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Friday, February 18, 2011

We HaVe a WiNNeR,OrGaniZinG & GoOdiEs in The MaiL...

Hello there everyone!!! I hope your friday is going swell today.;) yesterday we had a winner for Bingo..Miss Tiff from Folded Gingham won the big prize..but I had 2 others that got bingo I am sending consolation gifties to them as well.;)On tuesday I think it was..I got some fun packages in the mail..I ordered more wool for my penny rugs..I love this soft etc.;) and I got some pennies already cut that I am in the process of making a penny rug out of for tonight..:)
Okay so I did some organizing..nothing really big..but I certainly notice it and thats all that matters, right? above is the before...;)
Here is the after..I added that cute little red picnic table to this added a bit of height and I like it.;)
Here is the before in my craft see that cute little red picnic you see it...;
Now you don't..I also am going through my magazine stash and taking what I want and setting these aside for my friend Sarah..still have some to go..but that little bit helps...I don't want to be considered a hoarder..and my magazines have gotten out of control;)
here is my work can see silly Millie sitting on my this was more decluttered then it is as we here is the before..(scroll down 2 photos for the after)..
this is the wall that got the major overhauling done to it..It was driving me here is the before...
and here is the after..I used some of my TS baskets to put stuff in..I love baskets..and they hold a multitude of crafts.;)
okay here is the after (2 photos above)..I have all my wool stash here now.;)
and this is what left my room..boxes, crafts etc..there was also stuff down stairs and stuff I had taken out the day before..when I am done with my stuff I don't need it in my craft room taking up space..I have huge bins out in the upper portion of our garage and thats where alot of it went..
Tuesday I found a surprise out on my porch from Sarah..I had done her hair on tuesday and taken her into town as their car battery had died and Hubby took the other car..This gal is just too sweet for words..I mean she drives me all over all the time as it is..but I do love this..;)
it says: Calm the Soul, free the spirit! and it is in our bedroom on my shelf..;)
A while back I told you I was swapping a doll for this trencher..well it arrived on wednesday as well..
and this is what I got..I must say I was not too pleased with I told her I wanted it like the one above but with some mustard mixed it looked like years of chippy paint etc..she said she couldn't do I got this sloppy one coated item..that I now have to paint..and I will do the black and maybe a mustard or an olive kind of look to it..this thing is huge..I gotta see if I am going to put it on the kitchen table or not..or maybe turn around and sell it..I was thinking of putting in a big pineapple with greenery as a Welcome sort of thing..what do you all think...:) well I am out of day started off pretty early with a hard nights rest..Take care and I hope you all have a great weekend..:)Thanks to all of you for playing Bingo with me..I have fun having you stop by to say hi and I love your comments..I have really enjoyed my time on blogland and getting to know so many wonderful gals out there...we really are a special breed..;)


  1. Shucks, I didn't win! I think you will be able to paint that trencher,
    just how you want it! Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. I love the new header and backgound.Seems like that girl could have done a little better on the trencher if she made the other one she must know something about antiquing.She was just being lazy and that's not fair when you put effort in on the trade.I know how that feels.Sorry for your dissapointment.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. You really did some work...good for you! I have worked hard the past few days/ I guess it is the sunny weather. Blessings and thanks again for including me in the bingo. Blessings!

  4. You really did some work...good for you! I have worked hard the past few days/ I guess it is the sunny weather. Blessings and thanks again for including me in the bingo. Blessings!

  5. Congrats to your winners! your organization skills are wonderful but i can't help but wonder if you were to ever many trucks would it take to move your craft room??? LOL, sorry, I couldn't resist, but you keep it VERY nicely organized:)Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Your organizing looks great!! Sorry to hear about the trencher. Disappointing for sure. Love the trinket box - especially the saying. Have a great weekend!

  7. Congratulations to Miss Tiff and the two others who bingoed! Like what you did on the stair landing...can't remember if I commented on your header's so sweet the little girl with the kitty! I've been accumulating "stuff" since I moved and need to organinze my 2nd bedroom...LOL. I also need to get a light for the room...lots of outlets but no overhead light. So it's dark and during the winter it's the coldest room in the house...which will be a blessing when it's summer and over a 100 degrees outside. I need shelves and more bins...I gave my shelves away in Virginia so now need to start over. Good many times have I started over?!?

  8. Thanks for all the fun with BINGO and I love looking at all your decorations!!!! So primly cute!!!!Congrats to the bingo winners!!! It is so exciting!!!! hugs

  9. congrats ladies !your getting a good hefty load of beautiful wools there.have a great weekend .blessings michelle

  10. Hey, Girlfriend! Guess who is doing a happy dance even though she didn't win at bingo? That's right-me! I got my package today and I absolutely love everything in it! The personalized towel even impressed Mike! It is so cute! I am planning to , well trying to, start changing to my spring stuff. Now I have incentive!
    Oh, I am happy for Tiff and the other two bingo winners, but I am thrilled for me!
    Shame-shame-shame on anyone who would sent out shoddy product when you work so hard to make yours so nice. I know that you can fix this to look just like you want it to. Does it look like a replica or is it distressed enough to look real?
    I have gotten items that were less than what I hoped for but did nothing. I have even been stiffed for giveaway items and by a very prominent blogger. I don't know what the protocol is for disappointment.
    And, man, you have a lot of craft stuff! Looks like you can make anything!

  11. Darn...I didn't bingo! Congrats to the winners. You can sure organize. Sorry about the's disappointing when things aren't what you expect. Hopefully you'll get it painted the way you would like it to be. Have a great night.


  12. Oh too bad about the'll make it look wonderful!! Where did you say that you bought the wool from. I think you mentioned it in a prior post but I can't remember.
    patti :)

  13. Love the new touches that you added to your stairway area!! Sorry to hear about the trencher, but I'm sure that once you work your crafty magic on will be awesome!!

  14. Will you come clean my craft room too, it's such a big mess it would take days to clean it! I love all of the new wool, if you don't mind me asking, where do you buy it? Well, back to work, still have some things to do before bed.


  15. Gina, That stinks about the trencher!
    Congrats to the Bingo winners!
    I spied many Longaberger baskets in the craft room! OLm