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Thursday, January 27, 2011

WoW its BeEn A coUpLe of DayS...;)

Gooooood Afternoon!!!! Hey everyone..sorry its been a while since I have posted.been busy I guess or had nothing important..on Tuesday night I decided to try out a new recipe..I have been watching some really good cooking programs Alex's day off and Mad hungry..and I love both of these gals..well this one is by Alex's day off and I will tell you it is is Eggplant Parmigiana and there is a bit of prep work..but so worth it..we had it last night as leftovers and there is still some left..give it a shot..;)
This is what I woke up to this morning..last night I could hear the Ferry fog horns at around it must have been foggy even then..I do so love me a foggy morning..;)
This is what I did yesterday..we had a gorgeous day and on days like this, ya gotta pounce on I picked up a load of park that I paid for back in November...this is the side portion in the front yard..some of you will remember..I ripped this all out last fall..and the last thing to go is the big holly it..but don't love the mess..might turn this into a veggie garden..or container one..

it feels so good to have it all done..;) I also get a 1/2 yard of bark for free because of all we purchased last I will add to that 1/2 yard and get a full yard and finish up in the back..might tackle it this weekend if the weather permits.;) this really helps keep the weeds down..and that is great because on all 4 sides of me..they don't care about taking care of their this helps..I haven't been out all winter and there are no here or there..but not hours of I have my jump start to spring..and this is also a great time to bark before anything has peeked its way up through..much harder to do this job when the plants are big..this way I can just dump..and dump I did..this took pretty much the full yard..took me 3 hours..
I barked this portion in our back yard..these are all primroses, one hydranga and a couple of foxgloves..the primroses are already starting to bloom..;)
This is another part I barked in..still have behind the tree to do..I have forget me knots and lavendar plants tulips are starting to peek out in the terracotta pot in the upper right corner of the photo..
pics of the front yard...
That big Rhodie in the front there is going..I a flowering apple tree and it is crowding it..I have 2 other rhodies..if I can get this out root and all I will replant..but I kind think its just going to be cut down..there is another tree off to the right (not shown) that is going as well..not sure what it is..but it creates a huge mess..and I am tired of cleaning up messes and raking all those leaves..I need simplicity..;)
my hydranga is budding..
my helebore is in bloom in the front yard..
here are my chives in the garden..they are won't be long till I get the garden tilled and ready for planting..probably by march 1st..;) I love a clean tidy is still wet but lots of things are coming up..including the grape hyachinths, and autumn joy has little buds in the ground..I do love spring to see all that is coming back..
Yesterday when I came home from picking up my bark..I had 2 packages from my good pal Linda of Parkers Paradise..she and I are doing a swap..I am making her a penny rug and a rolling pin sleeve..almost done with the penny rug..she sent me these two absolutely to die for repro firkins..that are actually ice buckets..she redid them..and Linda you outdid your self!!! I am so in love with the colors..I hope to add to these in graduated sizes..I took off the lid of the mustard colored one and the red one fits purfectely on it.;)
she also had these packed with lots of goodies..I forgot to take photos of the little bags that smell wonderful..but she sent all of this...
I love those little stained socks.she sent glasses..not sure how to use those yet..and rusty bells and rusty keys..
and I love all of these copper molds..each one is different..guess I need to try my hand at those pantry cakes..Thank you so much totally spoiled me rotten..;) I will have your stuff out by next week.;)
I have to show you who is in my room with me little Sunny Bunny.;) she is truly my little blogging/couch buddy...she reminds me of one of those baby seals....
and then I look down and she is inching closer to me..speaking of which..she just walked in the room again for a quick pet and a love..oh she loves to be loved.;)
Here is our baby Po-po..she loves to eat the raffia on my carrots that are sitting on the table..she's always chewing on something..the little stinker..she got to go out yesterday to enjoy nature..hoping to get her out again enjoy the day.;) is starting to get sunny..well its trying anyway...haven't decided if I want to go pick up a few grocerys or not..Tomorrow we have a luncheon with some gals from church...I am making rocky road brownies and my friend is making chicken enchiladas...;) should be tasty...I am on facebook where you can sell stuff on line..I sold 5 of my patterns so I will be digging into my craft stash and putting more up there.. I have way tooooo much and it needs to go...its called Just prim Yard Sales..;) check it will become addicted..) I have a few things to share hopefully tomorrow..I purchased some neat fabric on ebay and a really neat penny rug pattern..I am so excited to get this one started..cause I know all of you will want one..;) I hope you all have a great thursday..and thanks for stopping by and saying he and welcome to my newest followers..oh and my next post is my 800th.;) I gotta get something for my giveaway..its going to be bingo again..I love playing bingo..;)


  1. Hiya! I noticed that you had been visiting over at BittersweetnPrim - and asked about painting countertops.
    When I redid my sewing room back in the Fall, I painted my countertop. It had been an ugly pink bargain center one we bought years ago, but with my revamped room, I really wanted to change it alot - so I looked up online how to paint laminate countertop...and I believe I posted the link for it back in September...let me see if I can find it for you and I'll email you with it. It takes a couple of days to complete, but I just love how mine turned out.

  2. Hey Gina,

    I was wondering where you disappeared too. You sure have been busy. No signs of spring fact old man winter finally made a big appearance with 12" of the white stuff! Yuck is all I can say! I want spring so bad!

    The eggplant parma looks good but I can't eat things like that yet. Still on my "new" diet and getting back to feeling good. So for now, I will stick with it. Lost a few pounds too! Now that's a good thing!

    Love seeing your kitties and all the goodies you got. The firkins are really nice. Linda did a great job redoing them.


