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Friday, January 28, 2011

800th PosT...You Know What ThaT MeAns.>)

Good evening everyone..;) how the heck are you? I hope your weekend is off to a great start..I went and did some running around yesterday and it felt good to get out of the house. I don't go out that much..cause I would rather be at home..doing my sewing or blogging.;) so I decided since the weather was decent I would get my running around done and groceries done too..I wanted to show you what I have been working on..I started these two penny rugs last year and never finished at night on the couch I am sewing on the pennys..I am almost done with the one above..
I finished this one up last night and took it to my luncheon today to show the girls what I have been up too..and my friend Mindee loved the colors and she just had to have it.;) so I guess I will make more of these as I love the colors too..but I will add a different halloween design..I have several I am itching to stitch that will give me something to do at night too..the pennys may change colors as I don't have that purple..but something similiar..I love the mustard background and it has the same for the backing../
I made rocky road brownies for today..we also had chicken enchiladas..oh they were so good..I brought home more for our dinner I don't need to cook..gotta love leftovers...
I was surfing ebay for penny rug ideas and or patterns and for some wool..and came across these 3 pieces of fabric..I love I got a yard of each..I want to make penny rug pillows and use this as the backing...I love these..;)

I stopped at walmart to get these whisk brooms....
because I found this wonderful pattern on ebay that I purchased and the broom came with I am going to make a bunch of these and use my own designs as well and sale these..I am so excited about these..of course I will be keeping this one...cause it has a cat after all.;>)

I also picked up this movie at walmart for $ was one of my favorites as a kid and I had a crush on Stewart Peterson as a kid...he was in Tiger beat and I wrote him a letter telling him I loved him..we are the same age..I never did hear back from;)
I also picked me up this new and bigger food processor..I have a little one and I have to do things in batches..what a I picked this one up and put the other one away for my garage sale..I was moving stuff around in my drawers and sliced my first finger (my sewing finger) on my mandolin..oh boy did it bleed..I didn't think I would be able to sew last night..but I got in my rythem and my finger is just bled for a while though...damn mandolin..those things are sharp...
Hey Linda if you are reading this..can you see your penny rug? yes Sillie Millie decided to lay down on it...but you can sort of see;) I promise you will love it.;)
I forgot to take some photos of the other stuff Linda sent me...she gave me these americana items..I don't do americana that much in my home..but my little sister sure she will be getting these for her birthday...she loves and decorates in americana.;)
and she sent these wonderfully smelling soy melts..I love the cute little prim bags..
I put one here...
and the other here..;)
Say Kids what time is it? if you said its "GiVeaWay Time" you would be right..this is my 800th post and my 3 year blogaversary is coming up the first week of next this is a great time for a giveaway..and I was racking my brain on what I could do..and you all have been wishing for spring to get I thought a cute spring giveaway is in order..You will get a bottle of coconut room spray, 2 bags of spring themed salt dough cookies in those little cello bags..a set of flour sack towels that you can use for towels..bread making or use them for cafe curtains..and a cute little spring greetings towel that is embroidered (machine) by me...

okay here are the rules..This is for my current followers now..I don't want you signing up to be a follower just to get the prize..and you must have commented on my blog at least 5 times in the be honest.;)
I am doing the Bingo game again..the words are spring themed...I will give you till tuesday to get your words picked and email me back your list of words (so there is no cheating)..the first person to get all the words wins bingo!!! I will start posting 2 words on Wednesday February you must have sent me your list by the 1st of february...till midnight is email address is pick 20 words from this list and email me your list..
Now let the games begin..;)
whiskers on kittens
longer days
new life
easter candy
chocolate bunnies
jelly beans
veggie gardens
baby lambs
Jesus' birthday
tax time
st. Paddys day
day lights savings
my birthday (may)
mothers day
yard sales
dying eggs
easter egg hunt
baby chicks
green thumb
seed catalogs
fresh cut grass
easter bonnet
first day of spring

have a wonderful weekend everyone..and let the games begin..;)

Here are you remember to pick 20 and emaill me your list..


  1. WOW 800 posts, congrats!!!! I love those little whisk brooms, so cute! love all you got from Linda and now I'm gonna go choose my words:D Have a fantabulous weekend!!!!

  2. Congratulations on such a successful blog life......I love the whisk broom pattern. Who would have thought a broom could look so good. I hope I understand your rules for the give away. Blessings!

  3. Oh yeah I love BINGO!!!!!!I got my words picked and Im off to email ya!congrats on them many amazing posts sweetie!blessings michelle

  4. Holy Moly, that is a lot of posts!
    I love the whisk broom cover! I
    am going to get my list right off
    to you...Also, I bet those brownies
    are to die for! I love the penny rug and the p. rug material, how cute!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Congratulations!!!!
    Always enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing your creative ideas. I will pick out my Bingo Words, sounds like a lot of fun, you are so sweet.....
    Prim Blessings

  6. Gina,
    Love the whisk broom pattern...too cute!!
    Congrats on 800 posts!! I'm just about to hit 300.
    I emailed you what you were needing for your swap.

