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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FooD SToRaGe

Hey there everyone!!! I told you in my last post about posting how my food storage party went in January..I finally closed out the party on February 28th and boy did I get some great stuff for being the hostess..But I wanted to show you what I already have started in the way of food storage..This is upstairs in our garage..Hubby needs to make insulated storage for it doesn't get too hot or too cold etc..the better you take care of it..the longer it will last..the majority of these items are good for 20+ - 30 years..that is pretty decent..however once you open them..they have about a 1 year shelf life...this stuff came from our cannery that my church provides for us..we give them an order of what we want a month in advance so they can make sure there is plenty on hand and then we have dates that we can go and can or mylar bag it up..we have so much fun at the cannery..and you don't need to be a member of my church to if you have any LDS friends (mormon) that you can go with..or find a cannery near is a great time to get started on your food storage..our church has been telling us for years..(like since I was a kid) to get our 1 year supply in..incase of natural disasters, or loss of jobs etc..and with the way this economy is going..we are going to need it if they start talking hyper inflation..none of us will be able to afford food.. so we are getting getting a 72 hour kit ready in case you need to leave in a hurry..a water supply, propane, cooking supplys so you can cook your food etc..
this is what the cans look like they give you the nutritional facts and how to use also has the canning date on it and then you know how long it will last can also get mylar bags of this stuff to..I prefer the cans as they stack better and with the shelving units they have much easier to is a link for how to make your own shelving units..;)

here is more food storage above the pantrys in the garage..
and we have food storage in these pantry units..we got these years and years ago and they have food storage in them..we also need to work on more pet food to have on hand for our babies too...Now for the exciting part..I had such a good party with Shelf Relience that I was able to get 259.00 of free stuff and 700.00 half off all I needed to pay was 350.00 for my I got 40 cans of food for 350.00 plus tax and the shipping is only 15.99..not too shabby these are #10 cans of food..below is what I purchased..some stuff is a bit check out costco, or or are great sources in helping you get some things in your pantry so you are prepared for what ever comes your way..I will post photos of my goodies when I receive them..they have freeze dried and dehydrated..freeze dried is more expensive but tastes just like you picked /cooked it fresh..the chicken is awesome..the fruit is fabulous..see if you can find a consultant where you live or do an online get double dipping points...for example my friend heather ordered from my party and she has a party..the total she spent at my party will go towards hers and you get points for people hosting parties too.:)
Shredded Cheddar Cheese - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTDSCC1$38.65
Shredded Colby Cheese - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTDSCOC1$44.49
Chopped Chicken - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTMBFDCC1$33.29
Roast Beef - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTMBFDRB1$39.75
Sausage Crumbles - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTMBFDSC1$38.85
Whole Egg Powder - #10 CanTMWE1$19.65
Sweet Corn - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTVSC1$15.85
Celery - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTVCE1$19.45
Blueberries - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTFBLU1$29.09
Potato Dices - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTVPD1$17.75
Butter Powder - #10 CanTBBUP1$15.89
Kidney Beans - #10 CanTMKB1$10.45
Tomato Powder - #10 CanTVTP1$28.39
Peach Slices - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTFPS1$22.04
Pears - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTFPFD1$23.35
6 Grain Pancake Mix - #10 CanTGPM1$10.05
9 Grain Cracked Cereal - #10 CanTGCC1$6.45
Green Beans - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTVGBFD1$14.35
Green Peas - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTVPG1$19.45
Baking Soda - #10 CanTBBS1$10.05
Beef Bouillon - #10 CanTBBB1$22.89
Chicken Bouillon - #10 CanTBCB1$26.99
Shortening Powder - #10 CanTBSPO1$11.05
Creamy Tomato Pasta with Chicken - #10 CanTECTPC1$32.95
Curry Rice with Chicken - #10 CanTEHCC1$32.95
Mesquite BBQ Flavored Rice & Beans with Chicken - #10 CanTEBBQC1$36.09
Mushroom Pieces - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTVMP1$12.65
Bacon TVP - #10 CanTMBA1$9.59
Beef TVP - #10 CanTMBE1$10.39
Chicken TVP - #10 CanTMC1$9.25
Ham TVP - #10 CanTMH1$10.79
Sausage TVP - #10 CanTMS1$9.65
Sloppy Joe TVP - #10 CanTMSJ1$14.49
Taco TVP - #10 CanTMT1$12.45
Fudge Brownies - #10 CanTBFB1$12.55
Macaroon Cookies - #10 CanTDMC1$14.05
Baked Potato Cheese Soup - #10 CanTBBPCS1$34.29
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese - Freeze Dried - #10 CanTDSMC1$32.65
Broccoli Cheese Soup - #10 CanTBBCS1$34.65
Germade - #10 CanTGG1$7.75
Shipping & Handling$15.99
Grand Total$369.71

