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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DoCtoRs, PeNNy RuGs, GiFts And PAFA GiVeAwAy..;)

Hey there Everyone!! sorry I have been MIA for the past couple of days..I went to my doctors appt yesterday and the news was not what I wanted to needless to say..still kind of processing this in my mind..because as a young woman I was told I did not have this disease and the doctor yesterday said I do have this I was shocked to say the least..not happy about it..scared, and still hoping it will all just go away..normal feelings I think..I will give you a background history of this mom and her brothers and sisters were diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease or PKD in the early 80' we kids were all tested for it to see who was going to be my moms kidney donor..I was told that I had a few cysts but poly means many and I didn't have I was the best recipient to help out my mom..well the night before the operation they came in and said my antibodies were fighting with my moms and it wouldn't I never gave up the forward to November 2010, I went to the doctors for hip pain and they did an x-ray and found I had kidney I got a CT scan to be sure and I have stones on both kidneys..but they also noticed that I had cysts..(I already knew I had them because of being tested in the early 80's) well before I can get the kidney stones blasted they wanted to do a renal ultrasound and that happened a week and a half ago and they were concerned due to the cysts they sent me to a nephorologist(?) and that appt was yesterday and he said that I have this disease and in about 5-6 years I will need a kidney..they are still looking at my 24 hour urine specimen for protein, and they took blood 3 check my creatine levels and also to see how my kidneys are functioning at this it might be 5-6 years maybe longer maybe shorter..he is going off of when my mom got her first kidney ..she was lasted 7 years and she needed another is going on 15 years to sister had hers and she was 51..and she is now 55..and I will be 48 this year....we are still trying to make heads or tails as to why the doctors back then would take my kidney and give it to my mom..when clearly I had 3 other siblings are hopefully getting checked for it..they didn't have it at the time..but they could still develop this is where I am right now..I still need to go in and have the surgery for the kidney stones..having them having stones can block your kidneys and hurt them worse then if I just left gotta make the appt for that and it will be in the next couple of not too thrilled about that either..but like the doctor said there are worse things then having this disease..kidneys are much easier to come by then say a I need to be thankful for that..and so I am getting my butt in gear to lose this healthier, etc..this is a lifestyle change and one that has been needing to happen for a long I am hoping to prolong what I have left..and also I could develop diabetes..and that scares getting the weight off and being healthier will hopefully halt that...Sorry for being such a downer..but I wanted you to know what was going on..and try to stay positive about this..there is nothing I can do about it..but try to stay healthy and have a healthier more salads, and grains, exercise, and cutting out the junk..I am not a big junk eater..but now making better choices..for both of us..
okay onto more positive stuff..the above is my latest penny rug that I finished last night..I love how this turned how the colors pop against the black background..:)
I used my sizzix for all of this except the bees and the beehive..

even the letters are from my sizzix..
This will be going in my etsy store if anyone is interested let me know....
yesterday when we got home..I had a package waiting for me..couldn't have come at a better time too..This is from my great blogging pal Cindy of Cynthia lee Designs sent me these goodies and a wonderful card.
I can't wait to make this one...she knows I am hooked on these penny rugs..they really are relaxing and so much fun to create.:)
and oh I love these books..truly..I want to make everything and now I want to try my hand at this punch needle stuff..I have the stuff..just need to try this might be my next project to try tonight on the couch..
one of the sites that I belong to on etsy is having a giveaway with over 21 items being given away..I have included one of my prairie ditty bags to this go to their site and sign up for this giveaway.;) you can type in PAFA TeaM in etsy to see all of the wonderful artists items for sale..

well that is it for me..will be back tomorrow to fill you in on my food storage party and how it went and what I got..when my stuff comes I will take photos to share as well..I hope you all have a great rest of your tuesday..still working on some goodies to send to some of you..hoping to have it out on thursday when I go and get my yearly mammogram.;) oh what fun..take care.:) and thanks for all your concern and means alot to have you all in my really does.;)


  1. Gina! I'm sorry to hear you're facing a bump in the road and I'll be praying, Girlfriend! And after that, I'll pray some more!

