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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ProJeCts FiNiSheD, MoRE SiZZix LoVe & FuNNiEs...

Good Morning everyone!!! hope your tuesday is off to a great is chilly and rainy not going walking again today..hoping to get out a couple of times this week..but not sure due to the weather..I hate walking in cold nasty going to build a fire and watch my recorded programs and sew..I have some ideas up my sleeve of what I want to gotta get them cut out and then I am set..I took this photo just moments ago...Sunny is my little blogging buddy..maybe she needs to start blogging or be a guest blogger sometime..she is sitting right next to can see my flower pjs..;) when I go down stairs she will follow me..and sit on my lap while I sew..:) I love these babies of ours..they bring such joy into our lives..and she is a love child..loves to be held, kissed and cuddled..if I ignore her..she will tap me on my arm till she gets my attention..she nurses hubbys neck..has since she was a baby...her tail gets all fluffy and the purrs are out of this world..and she drools on his is most precious!!!
I made some cute wool felt owls..I finished this one up yesterday....
and this one this morning..they are door stops...they are weighted with those white pellets you get at the craft store..I love how they turned out and want to make more....
here is the dynamic duo together..they will be going in my etsy shoppe when I am done here..
I got another order of sizzix in the mail yesterday..I can't wait to start using these..I have ideas swirling around my head..can't wait to use both of the gingerbread house..
that is a sun on the left and clouds..
a puppy and a little campfire..going to make it a fire with a fireplace and stockings hanging and a tree nearby..doesn't this sound wonderful..can't wait to start it...but I have an idea for a very good blogging buddys birthday that I need to start..the idea just hit me a couple of minutes ago..I am so excited to start it and hope its like I envision.;)

well that is it for me today..I hope you all have a great day today..thank you for all the wonderful comments and support throughout this kidney ordeal..I went to the doctors yesterday for my knee..said theres really nothing to be done..unless its so bad I can't stand the pain..right now it only hurts walking down hopefully with exercise and weightloss it should improve..he said the kidney stones are going to be not looking forward to the next couple of weeks..when I actually start passing them..will keep you posted,...just hope they give me great painkillers to help with that..and I hope to be able to go walking..just don't want to be kept down..I just gotta trust in the lord that he will take great care of me..:)


  1. Sunny is so cuddly looking. I saw in one of your other posts that she likes to kneed your lap. Too cute! So when you go in for surgery they are only doing one kidney? Are they just going to let the ones in the other side pass themselves? My son had kidney stones for a while, but they're all gone now. It was quite painful.

  2. That was me. Must have been signed in under my other google account.

  3. Love your kitty - love your owls! What the heck is Sissix? Good luck with your surgery-my friend suffers with stones and I know the pain can be terrible. ~*~Lisa

  4. Hey the was so good to hear from you...yes I am finally back home and my parents are doing good..we are trying to get things back to 'normal'...especially the yard so much was destroyed. I gained so much weight last year so I joined Weight Watcher's on line the first of the year and I am loving it...hope you get to feeling better soon...take care girl and thanks so much for coming by...Picket

  5. I just found your blog and I see we share a love of cats. Best of luck with your kidney stones. I had three of them several years ago. Mine were mostly caused from taking calcium supplements so I stopped.

  6. Those owls are so cute, reminded me of X the owl from Mr. Rodger's neighborhood, LOL!!! Hope the knee calms down for you, you have enough going on:( Sending love and prayers your way!

  7. I never tease. I get teased. I am anti-tease myself.
    Love the owls. I made some for Sara last year as tree ornaments. I found some cute pics on Etsy and just copied them. They were felt and fun.
    Mike's niece gets kidney stones and she says they hurt like a b.......
    You have my sympathy and my prayers. Is Mike taking time off to take care of you? If I were closer, I'd take care of you!

  8. Hello,I have been following your blog for sometime.And I love all of your penny rugs/wool crafts they are adorable.I just wanted to let you know you will be in my thoughts.

  9. Ah, Gina,
    so sorry for the pain. Gosh that is awful. I personally have not had to deal with kidney stones but family has and they are horrible. I hope they pass quickly.
    Knees bother you as well? I hope/pray you get relief from that as well. It is hard getting old huh?
    Sorry we haven't gotten together yet. Been really busy with Mom and this heart thing. I hope someday soon I will catch a break and we can meet up:)
    Have a wonderful week

  10. Gina,
    Congrats on being one of the winners of my giveaways. I didn't email you for your address since I already have it. I hope to mail everyone's goodies out on Friday. Keeping you in my prayers.

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  12. Darn on the weather and the walking. I'm having the same problem! Stupid weather!

    Sunny is adorable! That's so sweet she nurses. We have 7 that "nurse" like that or on something special they like but only if we are attached to that something. LOL! It's funny how some cats do that and others don't.

    Love the owls!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  13. Oh I just love your owls! What a great idea ~ making doorstops!
    Sunny is a sweetie. I've always wanted an orange tabby...but other colored kitties found me instead. I did rescue an orange tabby stray a few years ago but my resident cats did not approve (plus he had FIV poor thing) so he's at a no-kill cat sanctuary in Iowa living a spoiled peaceful life!
    Hope the kidney issues resolve soon. That sounds painful! Happy Thursday! purrs...

  14. Be sure & ask for pain killers. Last Sept. I had them in both of my kidney's & the tube to my bladder & ended up in surger with complications weeks after. This week I had my 6 month appointment. All shows no kidney stones in either kidney yet. I have been drinking lemon aide made with real lemons. Three gallons a week. The doctor said it would keep them from forming. All I can say is he must be right. No stones 3 or 6 months after surgery. Your owls are a hoot. Prayers lifted for you.