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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DiNnEr & BinGo...

Good Evening everyone!!! sorry I have been awol again..yesterday I went over to Sarahs house and put some foils in her hair and it turned out fab!!! by the way..and then I headed into Joanns, petsmart, and Michaels..I haven't been out in so long and it was nice just to shop at my leisure..and I was gone from 10-5pm..came home got dinner on and crashed on the couch with my penny rug that I finished up..will share that tomorrow..I got 3 packages in the mail today too..I love getting packages in the mail..I spent the day organizing my craft room..holy cow it was long over due..I had so much stuff just laying was driving me nuts..will share that as well tomorrow and in the next couple of days what I have been up too...For tonight..I have a nice fire in the stove..and as you can see Gracie has staked her spot for the night..this is her favorite spot too..
I roasted some veggies, a red onion, 2 red peppers and an eggplant for tonights dinner..
I am making a pizza for tonight and tomorrow I am making a nice stew in the crock pot and the bread that is rising will be for tomorrow nights dinner..;) making a nice beef stew with the left over primerib that we had for valentines.;) Gosh it feels good to be organized again..and I love love to organize and find new ways to store stuff...gotta think of what I want to make tonight..or it might just be a night where I veg on the couch and relax..although I do find doing my penny rugs etc to be very relaxing..since I missed yesterday I will draw 3 words tonight and 3 tomorrow..) hope you all had a wonderful wednesday today..:) and thanks for always stopping by and making my day with your comments.;)
Baby chicks
St. Paddys Day


  1. Gina,

    The roasted veggies look yummy. Shopping all day? Hmmm..whatcha buy? Two words for me today!


  2. Gina
    Pizza sounds good!
    Gracie so pretty!

  3. Dinner looks awesome! Am jealous of the shopping day... Did you find anything special?
    Haven't been able to cruise through blogs much this week - I love that Valentine from you last post. :)

  4. Good planning on those dinners. Come on over and join the crowd at my house for chili. For dessert....rolos melted on top of round pretzels with a pecan on top...home made turtles if you will. Can you tell I am keeping it simple?

  5. Gina,
    Sure wish I could of gone shopping with you. I've not been out shopping since my back went out of whack. Sure wish that I could cook dinner too. I'm starting to improve though...Yippee!!
    Woo-Hoo...I only need one more word!!

  6. Hi Gina~ just discovered your blog. It's delightful! Always fun finding fellow artists & cat lovers! I adore your home & garden! The pictures are great.

  7. I have never tried roasting veggies but the pizza sounds good. I love getting packages in the mail too and watch for the mail lady every day...when I see her pull in the driveway I know it has to be something good because it has to be something to big to fit in the mail box.
    I am still working on quilts in between other projects and might have 5 ready to go North when my friend comes to visit and takes them back with her...That saves a lot on shipping:)
    Sure wish the weather would stay like it was today..we got up to 68 drgrees..anxious to start working in the yard :)

  8. We love roasted veggies. I am anxious for fresh asparagus grilled. Roasted veggie pizza? OMG--sounds so good right now!
    Can't wait to see your goodies!
    :) ★Linda★

  9. Hi Gina, Dinner looked really good!! Nice cozy fire. We have had highs in the 80's this week and will the next few days. Feels soooo good!!
    Have a great day!!

  10. I sure wish I lived near by, I would accidentally on purpose stop by at mealtime. You are a wonderful cook!!! Hugs, Lecia

  11. Oh the roasted veggie pizza sounds yummy! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Your fire looks so cozy and those roasted veggies look delicious! Glad you got out and about too, some of our snow is finally melting, in the low 60's today & tomorrow:D

  13. The roasted veggies look yummy! I love the idea of the roasted veggies on the pizza. I just need one word and I have bingo! Blessings!

  14. I envy Gracie her favorite spot by the warm and toasty! Your roasted veggies look delicious...I've been thinking about getting a small propane grill for my patio so I could grill veggies outside! I need to make me some homemade pizza...nothing is as good as a homemake pizza crust! Can't make bread anymore...why you ask...because I'd eat it all and get FAT again...LOL Do what relaxes you!

  15. That roast veggie and the pizza sounds great. I could easily eat a plate of it, sitting in front of your cozy stove.

    St. Paddy's Day! Thanks for reminding me.

    Ali x

  16. You sure had a jam packed day! And still made a great dinner! I love using left over beef for stews or fajitas! I love your wood burning stove. We got a oldie from a salvage yard in Pennsylvania years ago that my husband wants to refinish. He may use it in our shed for warmth or turn it into an end table! You inspire me so~~~I'm roasting veggies as we speak!:)