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Friday, March 4, 2011

PhOto FRiDay: BaSkeTs

Good evening sorry for the late is photo friday and the primitive pantry does I thought what the heck..this is the craft room and as you can see I love baskets..and they come in storing fabric, die cuts, towels, patterns etc. those orange metal bins/baskets store all sorts of crafting goodies, supplies etc..
my stamp goodies.;)
this one doesn't really store my lamp..but it gets it out of the way till I need it.;)
fabric in baskets..
UFO projects and things to list on etsy..
my wool the left hand side you can see a metal basket...i love those old vintage paper tray/baskets..
my bathroom..stores my hair stuff and facial cream..
this one stores extra toilet paper..
a basket of stuffed animals on a trunk in the master bedroom..
a basket of kittys..
this picnic basket holds a huge folder of recipes and some other misc stuff..
dvd storage..
blankets to take the chill off and pillows..
another basket with a kitty in it..thats Gracie by the way..that is her favorite spot..right by the fire..
the dogs toys and bone graveyard are on the left..and old wooden tool caddy with magazines in it..I love this thing..
stair basket with the kittys toys in it..and 2 pillows..Tucker thinks he can play in here too.
longaberger baskets the bottom one stores potatoes the others right now store junk..gotta go through and store my fruits and veggies..
these 2 picnic baskets hold misc things..but will store alot of stuff when its time to decorate for the the photos shown there..keeps everything from getting broke and lost.
got this basket at a garage it..sits on an extra chair in the dining room...
the hutch..
dining room cart..stores chips, candy, misc stuff..I use the bottom one in the summer time when we dine outside great serving tray..
veggies on the kitchen counter..the red/clear ones are from tupperware and stack..I love those..they store my flour, sugar, brown sugar and snacks..:)
the bill center and other misc stuff on the kitchen counter..on the left is a recipe box.
laundry that needs to be put a way..;) I love this red apple basket.. my homemade laundry in the jar and vinegar for my rinse..I do use regular soap...when I want to be decatent..:)
and last but not least..the down stairs bathroom...holds the clippers to do hubbys hair and magazines..hey ya gotta have something to read..;) okay I hope I haven't bored you too much with all these baskets..I am getting my hair colored tomorrow and can't roots are showing..and I am 4 weeks over due..going to a new gal..will see how she does.;) I hope you all have a fantastic weekend..will be back tomorrow to share my shopping trip to the quilt store..I took photos of this quaint little will fall in love..;) thanks for stopping by and welcome to my newest friends that are now following.;) welcome.;)


  1. Gina,

    You are the BASKET QUEEN! You given some very nice suggestions on what to put in baskets too!

    I have a few here, that I made myself...but was too lazy to dust so I could take some nice pictures! LOL!


  2. I love all your baskets and that box that has the magazines (I get the food network mag. too;) Hope you enjoy the weekend!!!

  3. Boy, you have lots of baskets...but, so do I! Don't you just love them. A basket has unlimited possibilities..not to mention, they are just so lovely to display! Blessings!

  4. Wow! You have a great basket collection. I love baskets. Gracie looks mighty comfy in her basket. What you keep in each of your baskets are great ideas. Hope your new gal does your hair just like you want it. I was not bored at all...loved seeing all your baskets. You have a great weekend! Hugs

  5. Wow - I second Dee - you are the Basket Queen!

  6. I thought I had a lot of baskets...but you got me beat!!
    Did you get the designs that I digitized for you? Emailed them earlier today.
    I'm getting my hair done on Monday for free...being a model for my daughter at a class that they have to do at the salon. My gray roots are showing bad!!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. You have a wonderful craft room, I have to craft on my kitchen table, what a mess.
    I sure love your basket displays, wow you can sure do alot with baskets, what an inspiration!!!

  8. I thought I had a lot of baskets, but now I realize I am just a beginner! Love how you use them all. :)

  9. I like all your storage ideas. And I love the craft room. You have so much stuff in there ready to go. I am forever running off to JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby when I want to make something.

  10. Great the storage they provide! I don't have many anymore...maybe 3...when I left VA it was time to cut down!