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Saturday, March 19, 2011

PeNNy WaLL hanGinG DonE, twEeKinG, & GarDeNInG,

Good Late afternoon and good evening for some of you..what an absolutely glorious day today..the sun is out and it feels sooooo good to be out in it today..Hubby and I started off our day with an egg beater burrito..pretty tasty I might add..and then we went for our 2-1/2 mile walk with the stinky...who by the way is getting a bath tonight..oh boy is he a dirty puppy..I finished up "little Cabin in the woods" wall hanging this morning..will be posting this on etsy as soon as I am done here..
I added a little key to the cabin and a rusty bell to the can see they have a fire going in the stove.;) and kitty is coming in for the night to snuggle in front of the fire..I really had a great time doing this on and the last 2 before it;) just seeing them come to life is so much fun..and just kind of doing it as you go..;)I feel very artistic this way and I love it;)
I did a little tweeking before our walk..I added my little seed packet to the trencher..what do you think Maggie..and I added the cat nip packet there too..that will be getting planted at the end of the month.;) the kittys will go crazy!!! for it.;)
Linda I added my little stained socks to my laundry line in my laundry room..they look right at home and I love them there.;)
I stole some of these crocuses from my next door neighbor 2 days ago and this is how they looked yesterday...
look at them today..they opened up..I love them..and want more..I want the yellow ones now.;) Sarah came and got a whole slew of them yesterday and you can't even tell we were there..
so after our walk..I headed to the veggie garden and picked all the flower that grows in there every year..don't want flowers..i want now we need to plan on what we want to grow this year..tomatoes for sure..would love some zuchinni and pumpkins..might grow them on the other side of the fence..we are taking out a holly tree there to make more sun and less mess to boot...
I moved some things around the front yard and planted my little prim roses that I purchased to the left of that area is where I will plant the zuchinni and pumpkins and see if they take off..I also planted a big orange dahlia plant there too..gotta stake it..but for now its okay..
I added the little kitty and froggy...
and to the right you see a little round kitty..I just added I can see this when I look out the kitchen window and I can see this from my craft room window..the flowers make me smile.;)
a view from the back porch deck..loving that pretty sunshine.;)
a little tiny pansy making its way back from last year..I have to take out all the other stuff..but I just noticed this little flower in here..this hangs off my back deck on the clothesline.;)
ahhh my lilac bush has little itty bitty buds on it..hoping to see if it will bloom again..and some little flowers that I transplanted last year..can't wait to see what they bloom into.;)
if you look closely you will see pody up high and Millie Jean in front of the door..they got to enjoy a nice day out too.;)...well that is it for me today..we are in for some nice weather this taking more walks and getting some exercise in..I have lost 10 pounds so I am feeling amazing..and I haven't felt this good in a long time..:) my 30th high school reunion is in I have a goal..and I want to just plain feel better and stay healthy.;)..I hope you had a wonderful saturday today..and I hope sunday is even better..:) Take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;)


  1. You are the energizer bunny, I get tired looking at all that you do.He He I love your new penny wall hanging, the trencher is sooo cute with all of your spring goodies inside. I love your landscaping, I bet your flower gardens are awesome. Hugs, Lecia

  2. WOW...10 lbs is an awesome amt. to lose, congrats to you!!!! Love the wall hanging and flowers, I SO wish it was time to start planting things here but we have a bit of a wait yet:(

  3. I have decided to take off some weight too. I am turning the big 50 this year and refuse to e overweight for it. Is your new header picture your home? If so, I love it! Blessings!

  4. I love the new header! I just love it when bloggers personalize their blogs right off the bat! Your house and gardens are lovely. As is the newest penny rug.
    I know how you feel about the weight loss. It is so hard for me and I know that even 10# can make a world of difference on my knees. I can see it happening as the weather improves.
    The trick is to make it stay off. Winter is definitely a slow down of activity....... Congratulations! I hope you knock their socks off at the reunion!

  5. Sweet Gina, do you ever slow down, sleep or rest? You stay so busy. Loved reading this post. Your new blog look is very nice! It is looking very nice around your place. Those crocuses are beautiful. I saw those sweet kitties enjoying a nice day. Congratulations on losing 10 pounds. Hugs

  6. Hey girl, you are the busiest person I ever saw, how do you do it. Love that new pennyrug!!!!!! Good luck on the weight loss.

  7. Isn't it a wonderful feeling getting back outside after this LONG winter....and seeing everything popping up! I just love SPriNG! Your yard looks like such a wonderful place to be!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss!!
    Another great penny rug!!
    Love the header picture of your home!!

  9. Hi Gina, I too am so ready for spring. We did yard work last week-end, still more to do but at least a start. Things are turning green and the weather is beautiful!!
    Congrats on the ten pounds, I need to get serious and do the same.
    Have a great day!!

  10. The yard looks terrific and I love the trencher =) The seed signs make it "pop". I think the new header with your house from last Spring really is nice too. Congratulations on your weight loss. That's what I have to do and stop eating all the goodies the kids don't finish. You've worked hard; enjoy all the compliments you will surely be receiving. Your pennys never cease to amaze me. What an artist you are!

  11. I too love your garden. Wish we had warm weather here. Soon I hope.
    I love to be outside gardening and tweaking things. You sure have been busy, must be the warm weather.
    Country at heart.

  12. Morning Gina! It's been awhile! Something is screwy and I can't read the blogs at work anymore. I try to jump on when I can. I love your cabin! It is very cute! You are a busy gal! I envy you having crocus already! We still have plenty of snow! Nice additions to your tiered bed!