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Monday, January 31, 2011

AHHhhHH WoNdeRfuL GloRioUs MoNdaY..;)

Good Morning everyone!!! hope you had a great weekend..Hubby is off on saturdays now till probably May then its back to Tuesday - Saturdays getting used to having him home..but he is the weekend Breakfast maker..and this weekend I got spoiled..will tell you more about it down in the post..Saturday I started this little pillow above..I used a chestnut junction pattern and this is what I came up with..remember those penny rug fabrics..I think the brown one will be used for the backing of this pillow..this will go up on my etsy site when it is finished.;)
I finished up my americana penny rug and it is posted in my etsy if anyone is interested..I have made 10 penny type items since christmas...and I am looking for my next project today.;) I am hooked..
On Friday hubby came home with 5 fresh crabs from the same guy that gave him some last year...he caught too many and asked hubby if he wanted them..heck yea..hubby priced these at the store and they are pretty this was a nice hubby found a good recipe from Paula Dean no doubt and made us to die for crab cakes..we made 13 of them with left overs to make something I took my good pal Sarah over 6..oh I wish I had would have loved these..although they are alot of work..hubby said it was all worth it..he spent 6 hours preparing these as he had to cook them..and then get the meat out of them..we don't have the proper tools..guess I need to get him some..we used red pepper and no dipping sauce and I used canola oil..
when I was dropping off Sarahs crab cakes she was showing me her organized craft room and she pulled out this sweet dress and offered it to me..I think I am going to stain this and hang it up.;)
look at all that detail..;)
she also gave me a is the detail on it..well the sun is finally making its is supposed to be nice this week...might lay another truck load of bark..will see how that goes..gotta get little Po-Po out for sure and load up those food dishes for the squirrels and birds..she has to have something to look at while she's out there..
Remember tomorrow at midnight is the deadline to get me your 20 words to play bingo for my see the post before this one and sign up...but besure to read the rules of playing...I will start drawing 2 words on wednesday and the first person with all 20 words drawn wins my prize..have a wonderful day every one.;)


  1. Love the penny rugs. Lucky you~a hubby that cooks. His crab cakes look so yummy.

    Have a wonderful week~Becky

  2. Oh Gina...crab cakes...crab cakes...oh the torture...what a dear your hubby make you such a lovely meal!

  3. You'd have a lot fewer crab cakes if I'd been around, by golly! I love crab.

    Ali x

  4. Darling pillow. You won't believe this but I've never had crab cakes and probably never will but yours do look yummy. What a nice friend to give you that beautiful dress. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I love your kitty Valentine.

  5. That little dress is so beautiful! OH how I would love to get out and about on my property, but still buried in the snow and more coming tomorrow, freezing rain in AM turning to all snow in afternoon, GOOD GRIEF! Hope your having a great day:)

  6. yeaaaa it IS sunny today! I have the door open at work! so guess that just means a whole lot of garden work for you!!! and BINGO again, glad I didn't miss it!!

  7. Your pillow is very nice. I love that little dress, it is gorgeous. All your penny rugs are so pretty. You have really been getting a lot done. Your crab cakes look good but I have never been able to develop a liking for crab. I love most all other seafood though. Hope you have a great week. Hugs

  8. Yummy crab cakes. How I love them but it's hard to find good ones---with actual crab meat in them! Those look scrumptious. The little dress almost looks like an eyelet Christening gown. So adorable.

  9. Oh, my! fresh crab!? do you know how impossible it is here in the midwest to get good crab? you are so lucky!
    the little dress is beautiful!!!!

  10. What an adorable dress!! Love the pillow that you are working on... very prim and cute!! And I love all your penny rugs too!!
    I'll work on the other design that you need later this evening...heading out to the salon to have my daugther color my hair. One has to look pretty during an ice storm...LOL...
    Need to pick my words out for bingo when I get home too.

  11. Oh My, wish I could get some fresh crabs! Lucky Gal....
    One of the many things that I miss about Florida!
    Love the Penny Rugs..

  12. Gina, your needlework is awesome! I love that Americana penny rug! Your crab cakes look delicious - one of my favorites. How great to have a hubby that cooks - mine does too.


  13. Mmmmmm crabcakes.I've been thinking of making them for 2 weeks but it's $35 a pound and that makes like 4 or 5 so I'll wait till it goes on sale.The pillows will be neat with that fabric backing.The dress from you friend is sweet.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  14. I've never had crab cakes but those look good. You don't see crab meat in the middle of the prairies. Beef yes, good fish, not so much.

    I enjoy seeing all your craftiness and the cute kitties too! =)

  15. Gina,

    Love the americana penny rug. The crab cakes look so yummy. We use MD blue crabs here to make ours. I'll have to dig out my recipe and make me up some...think I have a pound of crab meat in the freezer.

    Sent ya my words...


  16. Gina,
    I just love crabcakes. They look Delish. What kind of crabs do you get?

  17. Crab Cakes ! I love crab cakes .. with all the spices and yummy ingredients.. oh, ... man ! they look so good !

    Wish you didn't live all the way on the other side of the country !


  18. The crabcakes looks so yummy. It is super nice to have a hubby that cooks......I love the little dress and your idea to make it look older. Looks as if you have much to keep you busy....Blessings! I have my list already.

  19. I love those penny rugs...and the dress too! Can't wait for bingo...not a fan of seafood but they look good; I'd make em' with chicken instead :) my husband looooves seafood but I don't cook it too much; an occasional shrimp dish.

  20. Love the vintage child's dress. It will even more adorable after you prim it with coffee and vanilla and bake it in the oven. We are right in the path of this latest storm, ice and snow, oh nooooooo.

  21. Wow honey you covered everything in this post. Beautiful pieces to
    I have been trying to update my Temptaion page. I may just have to create a whole new blog to get it the way I want it.
    I was hoping to have it where you guys could put your work on there on post. Does that make sense.
    Anyway I will keep working on it till I get it right

  22. I want a crabcake NOW!!!! Drool!!

    The dress is gorgeous--it would look wonderful on a primitive angel doll (with maybe a piece of vintage molding as wings.....)