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Monday, May 23, 2011

MoRe BloOminG PiCs..;)

Good Monday morning all! here are some more pictures of the yard in blooming June my foxgloves will be blooming..I can't wait I love the..the blue plants in front are Lithodoria..I love this electric blue ground cover..

poppies, bleeding heart and ajuga here..the primroses are all done..

the front rock wall..poppies, ornamental strawberries..that big plant is a is done blooming as all the white flowers are turning a pinkish purple..

the hopps are doing well..they grow about a foot a day..more forget me nots..I really love this roses have buds...but not blooming yet..

my lilac has 2 big blooms on it this the smell..I have strawberries planted there and there are strawberries..hoping by next month they are ripe enough to eat..

I planted 2 more strawberries in the mail has a large strawberry on it..:) will be neat to see it trail down the box.;)

more forget me nots, primroses, a hydranga bush and foxglove..I love this area..

I planted the red and green cabbages..that area was completely filled with oregano..we have some in the clump on the upper right and we didn't need that I had to dig out this lower bed..I also planted cucmbers, and shallots in the bigger part..we have tators coming up all over..

tucky enjoying his moring siesta on the shed deck..;)

I planeted my collanders and washed down the chairs (did them after the shoot)..

the tomatoes are planted...hoping we get some this year..

the kids this little area next to the veggie garden..

front side dahlia is doing well, along with the pansies and petunias.. the front gate my two clematis are climbing it and so far doing well..

I pulled out my bistro table and chairs to sit and relax and enjoy a magazine...although you will probably find me on the back deck doing this..well the day is turning out glorious..hubby is taking me for a walk..and we may work in the yard getting up the stray raspberry bushes..then off to the grocery store for some food for the week..
I lost the other 1/2 a that is 26 to date and hubby has lost we are both looking and feeling much friend from church noticed and thought I had lost more..that was nice to hear..will post pictures after I get my new do on wednesday...also getting a nice pedicure with my friend Sarah and her mom and friend..a girls day out..looking forward to it..getting the whole pamper treatment..almost finished with my latest penny rug..will share that one soon...

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead..Take care and thanks for stopping by and say hey..

P.S. see the cute little logo below my header...Tammy Young of a primitive place made this for me..and surprised me with it..I love it.;) thanks again Tammy..

oh and I won a giveaway..a wrist pad for your computer from Lisa..haven't won anything in a long that was nice.;)

TA TA for now!!!!:>)


  1. It is looking beautiful around your place Gina. I really like the mailbox planter...great idea.

  2. simply~ beautiful~ love all the flowers~ like a tropical paradise!

  3. It all is just beautiful Gina!!!! You are doing so great with that wt. loss, sure wish I could find the ambition but I have NO will power where sweets are concerned! Can't wait to see your new *do*, have a wonderful day!!!

  4. I just LOVE your outdoor pics. It reminds me of where I grew up. As a kid it's so easy to take things for granted. I wish I had even a little bit of that beauty where we live now. We're in a rental, so we're not gonna run out and spend thousands on DIY landscaping, but I do try to do a bit here and there.

  5. Your gardens look great! I love all your prim decorations ~ what a neat idea with planting in collanders! Have a great week!

  6. Hi Gina,
    Yard looks wonderful!
    Love the pictures.

  7. Hi Gina !

    Love the garden/ yard photos .. I also love blue flowers ! Even the chicory wildflowers that grow on the sides of the road around here !

    Have a fun day !

  8. Everything looks so pretty, love all the photos.

  9. Your yard is beautiful! I love the mailbox.

  10. Hi Gina, Lovely!!! You have more green in your yard than we do on the whole ranch.8-) I love the mailbox!!
    Enjoy your pampering!!

  11. Really enjoyed seeing your outdoor pics ! Your flowers are looking wonderful !Congrats on the weight loss. Hugs,Jen

  12. Gina,
    Everything looks so pretty!!
    Sent your package out you should get it on Wednesday or Thursday.
    I got the bottle caps today...Can't wait to make some jewelry with them.

  13. Enjoyed you garden tour. Tucker looks happy on the deck. Congrats on your weight loss. I know it is not easy. Will power. I have been walking for six weeks. To bad we don't live closer. We enjoy so any of the same things. Blessings!

  14. that mailbox is so cute! I used to have one that I stood on end and put a plant in but never thought of doing it like that. Very cool.....
    Your yard is truly a paradise, much like we feel ours is. Love it and you. I am so darned happy with my surprise. I love it and so does Mike. What an absolutely personal and perfect and beautifully sentimental gift! Thank you so much! Love you! ★Linda★

  15. Gina,
    Looks like you have a jump on spring at your house. It has been slow going here, with the rain and all.
    Love the mailbox idea, how clever.
    Just goes to show, never discard anything. An idea will hit you sooner or later.
    Love all your yard photos.
    Country at heart

  16. I would love to walk through your gardens!! The weight lost is fantastic!!!

  17. Lots of nice pics! It's a wonder you can keep up with it all! Have a good week! Laura

  18. I always love to see photos of your yard. And here I thought I was being all creative the other day when I planted some lettuce in a colander and then I come over here and you have two of them planted!