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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My GarDen GaTe GoOdiEs ReCeIVed, MoRe SiZZix FuN..;)

Good Morning everyone!! how is your saturday so far? I think mine will be a lazy one..with a walk mixed in..I have walked every day this week..but my hips are paying for it..not sure why they are hurting only in bed at night..not sleeping well at all..but I gotta keep on truckin to get this weight off and hope down the road the pain stops..Earlene had asked about my garden here are some up close photos so you can see how it is made.I couldn't tell you as my hubby built it..but the window and the 2 front columns are the only antiques here..the rest is lumber we purchased at the store..we did paint it in oil based paint to protect the wood as the 2 front ones were really weathered and paint was chipping..I string up my halloween lights and christmas lights..
there is still glass in some of the panes on both girlfriend had given me these windows and they sat for years..then we or should say hubby had his light bulb moment..I purchased the 2 front columns and knew I wanted a trellis..but then it all came together..
I have two trailing plants on either side to trail up and far these two plants are struggling..can't remember their names..hate when I can't remember..I add old garden gloves with succulents and hang them off this and I hang hanging planters here too with flowers..must do this again..;)

I used liquid nails "outdoor" glue to put the rocks on the bottom..I love my garden gate..the gate itself was designed by a young gal and her parents have the metal cutting gear etc and made this for me..I love my garden will go with me if we pack up and move..(which I don't see happening anytime soon)..;)
I did a valentine swap back in January/february..and the gal I did it with forgot..made excuse after excuse..I asked for my things back..sorry..but if you sign up..either do it or back out and give the other person notice..while she didin't send back all my stuff..I got the sheep back (in my etsy shoppe now) and she sent me these goodies..
this is where I put the bunny..the spray is in my laundry is a christmas of my favorites..and the chocolate is on my craft table when I need a taste of chocolate..;)
this is where the little bag of goodies and the heart does smell really good.;)
I have been ordering some more sizzix dies to make my folkart pillows, hangings and penny rugs with..I have another order coming soon..I got some great deals on ebay..gotta love ebay for the deals..they can't be beat..;)
can't wait to use the tree for spring and summer.
a cabin in the woods with a fire going..)
an owl in a haunted tree..I will show more of these as I get them...well I went to the doctors yesterday for my pre-screening..they are only doing the one kidney..the left one..guess it is precautionary only to do the one..if anything happens to it..I still have the second one..gosh I had no idea that was a possibility..not looking forward to this procedure as I don't like being laid up..but hoping it is a breeze and I am not in a lot of pain..any way everything went is a beautiful hospital and clean and orderly..really impressed.:) so that is comforting.;) I went to my friends shelf relience party last night..and sampled more of the goodies..the brownie mix is awesome..I have that already..but got to taste them last night..with some of the raspberrys made into a sauce with a hint of whip cream on top..oh YUM!!!..they also had taco soup that was made completely from the food storage..couldn't tell it was food was good..and I talked a couple into having a party..I told them how well I they are doing one as well..I am ordering more of the strawberries, raspberries and some other goodies..I have 2 more parties to go will get a few things to add to my food storage..

not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post..I asked hubby what he meant about stores only having 3 days of food and this is what he said:The average grocery store stocks approximatively 3 normal shopping days of food by this they mean if a store did not receive any deliveries within 3 normal shopping days the shelves would be empty, this does not account for panic buying where stores have been emptied within a couple of hours when hurricane are predicted to come ashore, If we had a big natural disaster there is a good chance the stores would be bought or looted empty within a few hours.
I don't know about you..but I want to have my own stock on hand and get the food now while pricing is still affordable..folks we have started seeing prices going up..and we may not be able to afford to buy any I say get prepared the food in your freezer will only last so long..but this canned food storage will last up to 30 years..(opened only a 1+ year)..but you get the idea..
well I hope you all have a great weekend...Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..;) I love hearing from you...:)
p.s. I found a great site that has some great crafting ideas for you and the kids.;)factory direct.


  1. I love your garden gate too! You are doing so well with the walking, so proud of you!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love your garden gate..I am waiting for the weather to get a little warmer so I can plant some Rose Bushes out in front...Did you get the Chickens I mailed to you? Hope you like them. Just finished another quilt and about to start cutting for the next one :)

  3. Gina, I love the entry to your garden, very clever use of spare parts! Your hubby deserves a big pat on the back!
    Don't worry about the surgery. God will be watching over you and we will all be praying for you. They are professionals who do this kind of surgery every day. I will also be praying for a speedy recovery.
    Love you, GF!

  4. Love your garden trellis!! Have a great weekend.

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