everyone!!..hope you all had a wonderful weekend..on Sunday we decided to shake up our walk a bit and thought the beach would be a nice place to hubby wanted to let Tucky play in the water..because he was getting a bath this is where we started..this is about 1/2 mile from our house..but we have closer ways to get to the beach...which is about 1/4 mile from our house..There is a little store just to the right of the photo..and on this dock every 1st saturday of July there is a guy that has his pyro license and he has a barge and lights off fireworks..they are spectacular on the everyone piles on that dock and on the beach to watch these..we haven't been in a very long time..might have to go this year..since hubby is off..might have to have him take me to the parade here too.;)
Tucky met up with a cute female hound name and the white dog is Glacier..his dad was there and we chatted a bit..
our dock is about 500 feet long..and the tide will go out as far as that..we have walked all the way to the end is neat..and the tide was low on sunday..but not all the way it was puurrffeecct for walking..throwing sticks and just enjoying that wonderful sun..:)

Mike finding the best stick to throw ...Tucker wanted nothing to do with his new friend..
full speed ahead for that stick..

the houses along the beach line..see the red one hidden behind the dock..there was a bad storm a while back and the water was up as far as that house..there are photos of the house in the storm at the store..very impressive..wouldn't want to be in it when that massive storm came in..they use it as a beach house and great for summer time..

then along came Ralpie..that is Tuckys buddy in the hood...they ran and chased sticks..

Ralphie was a little power was like he was running on the water..
love the beach line..lots of Madrona trees..they make great firewood as they heat soooo hot..
getting further away from the dock now..
a Tree that is just about to fall can see its roots..
This is a geoduck hole..we walked by hundreds of them..and there "noses" would squirt water up..I thought someone had a squirt gun at one point..right up my pant leg..felt good..
here is a bunch more..if you don't know what they are..they are like a huge clam on steriods..and to get these suckers out of the dirt is a challenge... you literally have to make a trench and dig as fast as you can to get these..I hear they are good eating..but we have yet to get one..:)
any one need some driftwood..:)

So on our walk back there is a really neat little blue house that I have been wanting to get photos for you all..they planted flowers on top of its roof...
I love this idea and love this the colors on the this garden shed..
there is the stairs to get up there..thought this might inspire some of you out there...Well it was a fabulous walk and we will go back again hopefully next sunday or monday...yesterday was spent in the yard..I have lots of photos of what we did yesterday...
Saturday I got caught up and mowed the lawn..worked out on the treadmill and decorated for the will post those photos on thursday..:) I am going to do some embroidering today..have some family projects to finish up and try to catch up on my Waltons series..I think I still have like 23 to go..have a wonderful week ahead..and thanks for stopping by.;)
Oh almost forgot..I am starting a new venture with alot of other talented folks..we will be up and running on the 1st of offerings will be on the 15th of the month..the site is called Olde primitive save this to your favorites...lots of amazing tell all your friends too..;)


  1. Thanks for taking me along on your lovely walk :)

  2. What a beautiful walk, those doggies sure were having fun. You live in a beautiful area. Hugs, Lecia

  3. Such beautiful photos!! The coastline is just beautiful in your area!! I would love to have a pier like that near me. Thanks so much for sharing your walk with us!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  4. Very nice walk. Thank you for taking me along with those nice pictures. Gorgeous scenery. Hugs

  5. what a beautiful walk.....
    I remember how beautiful the ocean is. It is so powerful, too.
    That little garden shed is adorable.
    Tuck does know how to have fun, huh?
    Congrats on hooking up with this new site. I bookmarked it.
    Big ((()))s,

  6. What a fun walk and beautiful area where you live ! I love Tucker in the water with his friends and wet feathers, LOL!!! I am thinking of getting a treadmill, could put it in the garage, will have to wait and see how much my flight to HI will be first though;)

  7. Wow, Gina, I think I'd be takin that walk everyday, so pretty. The water, shore and of course the frolicking pups..


  8. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for taking me on your walk with you. What a beautiful place for walking!! It looks like Tucker had a wonderful time too.

  9. What a beautiful walk to take! That is a really a great way to spend a day. The new header of your beautiful house looks terrific and amazing.

  10. I'm coming home this Sunday, girlie... way to get me SUPER pumped about it. I plan to take almost that exact same walk every single chance I get. Woot woo! See you next week...