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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A SweeT DaY of PaMpeRinG...

Good Evening!!!! how is everyone doing in Bloggville!!! I am doing great..had my full day of pampering..and wish I could do this every day!! I wanted to show you what I have been working on for the past week..haven't been as diligent with this one..but I am almost finished..this is from a design by chestnut junction...I love her patterns.. and I added my own tweeks and embellishments to this...I love that face..:)

this is what happens when you walk away from your computer..Sunny decided she liked the warmth..just glad I had actually turned it off..or she would have connected with some one in china..:) she is my computer baby..;)

okay now for the before pictures..this is the old hair do and old glasses..while I loved these glasses they didn't have the nose guard and I was forever pushing them up on my old..and I purchased the insurance just in case I didn't like them...only took me 8 months to finally get new ones. (this was 20 pounds)

and here I am today after my day of getting my hair done and the new glasses...( and 28 pounds)..

I love this red color..she does such a nice job..I love this gal..

not the greatest photo of the back..but we are growing it out to have that "stacked bob" the angled look..long in front short in a ways to go..but I love it.;) and can you see those eyes peeking out on my back..that is my cat it in italy..its just the cat eyes, nose and whiskers..

oh and here was the best part..we 4 got them all done at once..I got the french pedi..oh and I love this..and Sarah the sweetheart that she is..treated next time its on me..we each got the papaya wax and lotion wrap..oh..everyones feet felt soooo good..those are my newest flip flops..great for my poor feet..they have that arch support in fitted yesterday for my orthodics..they will be here when I get back..hoping they make my feet feel I can keep walking to my hearts content..we have been taking shorter power walks and it is paying off..we have our heart rates up..and we are loving it..although no walk today..raining and nasty..hoping to get one more in before I leave on friday..the weather in Utah is supposed to be pretty hoping to get some walking time in..have walking shoes will travel.;)

I got my blog win from Lisa is a computer wrist rest..and look at the cute thank you tag..Thank you Lisa.;)

its made with music can see a tutorial on these here..

I purchased some more wool for my penny/folkart rugs...

stopped by good will last week to drop off the stuff that didn't sell and found a cutting board to paint up for .99 cents and spoons to take a hammer to and use my alphabet stamping set and make garden markers..there is a gal selling 11 of these for way no how..;)making my own..well that is it for me..going to clean house and get packed tomorrow so hubby doesn't have to worry about it...he can relax with the babies..He will still have to pick up and sweep..but he doesn't have to clean toilets, mop or dust..hoping to catch up on some of my tv waltons are stacking up... I went to Victorias Secret to get new bras and I went from a 42 C to a 38D..not to shabby..I just got some new clothes on line and the ups gal just delivered them..they were my birthday gift from hubby..(I picked them out) and told him they were from him..easy shopping huh? he thought

this might be my last post until I come back.. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful memorial day..I will be taking my camera home to take lots of photos..take care and thank you all for your wonderful friendships..oh I also made a page on facebook for my business..(it will have to wait till I get back)..check out cat nap inn primitives and "LIke" my page.:)


  1. OMG You look terrific! I'm so happy you had such a nice day of pampering; with all you've been going through you deserve it! I am so happy for you! Have a good trip! I will miss your posts and emails :( but I know you will enjoy seeing your family. I REALLY LOVE YOUR HAIR!

  2. You look great, hope you have a fun and safe trip. I love that cat of yours!

  3. Love your hair Gina! Just love those colors! You look great with your new glasses also! Have a great trip!


  4. Do you use the same hairdresser or just whoever is available? I've had the same hairdresser for 30 years. How often do you get it cut? I go every 4 weeks. Anyway, it looks awesome and you look great--very young and chic.
    I will pray for a safe trip. Enjoy yourself and relax.
    A tattoo? I would never have guessed! How cool is that?:)

  5. Gina,
    You look great!!! I can tell that you have lost weight...your face is alot slimmer. Love your hair!!
    Love your kitty on your laptop...too cute!!
    Hope you get you birthday gift from me tomorrow. They assured me that you would get it before Friday.
    Have a great and safe trip!!

  6. Gina, you are beautiful, well you have always been beautiful, just more beautiful now. I love your new hairstyle, color and glasses.
    So glad you were able to get pampered.
    I love your new pattern and your finds. Have a great day!

  7. Hi Gina,

    You are lookin great !

    Have fun on your trip !

    I hope I can post this since I can't get into a lot of blogs to leave a comment..

    I can't post on Primitive Echoes - Kat
    and most other blogs..

    All the giveaways .. and I can't even enter !

    And I see a lot of other folks are having the same problem..

    Have fun !


  8. Gina,
    Looks like you got all glammed up for this trip. Hope you have fun and enjoy spending time with your family.
    I see the difference in your weight loss too. Love the color and cut of your hair. I like that style, but I have never been brave enough to try it. I will miss your blog while you are gone. But have a safe trip.
    Country at heart

  9. Lookin Good Gina!! Congratsd on the weight loss, you are doing great!!
    Have a safe and fun trip.

  10. Love your hair and the new glasses look great too ! Beautiful cat ! Have a wonderful and safe trip.Hugs,Jen

  11. Gina, pampering is always fun! Love the new do!!!
    You project is looking GREAT!!!! OLM

  12. I like the red streaks. Looks very trendy! Have a great trip!

  13. LOVE the hair and you look gorgeous and skinny-minnie!!!!! Your new glasses look so pretty too! Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the visit with your family, take lotsa pics for us!!!!

  14. Oh your hair is so cute!!! I just love it! I like the glasses too!!! Congrats on the weight loss! How wonderful for you!!

    God Bless~

  15. Have a good busy little person you! You're shrinking right down...congratulations! Love the photo of Sunny soaking the warmth from your (her?) computer! Love the hair and the pedi...gone are the days when my hair was any color...but that's OK the gray has kind of grown on me LOL! Be safe!

  16. LOVE, LOVE, L O V E your new look - the hair, the color, the glasses and hey, where'd all that weight go?!?! You look fantastic!!! "She" thinks so too, but thought it would mean more coming from me - being a cat of discriminating taste and all ;)

    We both hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday!

    Gotta run, the food bowl is calling my name....oh wait, one more thing....Sunny looks quite content on your laptop. Matilda does that with "her" laptop, but I was told I was too big. Hmfph - wait til I remind "her" about that next time I wanna climb up on her laptop. I'm going to go print me that picture to remind "her". Right after I get something to eat.....