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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WhoSe ReaDy To PLaY a LittLe BiNgo.;)

Hey Everyone!!! I hope you didn't think I forgot about you good pal Sarah stole me away for shopping today..thought we were going on friday..(we still are) but we did some running around today...and run we some fun stuff to share....but first I wanted to show you what I finished up last night..I made a cute cat penny rug of sorts..more of a folkart rug I guess..This is based off a chestnut junction design..;) This will be going up on my etsy site as soon as I get done posting here.;)

We hit alot of stores today..and my favorite thing today is my new square now I can make square penny rugs..I can't wait..on friday I am getting the oblong one..;) got to use my 40% discount coupon..gotta love those coupons..;)
you get 7 different sizes..i can't wait to get some wool cut and get started..
we hit value village today and I also picked up 3 wool sweaters to felt so I can use those for penny rugs..the one above is a nice warm mustard gold and is my favorite..;)

I got this really neat wooden skillet..and I love it..not sure why..think I am going to sand it down and paint something on it..not sure...what do you think?
I also got a cute white/blue enamelware will go in one of Carols wooden shelves..:)
I picked up some heart pans...Sarah and I are splitting this..she is getting one big pan and 2 little ones..guess I should make some pantry cakes..but definitely a cake for valentines for sure..gotta do something right..we just don't do any of the holidays..never really have..thanksgiving and christmas and easter are the only three we really go all out for..;)
I picked up this little piggy for my friend Kimmy whom I haven't seen since october....if you are reading this Kimmy we need to get together...cause I miss you.;)_
don't you love these utensils..will have to use these for the 4th of july..hopefully we will have a get together and we can use these for a the red and the stars..and I can also use them when I have my little parties too.;)
I love this sign..its a little more country then I like but it will go on the front porch and will serve its if I can only get the furry babies to do this..I'd be in business.;)
last but not least they had a bag of this glorious fiberfill at the thrift was $4.00..I purchased the big boxes on amazon and I have never used this stuff before...only the joanns stuff and I will tell you..I love this stuff..everyone had been talking about..and I'm like its just stuffing..oh it is so different then regular packs really it!!! if you haven't tried it you must..;) we hit a bakery outlet store today and got some great deals on bread etc..and we hit grocery outlet as well..again some great deals..Value Village was fun..I love searching for stuff to redo or get a great bargain..:) Okay I have made you wait long enough..are you ready for your 2 words today? and no one better shout out Bingo today..or you are in trouble.;)

Whiskers on kittens
fresh cut grass
okay that is it for me today..I am starting the whisk broom is going to be fun and I can't wait to make more of them..will definitely be doing some machine embroidery on some of them as well..;) could do a whole seasonal thing.;)I hope your wednesday was a good one..we had another beautiful sunny day and I am amazed at all the new "growth" on things comming up..I can't wait to see it all bloom...would be neat to see it all bloom at once..just to see it..but I do like the sporadicness of blooming..keeps it fresh and new.;) have a wonderful evening and I will see you tomorrow.;) earlier too.:)


  1. Love the kitty pennyrug and what a bargain with that Morning Glory fiberfill!

  2. Wow...all that wonderful stuff you found Gina...I've been trying not to go to the thrift store...if I do I can ONLY get 1 thing I can absolutely use...LOL My poor little apartment is going to be stuffed with stuff! Love the sweet!

  3. WOW! What a day! The kitty penny rug turned out really cute. :)
    I have never been to value village but-now-I-want-to-go-to-there. I love the morning glory stuffing, too. It's so funny that you would say "it's only stuffing" cause that's exactly what I used to say!
    And I can't wait to see what you do with that wooden frying pan - too cute!

  4. BINGO....LOL, just kidding;) Don't think I've ever seen a wooden skillet in my life but it is unique! Love the new project and sounds like you had a fun day:)

  5. You really found some wonderful bargains. I love them all. I am excited about this bingo......keep on posting. Blessings!

  6. Gina, I am such a goofball. I forgot to keep a copy of my list. This is my first bingo game. I hope I get better at it. Can you send me a copy of my letter, please?
    Love that kitty penny...great color. Your machine is awesome!
    And I love the mustard sweater as well!
    I found a skillet similar. I painted it colonial red, primmed it and hung it with a piece of leather. I think you'll like it!

  7. Nothing like a good day of junkin...
    You found some great treasures. I also love new Kitten Penny Rug, good luck with your brooms.

  8. OOOOO-you got some awesome goodies!!
    The spellbinder dies cut more then paper?? AWESOME!!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Love your kitty rug - too cute - and yes, Morning Glory is the only fiberfill for me - I struggled through at Christmastime using a box of 'other' stuff and I will never do that again.
    Have a great day enjoying your treasures.

  10. Hi Gina: love all your bargain finds-that's always a fun kinda day... and that kitty penny is sweet! I'm always on the lookout for large wool sweaters too but can't seem to find any lately....boohiss...i didn't get either word...maybe next time...

  11. Gina
    you always find, so many goodies!Something about the wood skillet, different>>I like it!
    The penny rug, cute!
    enjoy the day

  12. Surprised you're not keeping the kitty penny rug.Glad you got a girlfriend day that's always a treat.Warm Blessings!~Amy