  3. Here's the link dear - scroll down on my post and you will see a website where you can read up on the process -

  4. oh my goodness Gina .I cant believe you have stuff coming up already.We are still covered with snow but that is my fav part of spring to just see all the stuff blooming back.I planted a bunch of more bulbs in the fall so Im defienately in for a treat.the yard is looking so good,seems just like yesterday you were doing all that clean worth it!dinners lookin yummy,were havin sloppy joes tonight since one has driving school and the other is cheering at a game.easy peasy night for me.the firkins are great.I just love linda!she such a special lady.have a great weekend.blessings michelle

  5. Hi Gina, I couldn't help noticing how lovely and green it is where you are. Oh my, how pretty! Love your blog and will check back often!

  6. I've never tried eggplant parma before, but I love Italian so I'm going to copy your recipe.

    How wonderful to be able to get out this early and get a head start on Spring planting!


  7. WOW Gina, signs of Spring... We got more snow today.... We are at least 2 months from any signs of spring..... OLM

  8. It looks like spring there. All those little plants growing up in the beautiful rick dark bark. I love your rock walk way. We just got another snow storm last night & much of today. Still a winter wonder land here. You have a great jump start to your pretty garden. Blessings!

  9. Ok>>Iam sorry but all I seen in your post was the garden! Seriously love>>>love it so cute!!!!
    But seen the cats & food!LOL

    Living in OHio you have me in total shock over planting!!!I know we live in different parts of the country>>but yes still shocks me>>now I am ready to push the snow away & say come on spring!
    thanks so much for a great post

  10. Buds & Blooms & Chives, OH MY!!! Nothing alive here except for snow, LOL! Love the stuff Linda sent you and the eggplant looks yummy! Your yard looks awesome as always:)

  11. My good gravy! We won't be seeing anything so nice for 2 months! It did melt a little today but there is plenty of snow left. Actually blooming plants? Is it that nice there every year? I am so envious. Of course, when it gets nice here, it is really awesome. I am trying to be patient waiting for my lilacs.....
    Not looking forward to all that yard work. You have made amazing changes to your landscape.
    Your faux firkins look great in your kitchen. I put my glasses on an open book on the dresser. It gives the sense that someone was reading and just left.(?) I think it looks cool. I haven't used my copper molds yet. I sent alot of those out. I hope you love them. Soy tart melts? I thought I threw some in?
    You'll have to post when you do this counter painting. My bathroom has pink countertop and I really want to change it up!

  12. Everything around here is still asleep in bed under a blanket of snow. How wonderful to see your buds and blooms coming up. Makes me want Spring even more. Blessings and enjoy that yardwork.

  13. Hey Gina, the lasagna sounds your gifts from Linda, your kitties are so sweet and your yard is going to be in great shape by spring...boy are you one busy lady!

  14. I remember when you worked so hard last year and ripped all that stuff out. You are still working I see and it is paying off. Your yard is going to be beautiful this year.

    That egg plant dish looks so yummy. I have not prepared anything with eggplant in some time. I need to do that, I love eggplant.

    Sunny Bunny and Po Po are pretty little furries. Hugs

  15. Your kitties are adorable!!

    Love the firkins!! I have one like was for cookies. But the stack in my dining room are all real firkins.

    Sure wish that I could see the grass chance of that as it is snowing again here!!

  16. You sure are a busy gal! I'm so jealous you can work outside already and things are budding! We won't hav that till mid to late April! What you call "barking", we call "mulching"! Every year we put down the mulch for a weed free garden and it looks so pretty and finished! Your eggplant looks delish! I have an all italian background and I make eggplant but I'm wondering what your recipe was. It looks so good! Gosh, everything always looks so great at your house; you inspire me to get my stuff rolling!!

  17. oh, yes, Gina..

    Eggplant parmesan ! I am actually sick of making it for my dh :o) .. he loves the way I make it as he never liked it before *me *..

    It takes a long time to prepare the way I make it and I layer browned and cooked sliced sweet Italian sausage between the layers instead of using ground beef as some recipes do. I also fry the sliced eggplant in a bread crumb and egg mixture first and let them lay on some paper towels and paper plates to absorb some of the oil before layering in the casserole.

    Are you gardening already ! Lucky you ! Blow that warmer weather east ,would you please ??? It will be awhile before Pennsylvania is out digging in the dirt ! But we have plenty of snow to dig in ! But not as much as Connecticut and Massachuesttes does !

    Have a fun weekend !


  18. The Eggplant Parmigiana looks so delicious! I'll have to try the recipe after I plant some eggplants this spring.

    Your yard work and yard is just wonderful. I love the rock work.
    And the swap with Linda...what nice items!!

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  19. Hi Gina....Boy, it looks so funny seeing plants beginning to sprout! I can only hope that it is a sign of Spring coming here soon...nothing but white outside
    I must say that I am getting my early case of Cabin Fever....
    Take Care and God Bless...Traci

  20. yum yum that looks great, and a great recipe for a South Beach diet!! and can't believe you're working outside already, it is still to damp and foggy here!.. although today is shaping up quite nicely! keep turning out the inspirational crafts!!!

  21. Love the egg plant casserole..I will have to try that this summer. I keep looking out the window and still see white will be soooo nice when I can look out and see green. Love the pictures of your kitties..the pups and the girls and the kitties here are all in the T V room is that kind of a day. I will be watching my mail box next week for mail from you..I can't wait to see the squares :)
    Have a great week end Gina

  22. I would love to hear ferry horns go off! All I get here are train whistles day and night. (not bad but not the same as a ferry horn!)
    Lovely pictures!