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Friday, February 4, 2011

SnEaK PeeK and BinGo WoRDs DAy 3

Good Morning everyone!!! quick post as I have to get ready for shopping..This is a sneak peek at my new dust pan cover..I am going shopping for dust pans today..The pineapple is 3-D..I stuffed it slightly and and then did the cross hatching pattern on it..just gotta stitch around it and put it on the pan and then I am done.;) very prim..;)
Can you guess what this will be? I am making this for a swap I need to have in the mail tomorrow..most likely it will be monday..;)
Okay here are your two bingo words for today..;)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..will be back to post what I got at the store today in tomorrows post..;)


  1. Gina
    What is it? A sheep?
    Can't wait to see it!
    enjoy shopping

  2. I'm guessing it's a sheep or a cow. Can't wait to see it finished.

  3. Happy shopping! Don't forget to tell us what you get! Can't wait to see the finished product you're making!

  4. Have a great time shopping. Although I'm sure you will & don't need me telling you that LOL. I can't wait to see your finished dust pan cover.


  5. Busy Bee, you are. Hope your shopping trip is a mega-success! I'm guessing sheep, as well. I can see it getting all wooly......
    I got another word today! I am really loving this game!

  6. Very nice! Your stitching is so nice!


  7. Hi!!! Looks like a sheep to me!!!! But could be a cow!!! HUGS

  8. I'm guessing a sheep...quite a lot of work...destined to be quite beautiful when completed! Hope your shopping expedition was fun and fruitful!

  9. I'm gonna guess prim horse or sheep?? Love that puffy pineapple and No, they don't know the sex yet, I think they told her in another month they will be able to tell:)

  10. Hope you had fun today.
    Hmmm...thinking you might be making a cow. Not sure though, but I'm having a back is out and I've had to see the doctor the last couple of days and I have to go again on Monday for another treatment.

  11. I commend you on your blog! I'm a newbie in the bloggishere world. I was hoping to get some "followers" some day and get to know you ladies. I invite you to check out my blog and comment. Could you tell me more about your swap or trade comment on your blog?
    I am following your blog and love it! Sincerely, Laura-Rhodes Creations

  12. love your pineapple! looks like maybe a naked sheep right now?