  7. Whew! Great post! Love the brownies, the penny rugs and really love the broom idea! Those are wonderful! Congrats on your 800th post. Not sure if I have commented five times or not, have fun with it though! Great idea!


  8. Congratulations on 800 post! I love the Bingo but I am horrible at it! lol

    Your penny rugs are beautiful!
    Debbie K

  9. the whisk broom idea is too cute!!! hey,ya just gotta love walmart's $5.00 movies.

  10. I've never seen whisk brooms done up like that! Love them and can't wait to see what designs you come up with for them. Your penny rugs are awesome and I'm excited to see the pillows you do with those wonderful fabrics. I'm e-mailng you with my bingo words right now! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Hi Gina: I really enjoyed reading this post...congrats on 800 of them!! I loooove the penny rug fabric! Your penny rugs are gorgeous (esp with all that stitching too)! I have been meaning to get some done....Cool wisk broom creation...I love mexican food too...could eat it everyday!...have you made any dishes using crushed green chiles? Awesome flavor to chili, burritos, tacos, etc...What a fun giveaway!!

  12. I guess I never looked for whisk brooms at Wal Mart! Those covers are awesome!
    3 years! I'm closing in that myself. OM gosh--it will be 4 in April! Crazy! I didn't even realize.
    I am so happy to have found you and I do so enjoy our relationship here. Thanks for being my friend! btw~ perfect color of green.......
    I missed the last game of bingo. Won't make that mistake again!
    Share your brownie recipe?
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hi! 800 posts? With all the incredible things you do and share, I would have thought you'd have at least 3200! Love those whisk brooms! And I love where you placed your little stuffs around the house. Always inspiring! Makes me want to go around a rearrange some stuff her today. I think I will...after I email you my list.

  14. Wow Carmen! 800 posts! A big congratulations to you.
    Those whisk brooms are too cute!
    Love the BINGO idea and I'll be mailing my words to you soon. Thanks for offering this fun giveaway!

  15. OH MY GOSH - How stupid can I be!!! I wrote Carmen instead of GINA! I'm so sorry...I've been brain-dead all morning! I was visiting a few other blogs and boy, did I mess up - SO SORRY Dear...

  16. hi, Gina
    Wow 800 posts>>3 years!
    You have a wonderful blog!I so enjoy checking out what you are up to!It is always alot!LOL So busy!
    I so love the whisk broom>>adorable!
    Your cat, so cute!
    have a great day

  17. I love your penny rugs! 800 posts...W0W!!!!! I look forward to reading your post each day. Love reading all about the kitties and Tucker...your recipes are awesome...thanks for sharing them.

  18. 800 posts that's a WOWZER Gina! Love the penny rug with the flag. And I have 29 posts...LOL I've just barely paid my blogging dues *smile* Aren't Walmarts $5 movies the best...I always check the racks every time I go. What a great 800 posts post! I look forward to the next 800! BTW I "hung" my sweet Yaya Prim Dollie on the wall, nicely of course (not around the neck)...I wanted her up where I could see her all the time...she's close to Kitty she has company!

  19. Hi Gina
    I love the penny rugs you do..but the best ones for me are the wisk broom pattern..I am sure your ideas will be your giveaway idea too..X

  20. Love the halloween stitchery penny mat.This sounds like fun.Off to email ya my words.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  21. I've been eyeing that penny rug printed fabric for a long time now too. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  22. i am excited about your bingo game! :) love those whisk brooms too! :) those brownies look scrumptious! i am wanting some sweets!

  23. Wow Gina,
    You're on a Roll. 800 posts! Good for you.
    I love the penny rugs. I wish I had more time for a new craft.
    I'll be emailing you my 20 words. It's going to be fun. Thanks!

  24. Gina, congrats on 800+ posts and your three year anniversary! Love the penny rugs and whisk broom cover.


  25. I love your BINGO GAMES!!!!!! even if I never win!!!

  26. Gina,

    Oh I love bingo! I'll be emailing you my words in a minute. Congrats girl on making 800 posts! You are one dedicated blogger! I love the penny rugs...they are cute.

    The brownies look delicious even if I can't have them.


  27. COngrats Gina!!! 800 post WOW!!!
    Count me in, I will email you my words! OLM

  28. Gina,
    COngrats on 800 posts.

    I LOVE those whisk brooms and I am inspired to do one myself. As soon as I saw it I got an idea in my head!

    Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful crafts!