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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TuEsDays DispLay ChaiN..BowLs

Good Afternoon and Evening for some of you!!! Sorry for the late lazy and built a fire and watched t.v. and took an hour nap..just what I needed apparently..We got snow today..but will save the photos for thursday.;) I am linking up to Misi's tuesday display chain..and today is about BOWLS...I love my bowls and some have stories others do not..the one above I received from a friend when I had her daughter for a weeks visit...I almost got rid of this bowl..but am so glad I didn't..I love the chip and the patina this bowl has..
I love my pyrex bowls the best..but I do have my longaberger bowls here too..although I use my old ones the most.;) just a sense of nostalgia I guess..I love them..
love these brown beauties..they remind me of a hot fudge sundae..I love the brown color..I have used these in my candle making I love the look of them as well.;)would be great icecream bowls and hot cocoa cups...
I love these little sherbet cups..and they remind me of sherbet and spring..;)
my thrift store strawberry bowls.;)
that little black bowl was made for me in a swap.;) love it;)
I got these when I did a home show for a gal that I now do her show in July..she had 3 of these orange beauties along with 4 plates..I just couldn't resist that fall orange..I use these when I make pasta..;)
this bowl came from Vietri Italy..they have wonderful pottery and reasonable prices can see this is starting to show some wear..but can't throw it out..I use this when I make chinese chicken salad.;) I love the colors used here..
These also came from italy..(we lived in Naples Italy for 3 years with the Navy)..same place..I have 2 of each..I also use these when we have guests over for pasta..:)
my coors serving dishes..they remind me of restaurant wear..I don't use these often but need to..I love using these serving veggies..
my decorative crow plate that I picked up last year..I see these in prim homes and love them..and was so happy when I saw this.;)
an old bauer bowl..reminds me of a behive..
not bowls..but I love my firkins that Linda made me.:) would love a whole stack of them in different colors..don't care if they are real or them..
a thrift store bowl that I primmed up..:)
more thrift store bowls and other wood items that I transformed..I love this shelf by firecracker kid..) so much fun to change out..:)

last but not least..and not a bowl either..I made this using a recycled wool sweater and my sizzix..I sat and watched the return of Nanny McPhee yesterday and stitched this out..this will be going on my etsy site after I am through here..I liked the first Nanny McPhee better but this one was worth watching too..and great for kids...well that is it for me today..I hope you all had a wonderful day..I am in the middle of transforming that trencher..I painted it one color and it looks am redoing it and finishing up some other projects to get in the mail tomorrow..have a wonderful evening everyone..and thanks for dropping by..:)


  1. Very nice bowls. Hugs

  2. Oh my goodness girl friend can I borrow some bowls. lol
    Wow I love your bowls too.
    How neat these are love the colors too
    Love ya

  3. Wonderful collection of bowls. I liked that movie too. Waiting to see the new one. Blessings!

  4. I love your bowls, my favorite is the old bauer bowl. I love old mixing bowls.Nice collection!

  5. You have a great collection of bowls!! Isn't it fun to use them...and to remember the history behind them. Makes each piece very special.

  6. Very nice, love it all and especially LOVE that tin(?) strawberry sign U-pick in your window!!!! Looks like spring at your place, we had all our snow melt and now have 4 brand new inches, GOSH I am tired of snow:(

  7. Gina, a nap, SO jealous!!! Great bowl collection! Spied a few longaberger bowls there! Love those bowls!!
    Linda did a great job on the firkin make over for ya too! OLM

  8. Gina
    What a fabulous collection~ so many different styles~

  9. I am so glad to hear you have days of "rest" and not always the energizer bunny. LOL. Cool bowls.

  10. Love your dishes from all the color! What bowl collections you and Linda have...each one has a story...I love that!

  11. Gina,
    I love your bowls. I collect them too. I don't know what it is about them, but I can't ever have too many.

  12. I love your collection of bowls and plates. Great colors!!!! I the more the merrier. Makes cooking so much more fun. Blessings!

  13. Ahh, so many colors and each and every one! Thanks for sharing!

  14. love that bowl that looks like a beehive :) the wooden thrift store ones are awesome!

  15. Loving your bowls! But my eye was drawn to that Big Strawberry Advertisement in the window. Is that old or a repro? And if it is a new, where did you get it?

    I liked the first Nanny McPhee better too.

  16. Hey, girlfriend! You got some bowls there! I like the bauer mixing bowl best. But I rarely see a bowl I don't like/love!
    Thanks for showing my work again!

  17. What a great collection. I have some oldies from my Mom that she got from her bridal shower in 1953 that I love. Fire King, Pyrex are so cool. Sometimes I find the best bowls in supermarkets. They'll have that display at the end of an aisle of bowls, cups, plates and you can find some unique ones. I love the oldies.

  18. Great collection of bowls Gina!! I love the brown ones and the brown jugs.

  19. Plates and platters and bowls, oh my! What a great collection you have. It's so much fun looking at them. I love the new look of your blog too - so fresh and Springy!

  20. hi Gina
    You have a great collection of bowls and what is even better is you actually use fav has to be the strawberry ones LOL..♥

  21. Great bowl collection, Gina. I love those strawberry bowls.