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Friday, May 6, 2011

CraFt SuPpLies foR SaLe....PaRt 2

Good Morning everyone...sorry I am a day late..started this yesterday and got it all priced etc...then ran out of steam...and now here it is 1:20pm and I stopped again..mopped and cleaned floors and ate my here is day two of the sale..and my room feels so much better..I was able to clear to shelves in my closet to put fabric and things I do want in there..feels good to declutter..okay for the upper portion stuff:
14 count aida cloths 15x18 inch in size, colors are cinnamon, denim navy, platinum (purple) and rose (a mauve color) they are $1.99 each

heart pans: .10 cents each x4 SOLD
bundt pans: .25 cents each
the copper ones are $1.00 for the set of 4 (you can split them up if you like)
the sunflower like pans .25 cents each x2 SOLD
little metal pan kind of tall (by the bundts) .25 cents
the star shaped one and the 2 pie pans heavier metal are .50 cents each
the mini cupcake pans x2 are 3.00 each that is a $1.00 savings if you were to purchase these at factory direct..

funnels are small in front: $4.00 medium in back of it $5.00 and the large white one is $6.00
funnel for canning is .50 cents
brown bottle is $1.00
metal bucket is:$1.00
crock is $2.00
candle cauldron is .50 cents
all these pans are $2.00 each Star pan sold
colander (missing a leg) would make a cute container garden is $1.00
this is an under counter mount cup holder...
you can see the hooks here $1.00
2 sconces are $1.99 each both are sold
unfinished wood piece on left $2.00 and the little brown piece on right is $1.50 both are sold
graters .50 cents each
little glass jars ( I was using them as ink wells) .50 cents each..the metal thing is .25 cents..(I was going to make those little metal creatures for out in my garden and didn't)..
square candle holder is: $2.00 SOLD
flower shaped one is 50 cents
the little candle stick is: $1.50

purse handles are $5.00 for the set..the metal corn pan is $3.00
vintage black spools for makedos are $3.00 each and for the brown ones as well.. (5 black ones are available 2 are sold)
unfinished candle sticks are $2.00 each the little one in front is $1.50 (5 large left, 2 are sold)
Red Bobbins 7 available are $2.00 each
pip berry picks are $1.00 each SOLD
zinc lids: $1.00 each 2 available

spice rack and spices and labels is $7.00
the drawers open and can paint and grunge this up and the bottles too..
the labels that come with it..or make your own.;)
okay now for the fabric portion: top fabric is 1 yd $4.00
pink fabric is 25 inches $1.50
fabric on left:1 yard 34 inches $4.50
fabric on right is 2 yards plus scrap :$5.00
fabric on left is 1 yard 29 inches $4.00
fabric on right is 32x35 inches $2.00
1 yard $4.00
white lady bug fabric is 2 yards 14 inches $8.00
yellow lady bug fabric is:$4.00
black/red stripe is olivia dreams: 20 inches + scrap $2.00
wheat fabric on left is 1 yard $3.00
middle fabric is 22 inches $2.00
fabric on right is 22+ inches $2.00
java cat on left is 11x20 Debbie mum $1.25
fabric on right also Debbie mum is 25 inches $2.00
polkadot fabric on left is 1-1/2 yards Debbie Mum $4.00
kitty fabric on right Debbie Mum is 1 yard $3.00
big polka dot fabric on left is 10 inches $1.00
kitty paws: 13 inches + scrap $1.00
kittys: large quilt scraps: $1.00
kittys in sewing room in front (I made my craft room curtains with this fabric) 1/2 yard is $2.00
paw print fabric is 2 large triangular pieces $1.00
middle fabric is Debbie Mum 1 yard $4.00
fabric on right also Debbie Mum is 1 yard $4.00
cat fabric on left large quilting scrap $1.00
dogs 32 inches $2.50
asian fabric is 25 inches $3.00
quilters fabric by Rae Hawley 2 yards on left is $7.00
same fabric maker 1 yard $4.00
st. paddys fabric 26 inches $2.50
blue heart fabric is 1 yard $4.00
barn red colonial type fabric is 3 yard 11 inches $10.00

So in honor of my birthday next week I am adding this special bonus: For everyone that purchases something from this sale and from the previous post..I will put your name in a drawing to win something..if there is something you see and you want to haggle then please do..and I will let you know yes or now..hey thats how garage sales work why should online be any different...
Well today is turning out to be a glorious day..Mike took Tucky to when he gets home we will go walking then..until then I need to find a big enough box to put all of my garage sale stuff in and haul it out to the the more you buy the less I have to haul..
I have also hit the 20 pound mark and a 1/2 pound that has me pretty excited..only 60 more to go..Thank you all for cheering me on..I feel better then I have in years..and that is always a good thing..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoy your family's and Happy mothers day to all of you too..whether you are a human mom or a pet mom..enjoy your day..:)
Take care and thanks for stopping by and thank you to those of you that purchased already..your name is going in the drawing..and it might even be some of these fun items..or something I have made..;) Linda your surprise is turned out so cute..I will put it in the post on I gotta find something else to work on.;)
Toodle loo!!!


  1. Gina,
    I am interested in the star pan, sunflowers pans, heart pan, 2 wood sconces, unfinished wood piece, little brown sconce,2 black spools, 2 tall candle sticks, all the pip berries, square candle tray, and 4 zinc lids.
    Tally this up for me and let me know if they are still available
    Country at heart

  2. I would be interested in 8 of the zinc lids ~ could you give me an estimate of the shipping to Georgia 30680? Many thanks!!

  3. 20 lbs. is WONDERFUL!!!!!! Congrats on hitting that big milestone:) I have been decluttering myself, lots of things heading to the attic to await the next yard sale, or see if the kids want any of it. We are finally getting some dry and sunny weather so have been working a bit outside:)

  4. Cngrats on losing 20lbs. I'm doing the happy dance for you!!! Unfortunately, I've gained some weight since having these back problems. Saw the doctor on Thursday and my back is slightly out. I'm bummed!!
    Posting pics tonight of the wedding embroidery.

  5. Wow, you really are purging. I hope you know that at the end of the sale, all leftovers go to Goodwill or some place comparable. You never want to pack it back into your clean space and have to purge it again next time.
    I painted today. It felt so good to be outside!

  6. Congrats on the 20 pounds lost that is awesome girlfriend!! thumbs up for you..stand up and show us your new figure!!
    Also congrats on the getting all the yard sale stuff cleane dout of your space...

    Have a grea weekend!!


  7. Gina,
    I am interested in the candle cauldron for 50 cents and 4 of the red bobbins at $2 each. Could you let me know if they are still available and what the shipping would be to Indiana?
    Thanks Donnie

  8. Whoops! I forgot to give you my email. (although I am sure you can get it from Dashboard)

  9. Anymore of the black wooden spools? Size? Anymore Zinc lids? Thanks, Tina