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Saturday, March 5, 2011

BiLL & TeD' GiNa'S ExCeLLeNt AdVenTurE...;)

Good Saturday morning to you!!!I have a cat on my lap needling my arm and another kitty on the table sitting next to me..These 2 are my blogging buddies..I told you I would share with you my excellent adventure with you when I went to the quilt shoppe..a couple of months ago Hubby and I and our dog went for a walk here and silly me forgot my I made sure I had it hand this time around..I wanted to show you why I love this quaint "New England" town so I am driving up to the quilt shoppe..its a converted barn/used to be antique store..I got my coffee lamp when it was there.. and as you can see from the windshield it was a Winnie the pooh kind of day..rainy and blustery..) but that didn't stop me from going to get more wool for my projects.. If you want to learn more about this quaint town here is the LINK..;)
okay I have my goodies in hand and we are leaving this quaint little I am heading to the grocery store.. speaking of grocerys..the entry I did about food storage another blogging buddy did a post on it as well...:) Connie has been doing some re-arranging in her home to make more room for her food storage.. Pam asked if I had extra toiletries..No, this is a work in that needs to go on my list..Pam you mentioned you only have enough for 2 need to buy these foods that will stay for up to 20+-30 years...
okay back to our program..the above photo is of the is such a neat place to walk around and to see the head stones..will have to take photos on a nicer day..but I spent my 26th birthday here having a picnic with my hubby..he gave me a sapphire ring and we went to the movies..we saw Pet Semetary..It was such a beautiful day and a quiet one..we enjoyed our selves....
this photo is where they do parties, wedding receptions etc..this is a newly built building..but they kept the integrity of the town..
the back side of houses..the big yellow building is the post office.
the front of the post office..
the generall store..they have a little cafe in the back..oh the food is yummy..they also have icecream too..and in the front is the souviner shoppee..they used to have consigning there..they have a big arts and crafts fair here every july and one year I got to put my stuff in that store right when you walk in the door and sell my was a 3 day event and I paid 25.00 for the 3 was soooo much fun..and such a steal..they have tents all over the lawns etc..and the rent ain't cheap..guess it was my sparkling personality that wrangled the good;)
here is the town in its glory...little shoppes on both sides..antique stores, a tea room. wool store...etc.

I love the picket fencing and the colors of these houses...they only rent these places..even folks that live in them year round can only rent..that one is the tea room..oh I have been there many times to have hot chocolate and those little cucumber sandwiches..very nice girls day out.:)
a cute little wool store and the water towers..;)
my girlfriend lived in that house above and oh I loved that kitchen...we did a gift show out of her house as they were doing the biggy in the heart of the we threw up signs and tried getting folks to show up..needless to say..folks thought they could just tour her home and went on independant ops..had to put a stop to that as it was her private home..the show was a bomb..but we had fun anyways.;)
they have recently in the last couple of years repainted all of these..
whose going to the chapel and their gonna get married..;) I Love love love this church..I have never been in that would be worth taking some photos..:)
the last house on the route..I love the brown and white color..and all of these homes are well maintained (at least on the outside) now you know why I love this place so much..would love to see the "real" new england towns especially in the fall..oh to go trick or treating ....a girl can dream..:) this place is beautiful in the fall too.;)
here is what I picked up at the quilt shoppe..more yummy wool felt for my rugs etc..
I went nuts..had a lot more till she told me my total..and I put alot of it back..:( will have to wait till next time..I love doing these penny rugs..but would love to sell some of these..speaking of which I was surfing etsy and came across this lady that makes penny will just be amazed at what she wants for her fact you will need the smelling salts to revive you..I love her stuff..but do I think its worth what she is selling it tell me..:)
my good pal Sarah stopped by for a quick visit yesterday before I headed off to the doctors..and she gave me this sweet little angel doll with kitty..I don't know the names of these figurines..but I love them..I have one that goes on one of my christmas trees..she is sitting and holding a kitty..and she brought me crispy creme donuts..oh I tell you I love them..but since I have started this lifestyle change due to my kidneys..I took 2..that was it..and you know it wasn't that good..maybe because I am really trying to be good..but I am not going to not have a treat once in a while..oh and I have lost 4 pounds...that makes me so this is a must..eating better..I have always eaten healthy..just needed to control the portion sizes..and eating more fruits and veggies..cutting back on the red meats..and sticking with more chicken..we are having chicken and salads tonight..with a baked tator and possibly chicken salads know the big chef/cobb salads...with hard boiled eggs, onions, avacados etc..oh my...I have really been enjoying my salads..;)
I got these wonderful blackened wax bunnies in the mail the other them on etsy..I love how she packaged them up..Okay I have a question..does any one know how to do the "Blackened wax"? can someone give us the ancient chinese secret of how this is done..oh and they smell out of this world..
last but not least..I got these bunnies (same vendor) yesterday in the mail..I must say..I love prim but please don't scrimp on the quality of the item..the top bunnys back leg was not stuffed..infact they were hardly stuffed at all..they had one stitch going through each button, and the the hole opening was barely stitched..on clip of the tread and they opened right needless to say I re stuffed all 3 of them.. re inforced the eyes and reclosed the opening by tucking in the raw edges and making it look a bit neater..I am just glad I didn't pay alot for me a picky crafter..but I always make sure my items are well stuffed..hate wobbley heads and bodies, and I always re inforce the arms, legs eyes etc..and make sure the openings are tidy too..just me I guess..but if you are paying the price for these want something to last..just my opinion..but I can't wait to get that trencher done and get my spring stuff put out in it..peeked at my spring/easter stuff the other day..not sure what I will pull out and what will be gotten rid of..I am really liking the minimal look..(I know it doesn't show from the look of my home)..but I just want a few things realling thinking of parring down for halloween and christmas too..I just don't like the clutter..however on the outside...I am okay with..its the every day living that gets to me..check back come halloween to see if I stick to my we are getting a beautiful day..going to see if hubby wants to take me for a walk..and then at 2 getting my hair done..can't wait....its been too long..just look at my roots..
have a wonderful weekend everyone..take care..and thanks for the wonderful kinship we share.;)


