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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2 Of BinGo..and a FiNiShEd BrOOm..;)

Hello there everyone!!! hope your thursday is going well..I started my little whisk broom project last night and put the finishing touches on it this morning..I will be putting this up on my etsy site..I know I am not keeping it..I can always make me another one..I don't have alot of my items around my house..I love everyone elses items as I can think of the person that made it for me.;)
This was so much fun to do..she had all straight stitching done on hers and I chose to do the blanket stitch..I think it looks nicer and will hold up nicer as the edges won't curl after a while..:)I love how this came out and now I am designing dust pan covers..;) that will be my next project tonight I think.;)
Tamera of stone fence cottage asked if these die cuts cut more then paper..and yes they do..I cut a piece of felt to show also embosses and can be used in stenciling as well..I am picking up more tomorrow when I go out with Sarah again..we are going grocery shopping together to get our super bowl food for sunday...We are rooting for the packers..who are you rooting for?
last night I was sitting here at my computer and I could hear a noise and knew my Margy fargy was rooting around somewhere in my closet or so I thought, till I noticed one of my felted sweaters on the I go over to where she is at and she is just rooting around in my fabric trying to bury herself in it..:)
she was as snug as a bug in a rug..what a nut..It is a bit chilly sun tried.but no cigar...and on clear days..we get chilly nights..I decided to get a fire going as last night it was just really cold..they are talking snow next weekend for valentines..will believe when I see it..
Okay who is ready for their 2 bingo words for today?

Longer days
Yard Sales
well that is it for me today..gotta get a doll made before saturday..doing a swap and I have got to get it done..then I have to work on some embroidery projects to get them out..might not be this week though..;) have a great rest of your day..;) thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;)


  1. Gina the little broom cover is cute as can be. Margy loves that soft warm felt...sweet pictures. Hugs

  2. Gina
    You are not going to believe it but I love the broom cover!
    Your kitty so cute! Margy Fargy, what a different name, do tell how she got the name?
    enjoy the evening

  3. Gina,

    Love the broom cover...too cute. You are like me...I don't have much of my own stuff in my house but do have things from others.

    Who are we rooting for in the Super Bowl? Anybody but the Steelers, that's who! LOL!

    Only got 1 word so far...maybe tomorrow.


  4. The lil' skirt on your broom is too cute Gina! Everyone around these parts are crazy for the steelers, me, I could care less I don't watch it, LOL! I love how cozy your kitties always look;)

  5. Your cat all cozied up in your closet is to sweet! The broom cover is nice and I am excited to see your dust pan cover. Keep those words coming.....Blessings!

  6. Hey Gina! Love the broom, great job, as always! I'd have to say I really want the Steelers to win the big game. I just haven't ever cared much for the "cheese heads"! LOL! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Your broom cover is great. I would love to see the doll you are making. Your Margy Fargy has beautiful eyes. Blessings!

  8. Love the broom cover!! That is such a cute idea.

    I'm not totally sure I know the rules of the bingo game. DO I only need to get two words to yell Bingo and do they have to be on the same day?
    I have two so far, whiskers on kittens and Yardsales. Sorry I'm being such a newbie on this.


  9. Hi Gina...your kitties are so cute...the little broom cover is so clever...and decorative! Rooting for Green Bay!

  10. That broom is so cute. I had originally thought you were making one for a regular size broom, but this is a much better idea. Stay warm.

  11. Love the broom turned out great!! I don't have very many things that I've made around my house either.
    Your kitty is too cute all snuggled in your closet!!
    WooHoo...I have 3 words already!!


  12. Your broom cover is adorable, love those "cats". Can't believe you got those projects done "so fast", you rock girl. The Pack is Back, I am from Wisconsin, always a "Packer Backer", Cheese Head, the whole bit. Even attended a home game In Green Bay which was awesome...during the Favre years. Connie

  13. I was going over my Bingo list and noticed that I picked "fresh cut grass" twice, oh well, will mark it off and see what happens. Connie

  14. Love your little broom cover..I saw some made but they were just fabric..yours is much cuter.
    Maybe one of these days I will get the broom covers made that are still in my ufo box.
    I am going to cut out some little raggedy dolls tonight (3 of them) 1 for me and 2 for gifts..I was checking out blogs tonight and saw where the Primitive Hutch had drawn a winner and went to check it out and was sooo surprized to see my name as a winner. It is the cutest doll and pillow and other stuff. Made my day :)

  15. Sorry I missed your bingo. I have been so busy lately. My loss, not being able to be entered in your awesome giveaway. Love the brooms your are creating!!!

  16. I'm with you,I don't keep many of my handids.Like to see other people stuff.The whisk broom turned out sweet.Have fun shopping today! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  17. Hope those in the BINGO have fun and enjoy!

    LOVE the broom!!! SOOO cute! You did a fine job on it!

  18. YAY! I have those 2! Now that I have my list, it is much easier to play. DUH!
    Margy looks very content to nest in your wool. I bet it feels real good.
    I am loving your whisk broom covers and can't wait to see what you do with dust pans! :)
    Enjoy your shopping trip!
    BTW~the ham smelled so good and really hit the spot. I know the leftovers will make us smile for days.

  19. Hi Gina: I'm loving that printed wool sweater that your kitty is laying on...she know's how to stay warm...I have the sizzix die cuts; which kind is the one that you have? I need to get some pennies cut out!!

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