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Sunday, May 22, 2011

FiNaLLy a PoSt...

Good Sunday Morning everyone!! I have been wanting to post forever and have so many other pictures to show you and started this yesterday but the computer puked I have a post in "draft" heaven waiting for me to you will get more as the days go by I hope..I finally got my veggie garden and flowers planted..remember that I idea I found in a magazine of alysumm in bloom in a sink with dishes? well here is my version of it..I have a bunch of broken beach glass and dishes and a broken blue cup and tossed them all in this very heavy sink...I can't wait for the flowers to get bigger and fuller so it looks like a lot of "suds"..

I have the cushions set out on the table there and I am waiting for them to bloom..that is Stanley Manley getting a bite to eat..he is our "ladies" man..

I planted all the little pots that hang off the back porch..cleaned off the chairs and moved the bench back so I can lay down my magazines and drink when I actually sit down to relax...that is my favorite spot as you will see on my side bar..

I moved the black stove board from the kitchen counter to the laundry room..saw it done on someones blog and decided to give it a try..I love it here and it gives me more space to keep my laundry can see in the left corner I have my little "ice bucket" back is my kitchen composter, when it gets full of food stuff I take it out and dump it in the big it can be in here instead of my kitchen counter..;)

I had hubby drag our old garden gate out to the back portion of our yard so I could make some sort of a gardeny focal point as there is nothing back there but ferns and leaf mulch..I am going to purchase some wild flower seeds and toss them all over this portion of the yard and see what they do...I have some wild raspberry bushes I need to pull out as they spread...will have hubby helping me with that tomorrow...I have a few bleeding hearts there already...but this needs some here is what I have done..I love how this turned out with just found objects in the yard..

I hope more forget me nots will produce here as the years go by..our yard is filled with them in the back yard and I love them..(more photos to follow on another day)...I got to see my friend Sarah yesterday with her two little ones and her mom and good friend..they stopped by with some birthday goodies..I will share all of the birthday stuff when I get all my will be a post all by itself..Sarahs mom and friend Bergitta loved my home and I tell you it is the best compliment when they say "your home is warm and inviting"...made my day...they said I should enter those magazine contests to see if I win..that would be awesome too..will have to think about that one..would love to be in country sampler or even better homes and gardens....the yard is back up to speed which is nice..our weather was gorgeous this got a lot done..rained a bit yesterday but not enough to stop us from walking..will be going out later this afternoon after church for one too...dropped another 1/2 pound..hoping to lose another 5 before the end of the week before my trip home to see my mom and siblings...will keep you all posted on my progress..

some of you asked how I am doing it..lots of exercise (walking) and eating around 1200-1400 calories a day...trying to stay away from carbs, sweets etc..mostly proteins and lots of veggies, salads etc..if I do snack it is diet cookies or some sort of low carb snack or a little spoonful of peanut takes away my sweet cravings...well I have bored you long enough...have a wonderful sunday and thanks for stopping by and thank you for being my cheering squad...I have missed alot of you out there that haven't blogged in a while or stopped by..hope all is well and hope you are back to blogging soon..:) I miss seeing what you are up too...


  1. Gina,
    Love your garden display with the gate. Looks like you have been busy outside, me too. I am glad the rain has let up some. Yesterday it was 80 degrees here and I mowed and done some pruning. I put a few decorative items outside but I am still not done, always tweaking. Today is also 80 degrees and sunny.
    I may spend it outside again digging in the garden outhouse to see what to use on the porches instead of in the house putting clean clothes away. Your porch looks so inviting, just right for reading and a glass of iced tea.
    Have a nice day.
    Country at heart

  2. Hi Gina! Hurray - the day I can steal a minute to hop around you do an awesome post! Love the gardening things - that sink idea is really neat. I hope you post pictures of it after it fills up with suds. :) Love the laundry display, too.
    Have a great week!

  3. I love your sink idea! Your yard looks really great as does the laundry room

  4. I love that sink!!!! Better homes, country sampler, any mag. at all I think you could be in it;) Hubby started his 11 day vacation on Thursday and MAN are we getting alot done! Lots of yard, garden work, then Thursday it's off to ohio for a whole day in Amish country, having my BF come feed the bunnies and let Kiah out, LOL! can't wait and will have lots to share when it's all over with;) Have a wonderful day!!!!

  5. Gina,

    Love the sink full of dishes idea. I think the neighbors here would have a cow though if I put a sink in the garden bed. Although I am toying with the idea of some pink flamingos...just cause I think they are kinda tacky and as one one neighbor says, I might as well give the neighborhood something to talk about! LOL! I'm thinking they would look good amongst the echinaceas.

    Congrats on the weight loss...slow and steady. I don't know if you'll get those 5#'s that you want off in that short of time frame, but you are doing great. Keep walking and watching what you eat. I am down 28#'s now and walk 3 miles a day. I am almost to my goal weight only 5 more pounds but I will probably readjust downward as there are still lots of fat/inches that I can stand to lose.


  6. O such cute photos -- I LOVE the sink. I used to "plant" plates in my flower gardens, standing them on edge so they were part of the "blooms" and loved them. The wagons are cute, as is everything. I'm walking too these days 'tho I just started recently.

  7. Your yard looks AWESOME!! I LOVE the sink with the dishes in it!! Very cute!

  8. That first pick is such a cool the way it looks.
    Your yard will look eye catching when blooms start popping.
    can't wait to see more pictures.
    Keep up the good work on your weight loss.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Hi Gina, I sure love all of your flowers, your yard is beautful! Love the stoveboard in your laundry room too. Congratulations on your weight loss, you are an inspiration! Hugs, Lecia

  10. Gina,
    I love the old sink with the dishes and flowers in it!!!
    My poor flower beds need work, but the doctor said with my back problems that I can't work in them. I asked my hubby if he could pull the weeds for we'll see.
    Love the flower pots hanging from your deck and love the old garden gate area too!! Your yard is so pretty!!!
    Keep up the great work on your weight loss. Oh...I'm sending out your birthday gift tomorrow.

  11. The garden pictures are beutiful. I LOVE the sink. That is too cool.

  12. Hi Gina,
    I love it all! I think the wagons are cute! My bleeding hearts are blooming right now, except my white on isn't it just has foliage, but no blooms. Go figure? I am ever hopeful, I would like to get more of them. I am trying to lose weight myself. It isn't easy! I do see something to this exercise, because I actually had more energy once I was done!
    Keep up the good work!

  13. love all your pictures... can't wait for more... especially now that the sun is shinning again!!!
    I'm mailing your WINNING PRIZE tomorrow! don't let your computer throw up on it!~ ha