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Thursday, May 5, 2011

CraFt SuPpLies foR SaLe....

Good Morning..I have been going through my stash of things to get rid of..still have more to go will be doing this for the next couple of days..first come first served..I will need your zipcode so I can give you the correct shipping prices..I will ship out as cheap as I possibly can..if you have any questions..just leave me a comment or email me.;)above I have the 12 days of christmas vintage cookie cutters..great for making salt dough ornaments or cookies for the holidays..

a closeup of the detail.. $5.75 for all 12 + shipping

Turkey $1.00, candy cane .49 cents, and the cat cookie cutter is .25 cents

shamrocks and rusty nails (some nails are missing) .50 each

rolling pins: $1.29, hearts: .75 cents, mitten/hand .50 cents

fence in package is :$1.25 fence on right is $2.99

milk butter and eggs are $2.49 each

flour sacks: $1.99 each package

washboards are $1.19 each

crate of milk is:$2.25 and crate of apples is:$2.00

Wooden flag 7 pieces is $2.00 for the package

butter churns 7 pieces is:$1.50 and the lamps 12 pieces is $3.00

wooden books 3 pieces in each are $1.50 each package

little flower pots 30 pieces $3.19, 2 larger flower pots .65 cents each mini clocks are $2.99 each

small plates 65 pieces $3.00 larger plates 3 to a pkg are $1.25 each package all of these mini's would be great to outfit a doll house..or used for mixed media type items..:)

metal muffin or candle holders are .75 cents each SOLD

cheese grater containers or carpet freshner containers to grunge the lids etc are $1.00 each

paper mache boxes are $1.00 each (heart and 2 round boxes SOLD)

there are only 90 cookie cutters in here as I have kept 11 of them.the ones that are missing are the gingerbread boy and girl, the 2 pumpkins, the witch, the house, stocking, dog, bear, bell, flag,rabbit. these are made by Wilton there is the alphabet, numbers and various other cookie cutters..great for the salt dough ornmaments or cookies for all year round. this retails for $14.99 on the wilton site..I am asking $8.00 for the box

another wilton set of 10 in here as I have kept some of these..the ones that are missing are: rabbits, sheep, umbrella, tulip, carrot, butterfly, and duck. $6.00 for the 10 of them

the large 5 inch styrafoam ball is $4.00 and the small package of 6 is $5.00

mailbox measures approx 5-1/5 inches long by 3-3/4 inches tall..$5.00

large star boxes (I have 2 available) are 6.00 each they are 9 inches in diameter

Rusty wings are $2.00 each

stackable square paper mache boxes are $3.00 for set of 3 (I have 3 sets available) SOLD

vintage cookie cutter..$.25 cents

metal lady bug and bunny (I have 2 bunnys) they are $1.50 each

Tandy leather company beaded key chain nickel plate 20 pack $3.00 per pack

picket fences are $2.00 each SOLD

old meat thermometer $1.00

rusty hearts pkg of 4 is $1.49 and the rusty tags 5 per pkg are $2.00 each (ALL SOLD)

red birds 5 in pkg $1.50, bird in middle, $1.00 crow on right $1.00 as well(he needs alittle touch up work on left shoulder)

butterflys $1.00 each retail: 1.99

bag of oil can lids x5 are $4.00, small oil can is $4.00 and the large on is $6.00

little lamp shades 3 inches tall are $1.00 each there are 3 of these

45mm jingle bells 2 per pkg are $1.00 each package

rusty wagon: $3.00, rusty graters 2 small are .75 cents each large is $1.00 sled in pkg is :$1.99 rusty lid is $1.00 3.5 inch iceskates are $1.49 3 rusty mail boxes are $2.50 pkg they measure 1-7/8x3/8. rusty wheelbarrows set of 2 $3.50
(Rusty Wagon, 2 wheelbarrows, rusty lid and mailboxs are all sold)

I would like $4.00 each for all of the hard handle handles and $3.00 for the leather set

purse handles the 3 on right retail for $5.99 each I would like $4.00 for all of these sets

tooth fairy pillow (I did not make this) is $1.50

a set of 3 brass candle stick holders..I purchased these to use as bugles for Santas christmas bag of toys.. $ 4.00 for the set of 3

rusty bottle caps 2 sets of rusty 20 per package are $3.00 a package, 2 sets of black back bottle caps 27 per package $3.50 sold

35 red white and blue bottle caps for all your americana crafting. $4.00

last but not least 5 inche in diameter black star candle holders (I have 3 available) are $3.69 each

Well that is it for me today..will be going through more of my stuff today to list probably tomorrow..I hope you all have a wonderful cinco de Mayo day..we are doing fish tacos tonight..yumm..:) oh and my tests came back I must have been passing a stone..not sure..but I feel great as of monday...went to the doctors yesterday and my stones are a 50/50 mix of they did some blood work to check my uric acid..checking to see if its still high or just what I had eaten the last time they checked me..since I have changed my way of eating we are hoping it was just all is well here..I am 19 pounds down..yippee..things are fitting much better and that makes me happy..I hope you all have a fantastic day today..:)


  1. Hi Gina,
    Can I buy the two packs of white picket fence, the rusty wagon, two wheelbarrows, and the rusty mailboxes?

    Email me the total with shipping.


  2. Hey, Gina! I would love to have one set of the square boxes. I don't need them but think I might cover them with fabric.
    19#!?! That is great!
    I love fish tacos but Mike-not so much. We are doing a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Mexican restaurant! Chicken quesadilla and soup for me, Beef taco and chile rejeno for Mike! Yummo!
    Good luck with your sale! Hope it ALL goes to new homes!

  3. Gina,
    I am interested in the packages of rusty hearts and tags, rusty lid, heart box, round box and muffin tins? Let me know how much.
    Country at heart

  4. So happy you're feeling better and your weight is coming right down! It's a wonderful feeling!

  5. My you've been busy Gina. If I lived in the US I would be buying you I'm doing the same here, de-cluttering big time.
    Glad to hear you're ok and well done with the weight loss.
    Hugs Chrissy xx

  6. HI Gina....congrats on that weight loss...good for you!!


  7. Gina,
    I so need to declutter some of my craft supplies too.
    Congrats on the weight loss.

  8. Gina,
    Are the rusty bottle caps and black bottle caps still available. I could use these for the jewelry that I'm making. Just let me know.

  9. I'd like to purchase the last 2 zinc lids and the canning funnel if they're still available. Let me know.

  10. hey girl, Can I have the Tooth Fairy pillow and the little brown jar. Maybe tomorrow I can come and pick them up. I might get some fabric if I can look at it first. I will leave my cell number in a message on facebook.