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Friday, February 25, 2011

PeNNy RuG DonE anoTheR in the WorkS

TGIF...;) I just wanted to show you what I finished up yesterday..I love how this one turned is currently listed on my etsy site..;)

I love allthe color to this one..and the details..;)
Remember these Items I gave to Linda of Parkers Paradise..well she has them set up..and I love where she put is a link to her blog..
last but not least..this is my newest penny rug..I got the behive done last night..still have to add the bees..words..and a flag along with some flowers..this will take me into the weekend I am sure..gotta cut out the shapes and the pennys..went to our ladies luncheon and it was just the 2 of us as the others didn't show Heather and I sat and had a great visit..we had pasta was soo good and I made cinnamon rolls..I sent some home with her and gave the rest to our postal lady..;)
I learned this the other night..take a brownie mix and 1 can of black beans with juice..mix the beans up in a blender with juice and add to the brownie mix and nothing eggs or oil and bake like normal..(I haven't tried this) but will give it a shot..
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..we are in for a cold weekend..;) I hope you are all staying nice and toasty and enjoying the weekend..Hubby is contemplating moving as our state is in bigger debt then California..and he wants out while the gettin is good..we want some place nice, not too hot and not too cold..mild winters..not humid in the summer..and that is growing their economy..we have thought about Kentucky..or down if any of you know anything about these states..please let me know...I don't want to move..but we may have weighing all of our options..and my crafts would sell better down south or back east for that matter..Thanks for stopping by..I will be mailing of my packages on monday.. might work on the trencher this weekend..will see what the weather holds.;)


  1. Love the sheep and hope you don't have to move, your home and yard is just so nice and picture perfect, I think you would have a hard time finding one to replace it:( Kentucky is nice and TN is gorgeous but not sure about the economy in either, ours here in PA is terrible. Hope you enjoy the weekend!

  2. This sheep lover loves your penny rug!

    I have never heard of using the beans in brownies. We have a hard time making brownies at our elevation, they come out awful. I found this recipe and it works like a charm for us! But I do not add in the remaining choc chips and nuts.

    That is sad you might have to move. I live in Colorado and know nothing about other states economies, except California.

  3. Commack, New York! Okay let me try to sell her to ya! We've got warm summers and usually decent winters. We get snow (this year is an exception and we got alot) but not too much, beautiful Autumns all in gorgeous color, we have beautiful beaches, lighthouses, shopping, lots of crafts and friends to do them with and teach them to :) We are pet friendly! And Commack is 1 hr from NYC. If you want that...I don't go often myself. Ihaven't been there in 9 years!!!! I go other places! BUT we are a very desirable place to live. Commack is on the east end of long island in Suffolk county and we have farmstands and craft fairs and bagels. and REAL pizza. Just sayin'!

  4. I love the sheep penny! Really pretty! You do amaze me. You are constantly working and everything turns out so cool!
    Beans, huh? I heard of applesauce instead of oil. I think I will make black bean salad with mine. LOL
    Have an awesome weekend!
    Keep me posted on Mike's moving plans. It sounds exciting. We will all want to keep up.

  5. that sheep! Sounds like you've got your weekend crafting all lined up! Hope you don't have to move from your "Prim" house but if you 2 decide to move just do a lot of online research! Commack NY sounds nice...someplace a little rural sounds like where your Prims would fit right in!

  6. Love your creations.
    Ohhh it will be hard to move out of your beautiful home.

  7. Gina,
    Love the sheep penny rug!!

    I don't know much about Kentucky's economy, but it is a pretty state and of course...not all that far away from me. Tennessee is a great state too, but again not sure of their economy. I do know that prim crafts do good in the mid-west. They are very popular here in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

    Mailing your package out tomorrow. Well...guess that is today since it is after mid-night. Have a great weekend.

  8. HI!!! I love the finished sheep and the little behive!!!I am in Kentucky...the economy is pretty bad here right now...but lots of housing for sale cheap right now..I would love to meet you if you come this way!!!! Your crafts would sale good here!!! hugs

  9. Love your penny rug, not sure about economies, and the black beans in the Brownie mix, going to have to try that one. I just watched a show last night that took a chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin (not pie filling, just pumpkin) and they made really low cal muffins with it. Hungry Girl is the show...she has great food ideas!
    Have a great weekend.


  10. Hello Gina gosh MOVE? Well Texas is wonderful or was when I lived there. I miss it but Oklahoma is where family is so we relocated back home. We were in East Texas it is so pretty there and Warm and nice!! And we were real close to Lousiana! Oklahoma has a struggling economy all the time LOL

    Love your penny rugs you are doing so many and they are great
    have a wonderful weekend

  11. The penny rug is wonderful! You did a fantastic job on it!


  12. I love the sheep penny, sure I'll love the beeskep.Two of my favs.I would die if I had to move again way to much junk.LoL..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. loooove the sheep penny rug Gina!! Gorgeous!! I see some sizzix alphabet dies here....I gotta get in gear and pull mine out!!

  14. Well, that counts Ohio out then. Not good weather and not good economy either. Although your crafts would sell like hotcakes here. I'll have to check into the beans/brownie thing. Sounds interesting.

  15. thinking of MOVING eh? yep it's a real kick in the pants!! but I think that change is always good, keeps you 'alive' well do your research and WOW isn't it fun asking all your blog friends for info!! so cool!!!

  16. Gina, so glad to have found your blog! I'd like to suggest Kentucky. My husband and I moved here during the last week of 2005. We really like it here and I know your prim crafts would go over big here. As far as the economy...we travel out of state twice a year for our work. There really aren't any jobs to be had here in KY that I know of.

    Nice to "meet" you!
    ~~Peggy Lee

  17. I love the new Rug Gina.. super cute. I don't really understand why you guys would think of moving. Your Husband has a good job, you have a beautiful house and really I love the weather here a lot... down south has way to many bugs for me.... and I mean BIG bugs.... Yikes!! lol Just keep us posted on what you are thinking of doing and good luck!