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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LaSt DaY to SiGn Up foR GiVeAwAY..;)

Hello there!!! today is you last day to sign up for my giveaway..see 2 posts down to read the rule and sign up if you are have till midnight tonight to send me your list of 20 words.;) In the mail yesterday I received 3 packages in the mail..they came so quickly..I got the pattern for the broom penny folkart covers..i can't wait to do this and make up some of my own designs now that I have the pattern..
my fabric came as well..and I have used it already..shown below..;)
love this came with my wool felt that I purchased below...

I love all this wool..and she has some wonderful check her out..I have enough to keep me busy for a while...
This is what I finished up on sunday night..and today I put the backing on it..shown below..
I love how it turned out..this pillow will be going on my etsy site..I have another penny rug in the works and will be finished with it tonight..its for cat lovers and has kind of a valentine theme..but you could leave it out all year long..Well that is it for me..Oh I received my first Valentine card from a fellow blogger..Thank you Theanne for making my day.:)
okay I hope your tuesday was a wonderful one..gotta get something else to make..I love keeping busy on the couch at night..Oh did any one watch "lost Valentine" on Sunday was done by was such a wonderful show..I cried..;)..loved it..;) well that is it for me..take care and welcome to my newest followers.;) don't forget to sign up..we have 19 signed up so far..a nice group.;)the games start tomorrow...:>)


  1. Cant wait to play!i love your new felt.the colors are just perfect .Im sure your gonna make lots of pretties.see ya in the morning.blessings and hugs michelle

  2. Gina,
    You are a busy one!
    Have fun with the wool and patterns.

  3. Hi Gina - Love the wool - where did you purchase it?

  4. Love the pillow and you are getting quite the wool collection;) I missed that movie but my cousin was telling me about how good it was, I'll watch for it to be on again:)We are having freezing rain here supposed to last all night and well into tomorrow, UGH!

  5. ready! can't wait!
    Love the wool! your pillow is super nice!

  6. Love that pillow! I missed the Hallmark special. I was really bummed about that. :(
    Can't wait for the bingo game to start. I've got my words taped to the fridge! LOL!

  7. Gina, I love the way your pillow turned out - that fabric is great for the backing. I watched that movie and it was great - so sweet.


  8. Can't wait to start the game...sent my list today. Love how the pillow turned out.

    This ice storm is no fun...a branch came down and hit our daughter's car. far, we still have our power, but the lights have been flickering. Thinking we will lose it before tomorrow morning. It's been very scary hearing the branches and trees coming down. Wonder what it will look like around here in the morning.

  9. I thought I had taped that show, but I didn't. Hoping they will replay it. Pretty pillow. Love the fabric on the back also.

  10. How nice the penny fabric. I have never seen any. The wool felt looks so soft. Many pretty pieces. The broom penny cover pattern is cool. I will be looking for yours. Blessings!