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Sunday, May 8, 2011

HaPPy MoThErS DaY!!!!

Happy Mothers day to you all!!! where you have the 2 legged kiddies or the 4 legged ones..I hope your day is a beautiful one.;) I got a funny card from Hubby and the babies...;) and I dropped another pound..21 that has made my day..;)
I saw this in my Reminisce magazine..oh if only we could purchase one like that today for only $22.00...what a steal..thought you might like to see what they were going for back in the day...
Remember to check out my 2 previous posts..I am doing a garage/online sale..if you see something you like make me an offer.;) for everyone that purchases something their name goes in a drawing for something handmade by me..;)
have a wonderful day everyone.;)


  1. Thank you, sweet Gina and Happy Mother's Day to you! Congrats on losing another pound you are doing great! Bravo! Wouldn't it be nice if we could still purchase things like that for $22.00? Hope you are having a fantastic day. Hugs

  2. Gina,

    Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work and you'll have it all off before you know it! 22.00 don't we wish? Have a nice fur baby Mother's Day!


  3. Happy Mothers Day Gina, our furbabies are our babies too!!!
    Congratulations on your weight loss, you are an inspiration!! Hugs, Lecia

  4. Happy Mother's Day! You have a houseful of furry babies who adore you. I would love to spend $22 on that item. I think I'll take 2 at that price! Have a wonderful night!

  5. Hi, Sweetie! I bet your kits and Tuck loved you up as well as any of the 2-legged kind.
    Wishing you a warm and sunny week!
    Big hugs!

  6. Happy Fru Baby Mother's day to you!
    I got fur Baby kisses this morning for Mother's day..can't beat that..
    Haven't seen or heard from my two legged kids cause I had to work on the Island all weekend. It was a good Mother's day.. the sun was shinning and all the renters left the houses in good condition ...made my life easier!!

    big huge congrats on that ware doing awesome girl..keep it up and in no time you will reach your goal!!


  7. I hope those little fur babies let you sleep in a little today!! Congrats on loosing another pound, I need to get on that also!!

  8. Gina
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!!

  9. I wish that was all I had to pay for my hooiser cabinet. It took along time to pay for it but well worth it. Love your pretty chalk board card. So creative. I got an idea from A Primitive Place Magazine. I think I will paint the inside of my kitchen cupboard with chalkboard paint. Check out story Farr from Ordinary summer issue. Congrats on your weight loss. Happy Furry Mommies Day Gina. I know you love those fur babies you have. Blessings!

  10. Happy Mothers Day to you also!!!! Congrats on losing the weight!