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Saturday, February 19, 2011

WooL & GiFtiEs SeNt....:)

Good Windy Sunny Morning everyone!!!! we have been getting some decent weather lately..a little windy..but if its not raining..its not a bad day..:) A couple of you asked where I get my wool from...this gal has wonderful wool and she ships out super quick.. her etsy shop is Quilting Acres tell her I sent won't be disappointed.;)
I did a swap recently with my good Pal Linda of Parkers Paradise..she sent me some wonderful look alike firkins that she painted and distressed..I just love them...and she wanted a penny I made this out of an old wool green army blanket...I love how this turned out too.;) you see my little sizzix crow..;)
I made her a "prim Blessings" rolling pin cover that she just needs to stitch on.(I do make these and sell these if anyone is interested) I can make them with or without the Pin..I had my great pal Cindy of Cynthia Lees Designs digitize me this wonderful Parkers Paradise design that I embroidered onto a black checkered towel and put a blanket stitch around it..she also received a little winter snowman candle mat doily that I embroidered as well..and a little Pillow that Says: Primitives Simple Treasures of the past..I can't wait to see how she displays all her goodies.:)

Well we are off to home depot to get some fencing..Our stinky puppy is making mud trails of our lawn so we are fencing it off and planting grass and hoping he stops making trails in the yard..he loves to bolt out the door barking and being tough as he heads down to the tree where the Raccoons hide out..he hates them...and in doing so..he has made a mess of our yard.:)
I almost forgot...I would like to welcome my newest followers and one just started please stop by her blog and say hi to Patti of Primitive at Heart..I can't wait to see what sorts of things she has up her sleeves crafting and just saying hey.;) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend where ever you are..thanks for always stopping by and saying hi.;)


  1. Happy Saturday to ya! Love all that you sent to Linda and I'm sure she will love and appreciate every piece.
    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and sign up...I'm having a Spring Giveaway! Blessings, Traci

  2. Gina
    love~ love your header!
    Pretties for Linda! Great job on them!
    A fencing project~ you will have to show us it when finished!

  3. Gina,

    Everything you sent Linda is too darn cute. I'm sure she will love it all.

    Took the day off...resting my back.


  4. I do love each and every thing. They are beautiful and perfect for me! You just knew what I would love. I feel so lucky to have formed this friendship with you! And not just because of the exchange of goods. lol
    We do seem to have a lot in common. If we had met in person before this, it may not have developed as it has, with me being so much older than you. But as it has happened, it is awesome!
    As for puppers---they NEVER stop making messes or walking down the new grass or bringing in sticks and grass and mud. It just doesn't really get any better. Sorry but I have 9 living proofs of this statement! But I do encourage some sort of fence. It has helped to keep some areas looking better.
    Thanks for turning us on to Patti. She's a thrift shopper and make over gal! What could be better?
    Love you, Gina,

  5. All the goodies for Linda turned ouy great!!

  6. Love all the goodies..I think I am going to dig my rolling pin out and make a cover for it..maybe I will find a place to hang it and then I can find it easy :)

  7. love the rug you made! :) all of your goodies were perfect as always! i started putting some spring things out & came across the spring goodies you made for me in our swap! :) WHAT A NICE SURPRISE! :)

  8. Gina: First of all, I just looove your new cat pic on the top..So sweeet! Second, You have been doing very well with your organizing. I love organizing! However, it seems I have more fun helping other people than I do for myself...I have been doing some around here lately, out with the old in with the new and getting ready for spring...So I give you an A for your efforts! Keep up the good work!Laura

  9. I would have sworn I commented on this post...Hi Gina...I'm apartment (some), working on blog, watching NetFlix movies on my computer, getting caught up with Doctor appointments,etc! Grandson William is sick...Son took him to Pediatrician today...after high temp yesterday! I'll be staying with a little while tomorrow when DIL takes g'daughter to eye doctor!