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Monday, January 24, 2011

ProJeCts FiNiShEd anD SoOn to Be LiSted On EtSy..

Good Monday to you all!!! I have had a great weekend..Remember this sneek peek I gave you the other day....
Well what do you think of it now!!! its exactly how I imagined it..I love this..I started it friday nite and finished it up sunday morning...:)
notice the buttons on the sides..they are layered to look like pennys.;) and I stitched the sides very prim like..wanted it to look handmade..
my crow from my sizzix..the letters came from my girlfriends cricut..she cut me a bunch of letters out and I traced them onto wool felt..I can't wait to start another one..if anyone wants a custom one with a certain word let me know. I was asked if these are my own designs..some are and some are not..I try to add the artist when its not mine..I love to surf to get inspiration and then mix and match them..:)

I love it here with my penny rug..looks right at home..I will be listing this on Etsy just as soon as I am done here..
I did this one on saturday..another design from Robin of Bird in the hand primitives..i need to make the chick doll that goes with this..those are colored eggs..with my new felt that I just got..

last but not least..I started this one on saturday.(the machine embroidery) and did the pennys and border last night..again another pattern by Robin...and you will notice this is her header picture..:) these will all be listed on etsy probably today..
My party on Saturday went well and would't you know it..I left my camera at home..there was so much food to try..and it will be a nice addition to my already growing food supply..all the freeze dried food was awesome..and she had a great idea on using your food supply...she took a plastic bag with handles..(she gets these on U-line) and she purchased clear pockets to stick to the front of the she can put the recipe in it..she numbers her bags 1-6 and puts the expiration on it as well..she then takes ingredients for the recipe (with her food storage stuff) and puts them in seperate zip lock baggies and then puts them in one of those seal a meal deal things and then sucks the air out of it and then puts it in the bag..she also might put in canned veggies or beans that are called for in the recipe..but all sh needs to do is pull down one of the bags and she has dinner..just add water..this party place has freeze dried meat and she made us chicken salad and put it on a was to die for..tasted like fresh was I am getting some meat to add to my food storage..they have powdered butter, powdered tomato, powdered add 2 tablespoons water to 2 tablespoons egg powder to equal one egg..great for baking..they have dried fruit, dried veggies..freezedried and dehydrated..and how many of you throw away celery or any other veggies? I just did the morning of my party..well no more..just toss them in your soups and they last for about 2 years opened..the shelf life of most of this stuff is 20-30 years unopened in cooler conditions..and you can use it now..and add to your growing storage...this is just common sense that we have food storage to fall back on should you lose a job or accident etc..or earthquakes etc..if you are interested in learning more about it go to shelf reliance and check out what they have. if you want to be put on my party..I need your email address and I will send it to my consultant..she will send you an email with a temporary password that you can check your junk mail..if you want to order you can and I get credit for it..and shipping is reasonable too..if you buy 190+ its only 15.99 in shipping..that is great..okay so that is it for me..I hope you all have a great day..going downstairs now and get the house cleaned and mopped..hubby is at work and so is Tucker..and grabbing me a bite to eat..have a wonderful week a head..:)


  1. Is there no stopping you Gina. I wish I had your talent but just as much I wish I had your energy. Your pillow is very nice. I bet its sold as soon as you list it.
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. LOVE that pillow!!! I've been sick, so still on the couch today, UGH, just love all you've been up to:)

  3. Everything turned out great! Love the simplify pillow with the penny rug, too. :)

  4. HI!!! They are all very cute and well done!!! I would like some of your energy too!!! hugs

  5. They are all beautiful, so beautiful!The pillow is unbelievably beautiful. You are on a roll!
    I sent you some pictures of penny rugs I've seen. I hope you like them!
    : )
    I am in awe about the food. We have purchased dehydrated veggies for many years but not eggs, milk, cheese or meat. Never have seen meat and the others were just not good. I have canned roast beef, chicken breast and sloppy joes. We are trying to be prepared. Prices are going crazy. We have to fill all our empty jars this summer!!!

  6. Wow you have been busy Gina I love the pillow great job.

  7. Love the pillow and you coming by to visit me!!

  8. Hi Gina..

    You are one busy bee ! sewing bee that is !

    The pillow came out really great !

    Hugs !

  9. Wonderful projects, love the simplify.


  10. LOVE all the pennyrugs, we have to do another swap with pennyrugs, I still want to do one for you, I just love yours!

  11. I am shocked you already have flowers trying to show them selves. No luck here yet. I have not been able to get close to any of the three visitors Ollies has been getting. I was thinking I would like to catch & keep that large long haired kitty. It is a great looking fellow. It was hard just getting a photo of him from the window. The least movement he sees he is gone. No two are alike. Maybe he has a home to go back to Blessings!

  12. You did a great job on all of your needle work. I love the simplify pillow!


  13. Love your pillow and your penny rugs!!

  14. Hi Gina, very nice pillow. Love the stitching on it.
    Have a great day!!

  15. I am like Amy I so wish I had your talent and energy. You amaze me everytime I come by here for a visit.
    Love how your pieces turned out.
    Hope your having a wonderful week

  16. I'm always amazed at what you sew. That pillow is super cute. I've always been a sucker for penny rugs too!

  17. Look at you go, girl!! I love it all! What a cute idea to make penny buttons for the ends of the pillow. Your sizzix crow is adorable! I don't have a Sizzix but I do have a Cricut and have been trying to incorporate that into my crafting more. I mainly use it for the kids' school projects and scrapbooking. But I only have the 1 cartridge that came with it. I love this font of the words "Simplify" that you used. It works well for prim. I just started following Robin of Bird in the hand primitives blog and I love her designs. You have done a great job with your penny rugs/mats!

    Have a fabulous week~

  18. Such a beautiful pillow...and all your other creations equally pretty!
    Good advice about stocking up, one never know what's going to happen! Good to be prepared!

  19. Love the simplify pillow! One of these days I'm going to attempt a penny rug!

  20. Hi Gina, thank you for signing up for my contests and to folow my blog. I am adding your blog to my follow list. I just love it. I really love your penny rugs, they are awesome!

  21. I get tired just looking at all you do. I wish I lived close, I would stop by for lunch one day!!! Your yard is beautiful and I love all your pennyrugs!!!