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Thursday, February 24, 2011

FLoWerS,SnoW DaYs, CraFTiNG and DoCtoRs...

Good thursday morning everyone!!! I took some photos on Sunday, of all that is blooming in our yard right now..these are up front by my entry gate..I think these are snow drops..but I am not sure..but they are just soooo small and delicate..and I love them..:)
Our Forsythia is blooming now.;)
my next door neighbors crocus's blooming..
I love the is so springy and her jonquils are in bloom as we speak too.;)I love those..
I moved my little solar lights to this little walkway up the front yard you can use this little walkway at night if you choose..I need to get a few more..but it looks so neat at I have more at the front gate too.;)
This is always my first sign of spring..this little primrose in my veggie was actually blooming on new years day under a hard frost.;)
so on tuesday this is what we got in the way of snowed all day and never stuck..

this was when it was really coming down..the flakes were huge..;)it was really pretty to look at..I had a nice fire going and I was all nice and toasty on the couch..;)
more snow falling..but you can't tell in the photo..
This is the trees on the interstate going to the doctors yesterday..its looks like powder sugar has been sifted on them..I loved how they looked..

we made it home from the doctors in the nick of was gorgeous going out and we did some running around when we were done at the doctors..but around 2:30pm we started to see the flakes coming..and by 4:30pm this is what we had..

Now you will laugh when I tell you this will shut our state down in an instant..schools were probably delayed a couple of hours and commutes will be long..they spread dirt on the ground for leverage..but it is so minut..that why bother..hubby took my car today..cause it has chains..we are in for a cold snap these next couple of I am not going anywhere...and a nice fire is going..and I am going downstairs to enjoy it..finish a project I am doing (sneek peek below)..and catching up on some tv..;) then its back to the craft room for more sewing.;)
I finished the doll for the swap that I am doing..she is sitting in the box I am re-finishing..not loving the colors of the am painting it black again and using a blue on top..I know I don't have a lot of blue in my home..but I think it needs that pop of color..
the doll pattern comes from pineberry lane..I love her patterns and have several of them..I will take orders on this doll if anyone is interested..I need to start some easter type items..mostly prim bunnies.;)
This is the sneek peek of the project almost finished..I started this on tuesday night..will be done today and listed on etsy this afternoon..and then I am starting another one..
ahhh last but not least..this is why I went to the doctors yesterday..I have to do a 24 hour urine test so they can see whats in there to see how my kidneys are functioning..I then take this back (doing this on sunday) to take back on monday..they will do a blood draw etc..I also have an appt. with a Nepherologist to see about my kidneys and they didn't like what they saw on the renal ultrasound I had last please, please keep me in your prayers that this is nothing serious and its only kidney stones...we have a history of kidney disease in my family and my mom and oldest sister have it..and I fear I do too...I am trying to be positive and upbeat..but its getting harder as the days go by..and the testing and appts get closer...I hope you all have a wonderful thursday and thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi..I love reading all your comments..they always make my day.;)


  1. Love~ love the flowers~ buds~ thanks so much for sharing these pics~ I can't wait to see my first blooms~ long ways away it feels like~
    Look at your snow~ugh, all on the flowers!
    Like the doll!

  2. I'm jealous of your forsythia! I can't believe you have so much blooming and growing already. Check out my post today and you can see how we still are.

    I'll keep you in my prayers that all is well with your health.


  3. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts Gina!! Love your flowers, I have nothing popping up in my area but we are just still way too cold here.


  4. the crocues look beautiful!we got tons of more snow and more your new peek at the penny rug.gant wait to see it all.have a great day!blessings michelle

  5. HAHAHAHA, oops, sorry, LOL, but *that* dusting shuts down the state? OH MY, if that were the case here, PA would be shut down for half the year:O I do love your signs of spring, the flowers are awesome, and on a more serious note, will definitely say a prayer for you!! My hubby had to do that recently , the 24 hr. test, he had protein in his urine which they said can be caused by his blood pressure meds, so they may have to switch meds on him. Enjoy your day and try not to worry ((HUGS))

  6. Wow flowers blooming. Mine have come up about an inch so far. All is completely coverd in about 10 inches of snow. Your stone walkways are so pretty. The little lights look nice. Wishing you good luck & prayers for all to be well. I went through all this last fall. I had to send my 24 hr. urine test by Fed ex to N. C. Next month I will be getting a KUB & on with the rest of it. Take care. Blessings!