    Hugs, Kimberly

  2. Gina,I am sorry to have about your health issues, but I am glad that they found out what was giving you problems now vs later! I will keep you in my prayers! On a happier note, your penny rugs are just BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors you picked! The PAFA giveaway is going to be awesome! Thank you for donating to it!

  3. (((BIG HUGS))) I'm so sorry to hear the news is not what you wanted to hear and I will also be saying LOTS of prayers for you sweet friend! Be strong Gina, you will deal with and get through it all , and we will all be here for you!

  4. Clearly you are facing all this with your head up and a plan. Now surround yourself with positive people and continue to work at living healthy and being happy. Your story is an inspiration.

  5. Oh, sweet Gina! I am not happy to hear this news either. You will have prayer for you going up from here. All of your penny rugs are so pretty, you are quite talented. Hope you get to feeling better and they get you all fixed up like you need to be. Hugs

  6. Hi Gina,
    I am so sorry for your bad news. I will be saying prayers for you. At least you found out before it was too late. Your penny rugs are so beautiful!!! Wishing you lots of luck and many prayers.

  7. Gina,
    OMG! This disease runs in my family. 36 years ago, my Father donated a kidney to his Sister.
    1975 was very early in the day of kidney transplants.
    Three years ago, my cousin, her son, had a cadaver transplant. He's doing great. His son has the disease too.
    You will be in my prayers. They have come a long way with the transplants.
    You take care.

  8. Awww Gina, I am sorry to hear that your news wasn't better, but keep your chin up. You can get healthier. I am and I just know you have the determination to do it. It's hard to change your eating habits, but you will feel better once you do and when you see the weight coming off, it will spur you on.

    Love the new penny rug...too cute and just perfect for spring.


  9. I just read your post and I'm sorry about your news. I do believe you have the right attitude to conquer this. Keep your mind and your hands busy~~that's the best therapy because you WILL get through this. You are young and will heal fast. Please know your friend here on the east coast will be praying and anytime at all you need to talk, I'm here. The penny rugs are beautiful. The colors just POP. You are gonna have fun with your new books too! Love you Cat Nap Buddy.

  10. Gina, Sending you huge (((((HUGS))))!
    I'll keep you in my prayers. With any luck, the diet and exercise will work and you will look better than you did in your 20's!!! Keep positive and keep smiling :)

  11. Gina I just love all your new penny rugs thank you for sharing the giveaway and participating as well love the ditty bag

  12. Hey, I am so sorry hear about your illness,I know you will do well, you are a strong person and I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck on eating right and exercising. You'll do it. Love all of your pennyrugs.

  13. Wow. I guess you're sort of lucky that you didn't donate one of your kidneys way back then. But at the time it was probably upsetting that you couldn't give one to your Mom. And weirder yet that they told you you didn't have the disease and now are telling you that you do. Hoping they can get the stones broken up and out of there.

  14. Hi Gina, if I understood correctly your Mom is still going strong on her second kidney, that's good news. You have a lot on your plate right now, keep that upbeat attitude, lose the weight, get the mammogram, get those kidney stones blasted and know that a lot of folks out here are praying for you. Your Penny Rug is beautiful and now you have new items to craft from your blog friend! Fun learning new things. You were close the word is Nephrology (nephros is Greek for kidney and ology is the study of)a Nephrologist is a doctor whose specialty is the kidneys. ((((hugs)))) Theanne

  15. thoughts and prayers are with you! So sorry about this!


  16. Gina, I will be praying for you. I think you are on the right track with taking care of yourself and the weight loss. Be blessed and take care of yourself.

  17. Gina,
    I'm sorry to hear your news.....My neighbor donated his kidney to his sister for the same disease.......but she had complications and lost the kidney.......I'm praying for you.

