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Monday, March 7, 2011

It's A BeAuTiFuL DaY In The NeighBoRhOOd...

Hey there everyone..hope your monday is/has gone great for you..:) I took my Tucky for a walk today and we spotted a crane that flew overhead..wish I had my camera for that even got Tuckys attention...On Saturday I got my hair cut and colored from a new gal at Third Dimensions..I had stopped going there as the last girl who was their top stylist couldn't seem to get me out of the chair in less then 5 hours..and they have since changed managers etc and I happened to get the new manager named Jennifer..I tell you this gal is good and cute to boot..;) she had me done in about 2-1/2 hours..and she even styled it cute..that is a hard task with some stylists..and she nailed it...:) will take a photo when I have actually done my hair again..but she put in the red I had been wanting and couldn't seem to get..and the blonde is perfect will just have to wait and see.;) while out on saturday getting that done..I ran a few errands and picked up this wonderful little flower bucket..This just makes me smile..:) and you can see Stanley Steamer had to get in the photo too.;)
Oh I love the colors of all of these..there are 4 different flowers in there..will divide them up or plant as is when they are done doing their thing..we went on 2 walks this weekend and it was so nice to get out and get the old bones I took Tucky again today..I am really making an honest effort to get this weight off and feeling better and its only been about 2 weeks and I tell you I feel like a whole new me.;) I have been working on another penny rug..its taken me about 5 days to finish it..will be done tonight and I will start another one..I also got my trencher painted today..will take it out and sand the edges and then stain it with the stuff that Tonya uses..she makes great items and was nice enough to give us a it is old english scratch cover stain.. can't wait to see it all done and with all my prim goodies for spring in it..hopefully tomorrow I will have that to share with you all..;)
well that is it for me..short and sweet avon lady is due to arrive any minute..Take care....and..


  1. Good Monday to you, Sweetie!
    It looks beautiful there. Still overcast here, raining up north of us. You seem to be at least a month ahead of us, but we'll catch up.
    Looking forward to seeing this new 'do and what you are working on. I have a busy week ahead but will always check in on you! 8+)

  2. Your post sounds like you are feeling, good, bouncy and happy today. Love the flowers. Will be anxiously awaiting to see your new 'do'. Glad you like the new manager and she did a good job on your hair. Keep enjoying that nice weather, it is cloudy with rain and storms on the way here. Hugs

  3. Gina, Love seeing your kitty photos! Usually they make me smile....not today. Our little furbaby, Misty is missing! While they were replacing the broken hot water heater she went missing. She has never been outside unless we have been holding her or she was in her carrier. Please pray that she will find her way back home soon!

  4. The sun made it out here but still very chilly. I love the flowers and the kitty. I need to get started on the weight thing.......Keep up the good work. Blessings!

  5. Gina,

    Love those primroses !

    Thanks also for the tour of your town on your prior post .. lovely little quaint town !

    Have a fun evening !


  6. Gina,

    That's great you feeling like a new you! And a new do to boot! Keep up the walking and watching what you eat. The pounds will come off. Love the flowers. With the days getting longer I am itching to get out and get something planted. Last year I had impatiens in the beginning of April. It doesn't look like it will be that early this year.


  7. Gina....we found Misty! She didn't get outdoors....she was hiding somewhere in the house. We had to go out and when we got back home she was sitting in the livingroom.

  8. Sounds like you had a productive weekend. I hate getting my hair colored at the salon because it takes so darn long that I'm a grumpy mess when they're finally finished. Can't wait to see the new hairdo.

  9. I would love to get my hair cut but not sure where to go here since we havn't been here that long. I have not been out much since it is very wet here and still very cold. Our 20 year old Kitty died Friday morning and even though he was a pest and always under my feet I do miss him. Was a hard and cold job for Billy to go out and bury him.
    I will put a head stone on his grave and plant some flowers as soon as it warms up enough to go outside and not sink in mud.
    Have a great week :)

  10. Good news that you found a stylist you like and gets the job done in a reasonable time.
    We are months away from seeing flowers outside. The weather network keeps telling us we're getting a chinook but so far nothing except more cold.

  11. Look forward to seeing your "new" do...glad you found someone who could do it the way you wanted. So happy you'e feeling better...walking and getting those pounds down! Bravo! for you!

  12. Well now.........I just can't wait to see the makeover:) Love your flower pots.........I sooooo wishing for spring!

  13. That pot of flowers with all the sunshine looks so inviting!