I hope I didn't bore you too much with food storage..just want you all to be prepared and well cared for and have great food to eat too.;) I had Tucker our stinky puppy outside yesterday in his new rain slicker and wanted to show you how cute he is in it.;)
it even comes with a hood.;) keeps his dry and clean..and it is raining like a bugger as we speak..
here is an Easter can that will be going up in my etsy in the next day or two..if anyone is interested let me know..) we are doing a big celebration with a team I belong too..the Primitive and folk artists on etsy..just type in PAFA or PAFA TEAM.. okay
I am off to get ready..getting the old boobs squeezed today and then heading to the quilt shoppe for more wool and then possibly to the grocery store..will see how the weather is at that point..might wait till tomorrow..have another doctors appt..for my nose being stuffy and hip pain..seeing if they can give me anything for it that won't hurt my kidneys.;)..oh and my surgery (out patient) for my stones is on march 18th..pre-op is march 11th..still waiting on the blood work etc..will keep you posted..;) I hope you all have a wonderful day today where ever you are..thanks for the love and support you have shown has really taken my mind off of things and I thank you all for helping me with that and for all the well wishes too;)


  1. I'm doing a post tomorrow on food storage so be sure and read it, honey. Also, sorry about your kidneys as I know what that's like. I've passed 14 stones so far and have many still in there or as the doc says TNTC (too numerous to count)! I get a mammogram in April. Ooooh, puhleeeeze, the thrill of the squeeze. ;-(

    Costco buyer told one of our food storage places in Boise that they should expect prices to rise 30-40% in the next few weeks. People who don't get food storage are idiots!!!!

    OOOOoooh, I got some cream cheese and tore off the wrapping around it and opened the foil just a teensy bit and vacuum sealed 5 bricks of it, which is enough for me and hubs for a year. I also got heavy whipping cream, opened it and put it in a shallow container, froze it and then vacuum sealed it also. Get it while it's cheap is my motto. Gonna do some sharp cheddar cheese also, vacuum seal it. It just crumbles into nice even pieces after it's frozen so I don't have to shred it for mac and cheese. Yummy! Good luck with your food storage.


  2. Ooooh, btw, Winco has the cheapest price on sugar at $10.75 for 25 lbs. Wal Mart next at $11.18 for 25 lbs. around here anyway.

  3. Gina,

    Boy, girl are you ever prepared. I don't think you'll go hungry. We don't have a massive amounts canned, but I did manage to get a few things put up last year. Will have to get more put up this year. The hubby is trying to grow more and more of our fruits and veggies organically cause we are just killing ourselves with all the chemicals out there.


  4. So... I'm pretty much gonna come find you if the world goes to crap. K?


    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Gina,
    I thought your post was very interesting. Thanks!
    I do some freezing and canning every summer. I need to step it up!
    Good luck w/the mammo.

  6. You're getting your disaster food! I'm going to have to think about what I could even eat that's canned, because right now mainly what I eat is fresh fruits and vegetable and yogurt. I'll have to check but I've never heard of canned yogurt. I'll try to work on what's available that I can eat. Peanut butter for sure. So I can start there!

  7. You did great on the food storage, WOW! I LOVE Tucker in his rain "slicker" lol, he even doesn't seem to mind wearing it! Love that easter can too, very creative;) I'll be thinking of you as your stone surgery comes closer and saying extra prayers! Always know I care about you ((HUGS))

  8. Hey Gina, I think your idea is great. However, I never heard of doing that . I know over here people enjoy doing bulk shopping but I never heard of freeze dried food.That's interesting. I enjoy stocking up on sales. Really interesting post.

  9. I think I'll hitch a Ride with Carmen E if the world falls apart...Hope you got room for all of us...giggle..

    Great idea to do this years ago I used to belog to a co-op where we could stock food like this and it was great with my having so many foster kids...


  10. that is SO GREAT, I'm filing all of these ideas in the back of my brain. I don't want to have a bunch of moldy old food to move!!! Glad you are taking care of yourself and getting the squeeze!

  11. What a haul! Girl, you could start your own grocery store. I guess we'll all be storing up for uncertain times ahead. Grocery prices are skyrocketing.

  12. Well I'll be knocking on your door if we ever have a disaster! Very interesting post though. Do you have extra toilet paper and non-essential in storage too? I used to buy bulk foods, but ended up not being able to use them before they expired, so I only have enough food on hand to last maybe two weeks.