  7. What great beginning of spring and snow shots. I have always wanted a forsythia and don't know why I have not purchased one, I really should since I love them. You are a bit ahead of us on signs of spring. We have some green here and there but no blooms as yet.

    Thanks for sharing your story on my post I really enjoyed it.

    Sweet Gina you are in my prayers and I hope all goes well and nothing serious is going on with your kidneys. Hugs

  8. Hi Gina! I love your new penny rug! The sneak peek looks so cute! Enjoy your snow and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for good health!

  9. Oh Gina, I will pray hard for you, hoping for the best my dear.
    All the flowers are beautiful, I can't believe things are blooming, it'll be another 2 months before that happens here.

    I had to laugh at Carmen C's comment, I am a PA gal too and she is so right. If that amount of snow shut down the state, we'd be homebound forever, LOL..


  10. Laughing about the snow.I'm in PA too and Carmen hit it on the nail..Love the sheep penny your working on can't wait to see it done.I'll keep you in my prayers for your test.Hope it's just stones.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Sending prayers...Love your garden,prim doll and sheep!!! hugs

  12. We are starting to see the faintest hint of a little green, but not much.
    I will keep you in my prayers Gina that all is well with your health.
    Take care and do keep us posted.

  13. Gina,

    Thanks for sharing your glimpse of spring. We are still looking at snow from the other day. I sure hope it melts this weekend with all the warmer temps we are suppose to have.

    Try not to worry too much about your appointments and causes wrinkles. Sending warm wishes and good thoughts your way.


  14. I pray they find you are health and all is Jesus name! Dianntha

  15. You know you are in my prayers. I wish you lived closer so I could cook a dish or two for you. You will be fine. There's no time for you to be NOT FINE. SPring is coming and you have work to do missy! The flowers, the garden, all your incredible projects, etc. plus a bunch of pussycats who need to be served :) I am loving your property. I wish I had more than a 1/4 acre. I have crocus flowers in my yard but I won't see them till April. After crocus, the next flower to rear her head from the ground is my Lilly of the Valleys. Such a delicate flower. Take care and collect all your samples (hehehe) Doctor's orders!

  16. Love your back yard and flowers. It looks like you have been busy crafting. Everything looks great. Just to let you know that you are in my prayer and thoughts. {{{Hugs}}}


  17. Hi Gina, I LOVE your signs of Spring!! Haven't seen much of that here in Western New York - the ground is still covered with snow - and maybe more on the way tonight. I am ready for the change of seasons for sure. I put almost every snowman away because my son says that I am the reason that it keeps snowing when I leave them out. (I feel very powerful when he says that... :)
    I will be saying prayers for you - kidney issues are serious stuff.
    Good thoughts will be with you!

  18. Gina,
    Love seeing that your flowers are starting to bloom. We had a warm spell and I forgot to see if my crocus's were blooming. Guess I'll have to wait until this next winter storm is over. Tons of rain tonight and then about 3 inches of snow tomorrow.
    Love the peeks at the doll and your newest penny rug!!
    Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers...I've been thinking about you alot and hoping that everything with your kidneys will be ok.
    love and hugs,

  19. Hey, Babe, Everything looks gorgeous. It is snowing here-again....Gonna be a crappy weekend. But I have crafting plans. My daffodils are up. Snow won't hurt them. Severe cold might. *sigh*
    Your doll is very cute, but the new penny--very, very cute. Love it!
    I hope your kidney tests come back showing you do have healthy kidneys. My niece gets kidney stones and they can be very painful. I am praying for you. I don't want anything bad happening to you, Sweetie!

  20. Prayers for you Gina...I believe those are Snow Drops and my very favorite blooming bush is Forsythia! So nice that things are blooming in your yard and around you in other yards. I look forward to seeing your Easter Prims!

  21. When you started showing us your snow scenes last year I thought it couldn't get any better but to see those tiny flowers struggling in the ground.....that is something again to rejoice in.

    You are in my prayers!!

  22. Yes, will pray for you...Keep smiling and praising Him! Laura