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Thursday, February 17, 2011

SouP's On & BiNgO..;)

Hello there Everyone!!! Soups grab a spoon..;) I am making a beef stew and oh boy does the house smell we will have that and the loaf of bread I made last night..I love cooking in the crock pot..just simple and easy;)
On Valentines girlfriend Sarah stopped by with some goodies for me..a big box of chocolates and this wonderful sign that she made using her cricut machine...I love this..
and this is where I put it.;)
I think it was made just for this spot...

I made her this pillow and gave her some chocolates and the kids some chocolates and cards.:)
I machine embroidered it and then did the blanket stitch to the pillow..I added black rick rack around the pillow...;)
this is what I have been working on for 3 is an eclectic modern take of a penny rug...This is going up on my etsy site after I am done here.:)I have more to show you tomorrow..the more organized craft room..oh I hate messing it up..I also got my trencher in the mail yesterday..will share photos of that as well..
Here are your 3 words for today..I know one of you only needs one word..and some of you are right behind..I have added to this giveaway too.;) I hope you all have a great rest of your day..Take care and thanks for always stopping by and saying hi.;)

my birthday (may)
easter egg hunt


  1. I only had 3 left, and I only got one of them, today....Shucks!
    Now, I am gonna read the post and go for a walk!

    I read the post, mmmm supper sounds so good! Love your new sign and the pillow your gave Sarah.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. I love that sign Gina and where you put it!!! What a cute lil' heart and Your stew looks awesome, can almost smell it from here!!!

  3. BINGO!!!!

    Can I come to dinner?!!

  4. Gina~Girl I'm at 19 ohhh this is frustrating being so close and I just know someone is gonna get it today..Plus now I can't find my list to recount (maybe I did win).Ahhhh!!!..LoL..I'll find it eventually unlike you I'm not organized at all.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner??
    Looks yummy!!
    Love your sign.

  6. Love that sign! It looks awesome. Supper doesn't look to shabby either! Enjoy!

  7. That little heart pillow is it. I am one word away from Bingo.

  8. The Cooper sign is fantabulous! Perfect where you put it...the pillow for Sarah is so cute! I'm wishing I could taste that homemade bread...I can smell that good homemade smell...makes my mouth water. Enjoy your dinner and Congrats to whoever BINGOs FIRST!!!

  9. Gina,

    Love the pillow and the new sign. It looks great where you put it. Two more words for me today! Yeah...only need 2 more...will you hurry up and pull them!


  10. Very nice sign and it looks perfect where you put it. Stew looks yummy. That little heart pillow is so cute. Hugs!

  11. *sigh* still need 2! This is a tough game!
    I love beef stew but Mike-not so much. Some of my favorite dishes, he doesn't care for--beef 'n noodles, goulash, pasta salad, beef stew.....
    Another *sigh*
    I am loving your new sign. What a sweet friend!

  12. Wow, you've really got it together girl. I don't know what I'm having for dinner until about 5pm the night of that dinner. I wish we lived close so I could smell your dinners cookin'. LOL
    I'm having a give away so pop on over and sign up!~~Cathy~~

  13. You get the nicest gifts. I can smell that stew all the way in Florida, looks yummy!

  14. Gina,
    Love your new sign and it looks perfect where you put it!! Love the heart pillow that you made for Sarah too!!
    Well...I got my last word today, but I see Tiff beat me to calling Bingo. Congrats to her on winning your giveaway...she will love all her goodies from you!!
    Sent you the email with what you needed.

  15. Bingo for me too! It was fun. I love the pillow you made and the sign you received...looks great! Blessings and thanks for the opportunity to play bingo with you. It has been a blast.

  16. Congratulations to the bingo winner! That was very fun! What a perfect place for the new sign. Isn't it great when you find just the right place for yer stuff? Soup looks so good! I hope you both enjoyed it! Yummy with homemade bread!

  17. YEA TO THE WINNER!~ love your new 1st pictures, and even this early in the morning I can smell the aroma of a great crockpot soup, yum yum...