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Sunday, March 27, 2011

GoODiEs In The MaiL and MoRe TweAkinG...

Good Afternoon everyone!!!! its a beautiful day in the neighborhood today..but staying put and taking it easy much as I want to get out and go for a walk today..I have blisters that keep reopening..and I just need to take a break..walked every day this week..except for today..yesterday I got some more of my sizzix goodies in the mail..will share those tomorrow and these wonderful blackened items..a bunny and some eggs..they came from Old Goat Prims..I love how great these smel..oh they are divine.;)and I love how she packages up her goodies..:)
Here is where I put it..I took a bowl that I primmed up and placed it on my kitchen counter.:)
so much for keeping the counters clutter free..hey I gotta have something there..I knew it wouldn't love it there..simple and sweet and oh so prim..:) indeed...
well my strawberry curtains were driving me I put them in the downstairs bathroom...and took these and put them back in the kitchen where they belong..I can open them up further to let more light in..and I love looking out my window at my veggie garden and my flowers that I just recently planted..oh I purchased more flowers to plant there..some pansys..need to get more to put in my hanging pots off of my clothesline in the back yard..Maggie notice my wash cloth on my faucet..)

so I put the strawberry curtains in the them much better because they are tied back with wrought iron holders..:)
today I decided to make a new is from Barefoot is baked granola..( it looks burnt..but it is nice and golden brown)..I am waiting for it to cool so I can add the dried fruit and cashews to it and then put it in an airtight container..might have to have some of it tomorrow for breakfast..:)
I just had to take some photos of my sunny bunny..she is my computer blogging buddy..she sits here really close to the computer and needles my lap..she is just relaxing right now..
its starting..:)
and here we are in full needle mode..;) and me in my pjs..:) well I am off to finish up some projects and get some others started..I stayed home from church today as well to stay away from any illnesses that might be out there..I gotta be well to get my surgery this upcoming friday..they are only doing the one kidney..guess its protocol as they don't do both incase they damage a kidney I still have a working's that for a comforting thought? I am nervous..don't want to get this done..but its got to happen so that it doesn't do further trying to be positive etc...:) please keep me in your prayers that all goes well.;) I hope you all have a wonderful sunday....and.....


  1. Friday is going to go well. You concentrate on your crafting and your garden so you don't worry. Everything is gonna go well and you'll be back to yourself in no time. It'llprobably take more time to heal from your blisters :)
    Love how you displayed that bunny! You have a great talent for displays! Your goodies are in the mail this week too! Lots of prayers and love coming from us to you. I will tell Caitlin you wished her a happy birthday~~she enjoys seeing your blog and the cats and she likes your hair! Have a great afternoon!

  2. Gina,

    I know everything will go well Friday, but it's hard not the think about it, isn't it? try yur best! Love the beeswax bunny! OLM

  3. Hi Gina,

    I love that wax bunny in your bowl of eggs ! It looks good enough to eat. Now I am hungry for a chocolate rabbit ! hmm. ... well, maybe even a white chocolate rabbit!


  4. I will be remembering you in my prayers for your upcoming surgery. I pray that all goes well and that you have peace and know that the Lord is watching over you. take it easy and I know things will be great! Oh ya! the granola looks great! Blessings!

  5. Oh Gina,
    I love that bunny in the bowl and it looks perfect on your countertop!!! That's the look I'm going for...more simple, but makes a beautiful statement!!
    You have been in my thoughts & prayers and I will continue to say prayers for you. I just feel it in my heart that everything will go well for you.
    Lots of love and hugs,

  6. Honey, you will be fine. I like what Margaret said about your blisters taking longer to heal! :)
    I do love the bunny but I love a nice clean counter, too. I don't have one. My little tiny kitchen has no room to display anything that isn't useful! That's why I love the stove board!

  7. Love your decorating. You are in my prayers. Hugs.

  8. been thinking about you and wondering how everything went Friday, guess great since you'll be off and 'running' on this Friday. I know they'll treat you great, and give you lots and lots of attention!!! And that bunny looks like CHOCoLATE-haha what does it smell like?

  9. Will be thinking and praying for you Gina!!


  10. Love your bunny and Spring Thyme....jus twish the weather would be too! I will be praying for you on Friday girlfriend!

  11. Gina...prayers for you before, during and after your surgery. What a beautiful kitty your Sunny Bunny is!

  12. Praying all goes well with your surgery and healing of the blisters!
    Really enjoy your blog, you make great crafts! Wishing you restoration, health, and healing!

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  14. What a sweet hunny bunny kitty!
    My kitty Emma is the same way.
    Great pictures of her.