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Monday, March 21, 2011

RaiNy MonDay..

Good Morning everyone!!! what a beautiful weekend that we had..Monday is cloudy and dreary..and looks like it rained a bit and that might be the forecast for tomorrow too..but if it picks up and gets nice I am taking Tucker for a it looks today I may just stay in and catch up on tv and sew..I am making these little wool garden gloves and just finished this one up last night.I have 4 more I am making ..I used my sizzix for this again and the hand print is mine;) it is a harvest bucket with flowers overflowing and a dragonfly coming for a visit..This is going up in my etsy if anyone is interested..:)
I really tried to give it a 3-D affect..I love the bucket..reminds me of the firkins/sugar buckets..;)you notice I folded down the handle...
Maggie I put my little night light in my bathroom..I love the soft glow it adds to my bathroom..
Okay I promised you some "hair" I snapped these yesterday before church.;)
I love the red she added..;) well that is it for me today..short and sweet..I hope your week is off to a great start..Take care and have a wonderful day.;)


  1. the garden gloves look great... Love the red added to your hear. it looks great.

  2. Gina...hope your day is restful but productive! Lovely hair color!

  3. Love your looks great!! Cute wool garden glove!!
    Hope you can get your walk in. Looks like rain is about to get here...we had thunderstorms over night and they are calling for rainy weather through Thursday.

  4. Love the projects and the hair, and I thought of your strawberry in the window when I saw that sign I got and snatched it right up, LOL!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. That is a nice night light, I like it very much. Your garden glove is so cute. And I really like your hair...looks very nice. Hugs

  6. Love the hair! Sharp!

    And love the header pic of your house last spring!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. I LOOOOVE th' hair, sugar, plus you are an absolute doll no matter what!

  8. I want your house! Or at least one like it - hehe. The garden gloves are adorable & your hair's so fun & cute! Have a great springy week!

  9. Really cute hair on a really sweet face! Love it!
    I bought 2 perfect army blankets last weekend. What to do? What to do? What do you think?

  10. Cute crafts, cute hair. :D

  11. First of all, your hair looks GREAT! Second of all, your face looks so pretty and healthy! Your healthy eating is really showing itself! I'm so glad you like the nite light. For some reason, I didn't get me one~~which is rare because I always DOUBLE shop!:) The glove is such a unique idea. You're like a little crafting machine with really good hair!

  12. Gina~ love the color~Looks great on you!!
    Pretty~pretty girl!