  18. Gina,
    I'm so glad that you like every thing that I sent you.
    So sorry to hear that the news was not what you were hoping for. I've been saying prayers for you, my dear friend...and I will be praying for you everyday as you go through this.
    Another great penny rug!!...Love it!!

  19. Girl, I am sorry to hear your news. Take care of yourself!

  20. Hey Gina,
    Staying positive, making good lifestyle changes and prayers will get you thru. Just hang in there and keep doing what you love to stay busy. I love your penny rugs. I agree, it is so relaxing to just sit and stitch! I will keep you in my prayers.
    Deb ;)

  21. Gina, I am sorry to hear this!
    My Dad had a kidney disease, a
    long time ago. I also have a
    friend, that donated a kidney to a friend, she is doing great! You take care, my friend and we will all be praying for you!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  22. Sweetie, I am so sorry that you got unhappy news. I just want to hug you.You know I love you girl, and you can lean on me anytime.
    Mike has damage to his kidneys from the diabetes and has to do the 24 hour catch regularly. His dr. says he'll be needing dialysis eventually. I have an idea what you are going through. I will definitely pray for you. You mean a lot to me.

  23. So sorry for the bad news.With all these people praying for you something good will come.The healthier lifestyle will be hard but you are a go getter so I'm sure you'll be fine.The beeskep penny is soooo sweet! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  24. Good morning Gina!! I haven't been by for a visit for a very long time.....I am so sorry to hear of your trials!! I will hold you close in thoughts and prayers!! your latest creations!! Woo-wee....that table runner is gorgeous!!

    Have a grand Wednesday!!

  25. Hey Gina, so very sorry for the bad news. You are so wise to start a healthier lifestyle, I am sure it will make a difference. You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you big hugs right now!!
    Love the penny rug!!
    Take care!!

  26. Gina, you're in my thoughts and prayers. That's a lot to process, please don't feel like you're being a downer amongst web friends. LOVE your penny rug, but then I'm partial to bees!
    Take care,

  27. I'm sorry to hear about your disease. That just sucks. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you!

  28. ((((Gina)))) I am so sorry to hear this. I really am. I wish I could take this sucky situation and flush it down the drain for you. :(

    Please take care of yourself, friend. And if you are looking for a healthier way of eating look in the Cinch! book. It's easy and VERY VERY good for you. You would like it. I really did and I will continue to use what I learned about how to eat forever. Let me know if you want more info.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  29. I'm sorry that you did not receive some good news yesterday. I imagine having the stones and upcoming surgery is enough to worry about.
    On a positive note, kidney transplants have come a long way and recipients are going strong for many years, such as in your Mom's case.
    My husband has had two kidney transplants due to renal failure from diabetes. His first one was rejected within days but his second one must have been a perfect match because it's been 13 years with no problems.

    I strongly feel that having a positive outlook works wonders and you seem to be facing this head on. Good for you!

    Great job on the penny rugs. I love the colours you chose for them.

    Have a great day!

  30. Your new penny rug turned out wonderful! And Cindy sure did spoil you. :)

    I am glad that you are being positive, I know that's not always easy. You will be in my prayers!

  31. Girl I tryed to comment a couple times before this. My comment would not go through. Having a spat with my computer lataly. Your in my prayers. Your penny is beautiful. I was thinking it would make a great wall hanging to. Blessings! Lara

  32. Hi, Gina
    So sorry to hear of the news~ my thoughts & prayers are with you!

    Keep your mind set~ I like that you are thinking healthy!To me reading your post and getting to know you~ you are a strong woman~ You can face this head on and come out a winner!
    Head high Ms Gina~ you have the fight in you~ angels are by your side!
    My thoughts & prayers will be with you everyday!
    big hug to you~

  33. Oh Gina, I got chills when I read about your health challenges. That is a real shocker for you and for us. I agree, why didn't the doctors made he diagnosis back when they almost took your kidney for your mom? Bless your heart for being willing to give up one kidney but thank God they didn't take it. I'll be keeping you in my prayers Gina. Love those penny rug creations. You at SO talented.