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Thursday, March 17, 2011

HaPPy St. PaDDys Day, ShOppInG, A WonDerFuL GiFt, & DiNNeR..

Top O' the Morning to you all!!! hope you all are wearing green..because I am not afraid to pinch you if you aren't.;) Tonight our church is having a high tea dinner to celebrate the birthday of the Relief society..I have to try to dress appropriate for high tea and in gotta do some thinking..I have a hat and a I am good there..just nothing really frilly..and or will have to figure something out.;) tomorrow I will cook a corned beef linguine that I saw on Guy Fieris looks good..not good for the waistline..but its one day.;)
Yesterday I decided to head to the local quilt shoppe that I took you for a tour a couple of posts back..and take Tucker for a ride and a walk...funny story on the way there...I was listening to a good cd that Maggie sent me..totally folk music with the hammered dulcimer..I love this kind of music and it so fit my drive there and was a beautiful day and we were enjoying the drive and the views..when I got out of the car I noticed my bra felt loose..and couldn't figure out why the straps were down my arms..when I stood up (my seat apparen't unlatched all 3 hooks) and I was flopping around..good thing I had a jacket I went in and did my shopping..but I was a flopping.;) (I 'm a poet too...;)lol) put my stuff away and headed for the tether up these wayward girls..ahh much better Tucker and I walked the perimeter twice..felt good to be out in the fresh air and feeling I picked up some more felt..they are running will be getting it on I found a place that is a bit cheaper anyway.:)
love the colors..
we stopped by Rite aide on the way home..I got some scales to keep track of my weight loss..)
a card for my nephew..he is turning a year old this saturday.;)
and some candles..I love putting these in little swap boxes..and they smell so good..I used my wellness card and got everything at 10% off..every little bit helps..
okay before I left for my shopping my postal gal Stephanie stopped by with a package and I had to open it before I left as I knew there was a CD in there and I wanted to listen to it while I drove..and listen I did..loved it..Maggie from Maggies little fixins sent me a wonderful package just because..I think those are the best kind..she sent me some catnip seeds..will be planting that for the kittys this spring..a wash cloth..she had used this to wrap up one of the fact she wrapped up everything beautifully..but I didn't wait to take a photo..I just ripped into it;)
I love these...and everthing found a place which you will see below;)
a cat hook..haven't found the purrfect spot for it yet..;)
some cute little veggie signs..not sure where to put those either.;)
this wonderful post card and it was so fitting as this is a "bear" claw quilt and my beloved kitty was named bear..made me smile..the night light is in the upstairs hallway.;)
I love these little sheep..
some cinnamon cookies..will put those in my trencher downstairs...
okay here are where I put my little sheep..they were made for this shelf..
my little crow in the dining room...
my laundry sign in the laundry room..;)
my little cow creamer on my hutch..
and a little bird house in my kitchen..this will go on the front porch.;) I love all of my goodies and they all fit puurffectly in my home..Thank you so much Maggie for making my day..(although I am blaming you and the tunes for the bra fiasco.;) JK..:)
last night for dinner I made turkey meatloaf..after watching Barefoot contessa the day before.I added the was called Scary was far from being scary....I went hubby is not a fan of meatloaf..but he gave it a shot and went back for 2nds..this will be his dinner tonight when I go to my dinner with the gals from church..
I also made roasted veggies...oh there is nothing like roasted veggies.;) yum.;)
I hope you all have a wonderful day today..:) thanks for stopping by and saying hi..


  1. hi, Gina
    Always such great posts!
    Happy St.Patty's day!

  2. Thanks for sharing Gina! Love all the pictures!
    Happy St. Pat's Day...I'm a'smelling the corned beef cooking right now!

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I have on my green. Hugs

  4. Happy Paddy's Day. That particular St. Patrick's Maxine cartoon is my favourite.


  5. You are so funny! Glad you liked everything; I love where you placed it. The little veggie signs might be cute mounted odd ways on an old distressed shutter(perhaps). That's what I might do with mine. Then I'm gonna stand the shutter up against my porch. Anyway, every day you make me giggle and I heart you!

  6. Hello, Sunshine! Maxine was a great way to start this St. Paddy's Day! Thank you berry much!
    Great spring items! I have a bundle of old seed packets that I have held onto for years. I've never figured out what to do with them.
    Love the roasted veggies! We're having the corned beef special.
    Have a great evening with your gal pals!

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely day Gina...great photos! I wore my green all day! I had corned beef, cabbage, whole baby carrots and whole small potatoes at the Son and DILs. Good stuff!

  8. mmmm roasted Vegies. and I'm off to check out the meatloaf .. THANKS for all the great ideas.

  9. Gina,
    I had to giggle about the flopping while you were shopping. I have a Weight Watchers scale too. Looks like you got some great goodies!!

  10. Wow you got some great shopping done and lots of goodies in the mail! Lucky you! Your meatloaf looks yummy. I made meatloaf the other day ~ Paula Deen's recipe!
    Happy St. Paddy's (a day late)!

  11. Goodness you have got some goodies going in this post. Even meatloaf. lol
    Hope your St. Patricks day was great.
    Loved my visit here today
    Have a great weekend

  12. Love all your goodies displayed.
    Happy belated St Pat's Day. I love Maxine, she sure says it right.
    Have a good weekend.
    Country at heart

  13. You have been so your stitching in the previous post too. Dianntha