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Sunday, March 20, 2011

AhhhH SprInG At LaSt!!!!

Good FirSt day of Spring Morning to you all!!! The sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be another beautiful day...yesterday while playing in the yard..i got out my liquid chalk markers and wrote on my chalkboard door that is out on my front porch... and this is what I wrote..;)
I didn't realize how much I am looking forward to spring..and to feel the warmth and just being outside in it;)feels good on these old bones..getting to where I like the get me when we have our "one week heat wave" and I will be singing a different tune..:)
I forgot to show you the pretty flowers everyone got when we went to our church dinner on thursday..not many showed I took home 5 of these little pots and gave 2 to Sarah to give to her girls..
they also had beautiful flowers on the tables and again I was able to bring home this beautfiul bouquet..;)
the chartruese green flowers are my favorite..I would love to grow these..I would love to have a real cutting garden to pick from all summer long..but too much work..they had the tables all set up with tea pots, and mix and match tea sets..we had a wonderful dinner of shepherds pie..the best I have ever eaten..and trifle..a layered dessert..again very tasty.:)just wish I had thought about bringing my camera.;)
yesterday I started power washing the deck and patio..but the patio is thick from last hubby is bringing home his super duper one from I can really clean the brick..but I was able to use ours on the lattice is the before..
and now the much better..we get alot of green and moss etc here for our winters..the wood gets slippery etc..we also have to repaint the shady side of the house..the "green" doesn't go real well with the colonial yellow..and we are replacing our roof this is that gotta get it done..still have a fence to put in..will work on that at time and money allow...but the yard is pretty much done this year..did it all last that will be nice..
well after being out in the yard playing hard "Stinkelstillskin" as we were calling him..had to get a bath..and hubby was having fun with his "skirt" so we had to take a few photos of his behind..;)
the curly que..
ahh the old horn but routine.;)..he hates bath time and tells us all about it..from start to finish..;) and hubby combed off a whole doggy..he looks so pretty now..and smells so much better..
one last note..I forgot to mention another article or two about getting your food storage in..with what happened in Japan...I hope this gets you going..Lisa a fellow blogger had mentioned some things about getting your food storage and a great site to join up will help you get started..;)
Hubby found this article online about what is happening in Japan and could certainly happen here.;) Gals I just want you all to be prepared for what ever comes your way...times are getting tough and we all need to be better me..we have a long ways to go.but I sleep better knowing I am "git er done"..;) have a wonderful day wherever you are..we are getting some breakfast and then going for a walk..then I am heading off to church.;)


  1. Love your chalkboard Gina.. wish the snow was gone from here.. soon I hope! I am spending the day doing taxes for the farm and store.. yuk!! Hope you have a good day!

  2. Gina,

    Great idea on the chalkboard! I love it. Maybe I'll make one for me once my kitchens done. Have some door panels and I know I have a can of chalkboard paint.

    Your pooch doesn't look too happy in the tub...looks like he's almost saying "this is so digrading, having to take a bath".

    Have a nice spring day.


  3. Gina, I love the picture of your yard last spring! You chalk board looks so neat too, I may have to find a door that I can do that on! Poor puppy doesn't look happy at all lol but I'm sure he smells much better! Have a wonderful day!
    Prim Blessings!

  4. Happy Spring sweet Gina! Oh, what a good job you did on that looks sparkly clean and white. Love the doggie bath pictures. Would loved to have seen how he looked after he was dry. Enjoy your first day of spring. Hugs

  5. Happy Spring to you my Friend.... Seems the bug has hit us all...I got a few things done around here yesteray too...
    Just love your garden...I had a beautiful garden at my house but still working on the one here at my Brothers. I want to put in a little pond in front of teh trailer this spring and widen the Flowerbeds I made last year. My sister n laws sink window faces my flowerbeds so figure I will put a smile onher face too when I get them all dolled up an blooming.

    Have a great day!

    Tonya your surprise all put together last night..Wink

  6. I love your welcome message to spring! Your yard is so beautiful in that header pic, are you still thinking of moving?? Poor Tucker, LOL, nothing cuter than a wet skirt;) My dog hates baths too, she will hide and hubby has to carry her ...84 lbs. into the tub!

  7. Happy Spring Gina! Just stopping by to let you know that I got your bingo words.... Blessings, Traci

  8. Hi Gina...pretty flowers, clean lattice, clean dog and a lovely Sunday! Who could ask for more!

  9. Hi Gina:) Well you sure have loads of projects to keep you and hubby busy this year.
    I agree with you, with the way things are going in this world, we should all stock up and be prepared. Thanks for sharing the links hon.
    Aww, poor poochie at bath time and mommy and daddy making funny with and taking pictures to boot! He is so cute though:)
    So nice of your church to have the flowers for y'all. I'm glad to read you're feeling better and back up and attum! Hugs~Carol

  10. It was a spring day here today too. I just took my cup of coffee and went and stood outside in the sun...was warmer out there than in the house. We still have big puddles everywhere from all the rain but if it just doesn't rain for a week it will all dry up.
    I even gave my huge pups a bath today so at least when my friend comes down from up North tomorrow she can pet them and they no longer smell like a dog. Looking forward to my friend coming and we will be crafting until she goes home on Wed :)

  11. They sell green zinnia seeds almost everywhere. I have grown them and they are awesome as a cut flower.
    To clean siding, latice, wood or vinyl--mix about 1 c. Clorox with 1 gal. water. Use your herbicide sprayer. Just spray it on and leave it. It literally eats the moss and mold but it is diluted enough to not kill your plants. If you are worried about plants you can cover with plastic or spray with water before. Saves a lot of hard work.
    Poor Tucker! I have 9 that really need a bath in the worst way. Wanna come over and help?

  12. hey thanks for mentioning me.. but really YOU are a great inspiration to us all!!! LOVE your chalk board... that is a GREAT idea

  13. Love your chalkboard!! Nothing like a pretty doggie after they get a bath!! Chloe is so little that we can put her in the kitchen sink for her bath.

  14. Love your flowers you displayed. Looks like you got a jump start on getting ready for spring. I can't wait to get outside and digging in the dirt. Winter was harsh on everything outside. Lots of things to clean up here.
    Have a great day!
    Country at heart