  1. Hi,Gina
    Loved the ride! The town is so pretty!
    enjoy the day!
    Prayers with you~

  2. Hi Gina, I can see why you love that little town. I could almost live in a town like that, almost.8-) Couldn't give up my "way out in the country" life.
    Thanks for the tour though, would love to see the inside of some of those homes.

  3. Enjoyed the pictures of your town...very picturesque! The angel and kitty are so sweet...what a good friend you have. Continuing prayers!

  4. Cute little town..TFS. To black waz, just add black dye that is liquid. Track down a candle making suppy company...they should have it.


  5. Gina, thanks for the tour of that quaint little town, so adorable! has the black color blocks, not sure of how to do it with the beeswax though, I've never worked with it. The name of those figurines is on the tip of my brain, but I just can't think of it!!! Can't wait to see your hair, thinking of getting mine cut again...short:)Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, we are supposed to get dumped on with snow again tonight-tomorrow:(

  6. The town is adorable. Love those short water towers.

    I checked out the etsy store for the penny rug. And feinted. Then I thought maybe I didn't understand the dimensions, but no she's got a yardstick sitting beside it and it's not as long as the yardstick! I would think maybe 1/10th of that price would be more in line. But she must think she can get that amount for it.

    I'll have to check out the long shelf life foods. I'll go back to your post where you had a link to the party company. I told my husband about your stash and he told me if the refrigerator and freezer went out, we'd only have two days worth of food, not two weeks!

  7. Wow honey what a lovely place to visit or live. Actually it is my kind of place that I have always dreamed of living in.
    Beautiful pictures and love your wools.
    Thanks for taking me along today

  8. Loved the tour of that sweet little town.Wondering why all the houses are rentals only? Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Gina,
    What a pretty town!! We have a few around here like that.
    The little figurines are called Willow Tree Angels. I collect them and have the angel with the little dog.
    I get my hair done on Monday...can't wait as it needs done badly.
    Congrats on losing 4 lbs! We started eating better a few years ago when I needed to lose weight, but I do treat myself once in a while too.
    Hope you are having a good weekend. You are still in my prayers.
    hugs, Cindy

  10. What a gorgeous town and the houses..ohhhhhh!!!! Looks like you had fun. Love all you shopping finds especially the bunnies. Blessings!

  11. It must be the 'Rodeo Drive' for prim penny rugs. lol
    She's nuts!
    Loved the drive.
    Still praying...

  12. Do you live in walking distance of the town in your pictures Gina? I know what you mean about buying things and then they are not as good as pictures show. I will be listing my Chicks and Eggs and Bunnies in my blog some time today I hope.
    Have a nice Sunday :)

  13. I think we live in the wrong part of the country, Gina! I love towns like that, of course I haven't seen any in Texas or Oklahoma, like that.
    Thanks for the tour....

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  14. Love quaint little towns like this! I can't believe she wants $875 for less than 3 feet. I know penny rugs are labor intensive but that's!
    (still haven't tried my spellbinders circles yet)

  15. Great pics and great goodies too!!
    Yeppers, food storage is very important. Like the ol' Boy Scouts motto, "Be prepared."

  16. I really enjoyed the tour of the town. We drove down to Oregon last summer and drove up the coastal highway to Washington (Seattle) then home via Spokane. There were so many cute little coastal towns along the way. It was a great trip.

    Please send some of your nice weather my way. :)